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Susan Hayward

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1917.

Countries: United States (60%), California (13%), Georgia (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Gone with the Wind (film), John Wayne, Ray Milland

Linked to: Prospect Heights High School, Republican Party




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Susan Hayward was born in 1917 add something


Debra Paget - "'Debra Paget"' is an American actress and entertainer who rose to prominence in the 1950s and early 1960s in a variety of feature films, including 20th Century Fox's epic "Demetrius and the Gladiators", starring Victor Mature, Jay Robinson and Susan Hayward, a sequel to "The Robe"


After working as a fashion model in New York, Hayward traveled to Hollywood in 1937 when open auditions were held for the leading role in "Gone with the Wind" add something


She began her career as a photographer's model, going to Hollywood in 1937, aiming to secure the role of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" add something


Patricia Morison - Also in 1939, Paramount considered her for the role of Isobel in their adventure film "Beau Geste", starring Gary Cooper and Ray Milland, but she was replaced by Susan Hayward


By the late 1940s, the quality of her film roles had improved, and she achieved recognition for her dramatic abilities with the first of five Academy award nominations for Best Actress for her performance as an alcoholic in "Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman" add something


Hayward was married to actor Jess Barker for 10 years and they had two children, fraternal twin sons, born February 19, 1945 add something


In 1947, she received the first of five Academy award nominations for her role as an alcoholic nightclub singer in "Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman" add something


She lived with him in Cleburne County, just outside of Heflin, Alabama, becoming a popular figure in a state that in the 1950s was off the beaten path for most celebrities add something


Jerome Weidman - The book was the source for a 1951 movie starring Susan Hayward, but used mainly the title


Lillian Roth - Roth's autobiography, "I'll Cry Tomorrow", was written with author-collaborator Gerold Frank in 1954, and a toned-down version of it was made into a hit film the following year starring Susan Hayward, who was nominated for an Academy *award


Later, in 1955, she was cast by Howard Hughes to play Bortai in the historical epic "The Conqueror", again opposite John Wayne add something


Leslie Stevens - He wrote the Broadway comedy "The Marriage-Go-Round" , which he adapted to the screen, and produced, as a starring vehicle for Susan Hayward in 1961


In 1957, Hayward married Eaton Chalkley, a Georgia rancher and businessman who had formerly worked as a federal agent add something


In 1959, she played the lead, Mary Sharron, in "Woman Obsessed", with child actor Dennis Holmes cast as her son, Robbie Sharron add something


John Gavin - Gavin co-starred with such top leading ladies of the era as Doris Day in the 1960 thriller "Midnight Lace", Sophia Loren the same year in the comedic "A Breath of Scandal" and, in 1961, with Susan Hayward in the melodrama "Back Street" and in "Romanoff and Juliet" and "Tammy Tell Me True", both with Sandra Dee


In 1961, Hayward starred as a working girl who becomes the wife of the state's next governor and ultimately takes over that office herself in "Ada" add something


She plays Rae Smith in the 1961 movie "Backstreet" add something


Julie Newmar - She appeared in the 1961 film, "The Marriage-Go-Round", which starred James Mason and Susan Hayward


In December 1964, she and her husband were baptized Catholic by Father McGuire at SS Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church on Larimar Avenue, in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh add something


She replaced Judy Garland as Helen Lawson in the 1967 film adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's "Valley of the Dolls" add something


She continued to act into the early 1970s, when she was diagnosed with brain cancer add something


Fay Kanin - In the early 1970s, Kanin began solo writing in earnest with "Heat of Anger", about a strong, older woman lawyer played by Susan Hayward, and a younger male lawyer


Hayward married and lived in Georgia and following her Oscar-winning performance, her film appearances became infrequent, although she continued acting in film and television until 1972 add something


Her final film role was as Dr. Maggie Cole in the 1972 made-for-TV drama "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole" add something

Susan Hayward died in 1975 add something


Hayward died at age 57 on March 14, 1975, of pneumonia-related complications of brain cancer, having survived considerably longer than doctors had predicted add something


Obituary "Variety", March 19, 1975, page 87 add something


How she reacted to this decision on director Daniel Mann's part was not known as of February of 2014 add something