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He sighted an inhabited island on 10 February 1606 which he called Sagitaria add something


This estimate was later lowered to 35,000 by anthropologist Douglas L. Oliver, the foremost modern authority on Tahiti, at the time of first European contact in 1767 add something


Surfing - Surfing might have been first observed by Europeans at Tahiti in 1767 by Samuel Wallis and the crew members of the "Dolphin" who were the first Europeans to visit the island in June 1767


James Cook - The expedition sailed from England in 1768, rounded Cape Horn and continued westward across the Pacific to arrive at Tahiti on 13 April 1769, where the observations of the Venus Transit were made.


On 2 April 1768, it was the turn of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, completing the first French circumnavigation, to land in the Bay of Matavai add something


In July 1768, Captain James Cook was commissioned by the Royal Society and on orders from the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to observe the transit of Venus across the sun, a phenomenon that would be visible from Tahiti on 3 June 1769 add something


In 1769, for instance, James Cook mentions a great traditional ship in Tahiti that was long, and could be propelled by sail or paddles add something


Breadfruit - Sir Joseph Banks and others saw the value of breadfruit as a highly productive food in 1769, when stationed in Tahiti as part of the "Endeavour" expedition commanded by Captain James Cook


Surfing - Another candidate is the botanist Joseph Banks being part of the first voyage of James Cook on the HMS "Endeavour", who arrived on 10 April 1769 on Tahiti


Charles Green (astronomer) - The expedition arrived at Tahiti, the chosen site for the observation of the transit, on 11 April 1769, anchoring in Matuvai Bay on the north-western coast of the island two days later


He sent two expeditions under the command of navigator Domingo de Bonechea in 1772 and in 1774 add something


The Viceroy of Peru, Manuel de Amat y Juniet, following the instructions of the Spanish Crown, organized an expedition to settle and colonize the island in 1772, largely to prevent other powers from gaining a base in the Pacific from which to attack the coast of Peru, but to evangelize add something


Cook later returned to Tahiti between 15 August and 1 September 1773, and for the last time between 13 August and 8 December 1777 add something


Bonechea died on 20 January 1775 in Tahiti, where his grave was rediscovered in the 20th century add something


Peter Heywood - Bligh, a skilled navigator, had travelled to Tahiti in 1776, as Captain James Cook's sailing master during the explorer's final voyage


John Hatley - Leaving Britain in 1776, the ship reached Tahiti the following year and returned Omai, Captain Cook's translator and guide, to his home


Manuel Quimper - Following his university studies, Quimper was assigned to the frigate "Áquila" on a mission to re-affirm Spanish sovereignty over the island of Tahiti in the South Pacific and in the latter part of 1777 to deliver lumber from Guayaquil for naval construction at Callao


Mutiny on the Bounty (1962 film) - In the year 1787, the "Bounty" sets sail from England for Tahiti under the command of captain William Bligh


James Cook - William Bligh, Cook's sailing master, was given command of HMS "Bounty" in 1787 to sail to Tahiti and return with breadfruit


Peter Heywood - "Bounty" left England in 1787 on a mission to collect and transport breadfruit from the Pacific, and arrived in Tahiti late in 1788


On 26 October 1788, HMS Bounty, led by Captain William Bligh, landed in Tahiti with the mission of carrying Tahitian breadfruit trees to the Caribbean add something


William Bligh - The "Bounty" departed Tahiti in April 1789


Three weeks after leaving Tahiti on 28 April 1789, the crew mutinied on the initiative of Fletcher Christian add something


In about 1790, the ambitious chief T? took the title of king and gave himself the name P?mare add something


In the 1790s, whalers began landing at Tahiti during their fishing expeditions in the southern hemisphere add something


In 1791, HMS Pandora under captain Edward Edwards called at Tahiti and took custody of fourteen of the mutineers add something


William Bligh - From 1791 to 1793, as master and commander of and in company with under the command of Nathaniel Portlock, he undertook again to transport breadfruit from Tahiti to the West Indies


Peter Heywood - In 1791 Heywood and his companions were captured in Tahiti by the search vessel , and held in irons for transportation to England


Peter Heywood - "Pandora" left Tahiti on 8 May 1791 to search for Christian and the "Bounty" among the thousands of southern Pacific islands


Early European contact saw the arrival of the London Missionary Society in 1797 who introduced Christianity and documented the Tahitian language add something


So many Tahitians were killed by disease in fact that by 1797, the population was only 16,000 add something


On 5 March 1797, representatives of the London Missionary Society landed at Matavai Bay on board "Duff", with the intention of converting the pagan native populations to Christianity add something


In 1803, upon the death of P?mare I, his son Vaira'atoa succeeded him and took the title of Pomare II. He allied himself more and more with the missionaries, and from 1803 they taught him reading and the Gospels add something


In about 1810, P?mare II married Teremo'emo'e daughter of the chief of Raiatea, in order to ally himself with the chiefdoms of the Leeward Islands add something


The conversion of P?mare II to Protestantism in 1812 marks moreover the point when Protestantism truly took off on the island add something


In 1816 the London Missionary Society sent John Williams as a missionary and teacher, and starting in 1817, the Gospels were translated into Tahitian and taught in the religious schools add something


In 1818, the minister William Pascoe Crook founded the city of Papeete, which became the capital of the island add something


In 1819, P?mare II, encouraged by the missionaries, introduced the first Tahitian legal code, known under the name of the P?mare Legal Code, which consists of nineteen laws add something


In the 1820s, the entire population of Tahiti converted to Protestantism add something


When, on 7 December 1821, P?mare II died, his son P?mare III was only eighteen months old add something


William Ellis (missionary) - They arrived in Honolulu on 16 April 1822, and although the plan had been to visit the Marquesas Islands, they returned to Tahiti on 27 August 1822


Duperrey, who berthed in Tahiti in May 1823, attests to the change in Tahitian society in a letter dated 15 May 1823: The missionaries of the Royal Society of London have totally changed the morals and customs of the inhabitants add something


They therefore created the Tahitian Legislative Assembly, which first sat on the 23 February 1824 add something


His uncle and the religious people therefore supported the regency, until 2 May 1824, the date on which the missionaries conducted his coronation, a ceremony unprecedented in Tahiti add something


In 1827, the young P?mare III suddenly died, and it was his half-sister, 'Aimata, aged thirteen, who took the title of P?mare IV. The Birmingham born missionary George Pritchard, who was the acting British consul, became her main adviser and tried to interest her in the affairs of the kingdom add something


Moby-Dick - A first mate, actually called Edward C. Starbuck, was on an earlier voyage with Captain Pease, in the early 1830s, and was discharged at Tahiti under mysterious circumstances


Darwin praised the scenery, but was not flattering towards Tahiti's Queen P?mare IV. Captain Fitzroy negotiated payment of compensation for an attack on an English ship by Tahitians, which had taken place in 1833 add something


Conrad Martens - Martens left the Beagle at Valparaíso in the second half of 1834 and took passage to Sydney via Tahiti, arriving in 1835


Fe'i banana - Charles Darwin visited Tahiti in the Society Islands in 1835 and gave an account in "The Voyage of the Beagle"


In November 1835 Charles Darwin visited Tahiti aboard HMS "Beagle" on her circumnavigation, captained by Robert FitzRoy add something


As a result, in 1838 France sent Admiral Abel Aubert Dupetit-Thouars to get reparation add something


In 1839 the island was visited by the United States Exploring Expedition; one of its members, Alfred Thomas Agate, produced a number of sketches of Tahitian life, some of which were later published in the United States add something


Also in 1842, a European crisis involving Morocco escalated between France and Great Britain, souring their relations add something


Once his mission had been completed, Admiral Du Petit-Thouars sailed towards the Marquesas Islands, which he annexed in 1842 add something


French Navy - In 1842, the French Navy took over Tahiti under Admiral Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars


New Imperialism - In Oceania France got a leading position as imperial power after making Tahiti and New Caledonia protectorates in 1842 and 1853 respectively


Pacific Ocean - In Oceania, France got a leading position as imperial power after making Tahiti and New Caledonia protectorates in 1842 and 1853 respectively


In August 1842, Admiral Du Petit-Thouars returned and landed in Tahiti add something


In 1843, the Queen's Protestant advisor, Pritchard, persuaded her to display the Tahitian flag in place of the flag of the Protectorate add something


By way of reprisal, Admiral Dupetit-Thouars announced the annexation of the Kingdom of P?mare on the 6 November 1843 and set up the governor Armand Joseph Bruat there as the chief of the new colony add something


News of Tahiti reached Europe in early 1844 add something


The annexation caused the Queen to be exiled to the Leeward Islands, and after a period of troubles, a real Franco-Tahitian war began in March 1844 add something


Ida Laura Pfeiffer - In 1846 she started on a journey round the world, visiting Brazil, Chile and other countries of South America, Tahiti, China, India, Persia, Asia Minor and Greece, and reaching home in 1848


The war ended in December 1846 in favour of the French add something


The Queen returned from exile in 1847 and agreed to sign a new covenant, considerably reducing her powers, while increasing those of the commissaire add something


Heinrich Sylvester Theodor Tiling - In 1851, he and his family, now with four little children, took the boat from Ayan to Sachalin, Kamschatka, Sitka, Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, around Cape Horn through the Atlantic Ocean back to Kronstadt


In 1863, they put an end to the British influence and replaced the British Protestant Missions with the Société des missions évangéliques de Paris add something


In 1866 the district councils were formed, elected, which were given the powers of the traditional hereditary chiefs add something


During the same period about a thousand Chinese, mainly Cantonese, were recruited at the request of a plantation owner in Tahiti, William Stewart, to work on the great cotton plantation at Atimaono. When the enterprise resulted in bankruptcy in 1873, a few Chinese workers returned to their country, but a large number stayed in Tahiti and mixed with the population add something


In 1877, Queen P?mare died after ruling for fifty years add something


Constance Gordon-Cumming - Gordon-Cumming visited Yosemite Valley in April 1878, after visiting Tahiti


It was part of the Kingdom of Tahiti until its annexation by France in 1880 add something


The island was proclaimed a colony of France in 1880 although it was not until 1946 that the indigenous Tahitians were legally authorised to be French citizens add something


The new king seemed little concerned with the affairs of the kingdom, and when in 1880 the governor Henri Isidore Chessé, supported by the Tahitian chiefs, pushed him to abdicate in favor of France, he accepted add something


On the 29 June 1880, he ceded Tahiti to France along with the islands that were its dependencies add something


In 1890, Papeete became a commune of the Republic of France add something


The French painter Paul Gauguin lived on Tahiti in the 1890s and painted many Tahitian subjects add something


In 1891 Matthew Turner, an American shipbuilder from San Francisco, who had been looking for a fast passage between the city and Tahiti built the Papeete add something


Clement Lindley Wragge - In 1904 he visited the Cook Islands, New Caledonia and Tahiti to examine local fauna, and wrote a report on caterpillars and paper wasps for the government in Rarotonga


Charles McGuinness - "The Pilgrim" ended up shipwrecked off of the coast of Tahiti in 1910


Dorence Atwater - He died in San Francisco on November 28, 1910, and in 1912 his body was returned to Tahiti, where he was given the only Tahitian royal funeral ever to have been awarded a non-royal


Georges Melies - Meanwhile, Gaston Méliès had taken his family and a film crew of over 20 people to Tahiti in the summer of 1912


Elsa Triolet - In the early 1920s, Elsa described her visit to Tahiti in her letters to Victor Shklovsky, who subsequently showed them to Maxim Gorky


Robert Keable - Increasingly disillusioned with the hypocrisies he saw in contemporary British life, he and Buck left Europe for Tahiti in 1922


Armstrong Sperry - From September 1924 to May 1925, he was employed as an assistant to Emory on board the Kaimiloa, a yacht owned by Medford Kellum, sailing from Hawai'i to Fanning Island, Christmas Island, Malden Island, Penrhyn Island, Tahiti, Bora Bora & Raiatea on scientific research, although continuing to paint, exhibiting his work in Honolulu. before sailing to San Francisco in June 1925


Elsa Triolet - The 1925 book "In Tahiti", written in Russian, was based on these letters


Zane Grey - From 1928 on, Grey was a frequent visitor to Tahiti


Edgar Leeteg - He had been to Tahiti on vacation in 1930 and when a contact there invited him to return with a job offer, he accepted it, after discussing the economic problems in the US with his mother Bertha


Edgar Leeteg - With a small inheritance from his grandfather in Germany, Leeteg and his mother moved to Tahiti in 1933 with a few brushes and some paint stolen from the sign company


Charles Nordhoff - Nordhoff divorced his first wife in 1936, left Tahiti a few years later, and returned to California, where in 1941 he married Laura Grainger Whiley


Football in Tahiti is administered by the Fédération Tahitienne de Football and was founded in 1938 add something


The Tahiti Cup is the islands' premier football knockout tournament and has been played for since 1938 add something


Sterling Hayden - After serving as sailor and fireman on larger vessels and sailing around the world several times, he was *awarded his first command aged 22, skippering the square rigger Florence C. Robinson 7,700 miles from Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Tahiti in 1938


Vichy France - A referendum was organized on 2 September 1940 in Tahiti and Moorea, with outlying islands reporting agreement in following days


Vichy regime - A referendum was organized on 2 September 1940 in Tahiti and Moorea, with outlying islands reporting agreement in following days


In 1946, Tahiti and the whole of French Polynesia became an overseas territory add something


Air Tahiti - Regular commercial air service between the islands started in 1950 at the initiative of a handful of entrepreneurs who created the company Air Tahiti


However, there was a time during the 1960s and 1970s when children were forbidden to speak Tahitian in schools add something


Short Brothers - Tasman Empire Airways Limited operated the "Coral Route" from New Zealand to Fiji, the Cook Islands and Tahiti in the South Pacific, with Short Solent flying boats up to 1960


Air Tahiti - With the opening of the Tahiti Faa'a international airport in 1960, Tahiti could host international commercial flights


After the establishment of the CEP in 1963, the standard of living in French Polynesia increased considerably and many Polynesians abandoned traditional activities and emigrated to the urban centre of Pape'ete add something


Paul Gauguin - Emile Marae a Tai, illiterate and raised in Tahiti, was brought to Chicago by French journalist Josette Giraud in 1963 and became an artist of note


La Depeche de Tahiti - The newspaper, which was founded in 1964, is headquartered in Tahiti


Club Med - In 1965 the first club outside the Mediterranean was opened, in Tahiti


Robert Bloch - They honeymooned in Tahiti, and in 1965 visited London , British Columbia


Between 1966 and 1996 the French Government conducted 193 nuclear bomb tests above and below the atolls of Moruroa and Fangataufa add something


Air Moorea - The airline started operations in September 1968 and was wholly owned by Air Tahiti


Bernard Moitessier - However, he decided that he and "Joshua" had had enough and, on 21 June 1969, put in at Tahiti, from where he and his wife had set out for Alicante, Spain, a decade earlier


The Tahiti national rugby union team has been active since 1971 but have only played 12 games since add something


Bob Carr - In 1972, Carr met a Malaysian economics student, Helena John on a vacation in Tahiti, and they married on 24 February 1973


Helena Carr - In 1972, she met Bob Carr on a vacation in Tahiti and the two were married on 24 February 1973


Mau Piailug - To investigate the problem he founded the Polynesian Voyaging Society with Herb Kane and Tommy Holmes in 1973, intent on building a voyaging canoe to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti to test whether intentional two-way voyaging throughout Oceania could be replicated


It is an ethnographic museum that was founded in 1974 to conserve and restore Polynesian artifacts and cultural practices add something


Mau Piailug - Their collaboration proved successful when, on the thirtieth day at sea on the 1976 voyage, Mau stated soon they would see land, and the next day, Tahiti


Robert A. Heinlein - While vacationing in Tahiti in early 1978, he suffered a transient ischemic attack


Tahiti national rugby union team - France played a match against Tahiti at the end of their 1979 tour and won 92-12


Mau Piailug - He spent years training on his own and with Mau. Mau's training and mentoring helped Nainoa achieve that goal in the 1980 Tahiti voyage


Hubert Sagnieres - In 1980 Hubert Sagnières left Paris and moved to Tahiti in French Polynesia to join Plastiserd LLC, eventually becoming the Director General


Joe Dassin - Dassin died of a heart attack during a vacation to Tahiti on August 20, 1980


Tahiti national rugby union team - Tahiti - These players were capped for "'Tahiti"' in an invitational match against to celebrate Bastille Day in Papeete on 14 July 1981:


Sunday Times Golden Globe Race - "Joshua" was beached, along with many other yachts, by a storm at Cabo San Lucas in December 1982; with a new boat, "Tamata", Moitessier sailed back to Tahiti from the San Francisco Bay


Air Tahiti - This assignment gave birth in 1986 to Air Tahiti as we know it today


Air Tahiti - Air Tahiti has coped with one accident since 1987


University of French Polynesia - Created by a decree of May 29, 1987, the university was originally called French Pacific University and was split between two sites, one located in New Caledonia and the other in Tahiti


Rugby union in Tahiti is governed by the Fédération Tahitienne de Rugby de Polynésie Française which was formed in 1989 add something


Banque de l'Indochine - In 1990, Westpac acquired Indosuez's operations in Tahiti


Monoi oil - This process has been validated and protected by an Appellation of Origin which was awarded to Monoi de Tahiti on April 1, 1992


Salvatore Fiume - In 1993 Fiume visited the places where Gauguin had lived in Polynesia; he donated one of his paintings to the Gauguin Museum of Tahiti, in homage to the great French master


Dan Brown - While on holiday in Tahiti in 1993, Brown read Sidney Sheldon's novel The Doomsday Conspiracy, and was inspired to become a writer of thrillers.


Hugh Riminton - Over the next decade he won several honours for his international reporting work, including a Logie Award for coverage of Tahiti's independence movement and a Walkley Award for his coverage of the 2000 Fijian coup d'etat


The last test was conducted on 27 January 1996 add something


Air Tahiti Nui - Air Tahiti Nui was established on 31 October 1996 and commenced flight operations on 20 November 1998


FIFA Club World Cup - Initially, there were nine candidates to host the competition: China, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Tahiti, Turkey, the United States, and Uruguay; of the nine, only Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay confirmed their interest to FIFA. On 3 September 1997, FIFA selected Brazil to host the competition, which was initially scheduled to take place in 1999


Mareva Galanter - Galanter won the 1998 "Miss World of Islands" and the 1998 "Miss Tahiti" beauty contest that allowed her to compete for the Miss France 1999 crown, which she won


Windstar Cruises - In 2002, the "Wind Song" was damaged by an engine room fire in Tahiti causing great damage to the vessel


In 2003, French Polynesia's status was changed to that of an overseas collectivity and in 2004 it was declared an overseas country add something


Orion Expedition Cruises - Founded by Australian business woman Sarina Bratton in early 2004, Orion Expedition Cruises began actual cruising operations in March 2005 with the repositioning cruise of the MV "Orion" from Papeete, Tahiti in French Polynesia to Sydney, Australia via the Cook Islands, Samoa, New Caledonia, Fiji and Lord Howe Island


Devon (pornographic actress) - In 2004 Devon appeared in the first WMV-HD DVD porn movie ever made, "Island Fever 3", filmed on Tahiti and Bora Bora


Digital Playground - In 2004, Digital Playground produced the first HD pornographic film, "Island Fever 3", shot on location in Tahiti and Bora Bora


Elections for the Assembly of French Polynesia, the Territorial Assembly of French Polynesia, were held on 23 May 2004 add something


On 8 October 2004, Flosse succeeded in passing a censure motion against the government, provoking a crisis add something


Benjamin Hebert (golfer) - Hebert spent some of his childhood in Tahiti, from age 14 to 18, before graduating from high school in 2005


Benjamin Hebert - Hebert spent some of his childhood in Tahiti, from age 14 to 18, before graduating from high school in 2005


During a press conference on 26 June 2006 during the second France-Oceania Summit, French President Jacques Chirac said he did not think the majority of Tahitians wanted independence add something


Lionel Charbonnier - In 2007 became national coach of the Tahiti national football team's under-20 and under-17 sections


Patrick Tambwe - His 2008 season was highlighted by a third career win at the Mont St. Michel ! Marathon and a marathon win in Tahiti


France 98 - On May 26, 2008 in Tahiti for Pascal Vahirua's testimonial match against a selection of « friends of Pascal Vahirua's », mostly Tahitian players


Les Nouvelles de Tahiti - "Les Nouvelles de Tahiti" launched its website on December 3, 2008


In 2009, Tauatomo Mairau claimed the Tahitian throne, and has attempted to re-assert the status of the monarchy in court add something


Patrick Tambwe - He returned to win again in Tahiti in 2009, but was only eleventh at the Zurich Marathon


Air Tahiti - Thus, in 2009, Air Tahiti has ensured for Pacific Sun , majors maintenances operations for their ATR.


Alexandre Leontieff - His was laid in state in the main hall of the Assembly of French Polynesia and buried on March 4, 2009, at the Uranie Cemetery in Tahiti


In 2010, Tahiti was chosen as the host of the 2013 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, which was held in September 2013 add something


In 2010, an expedition on a simple outrigger canoe with a sail retraced the route back from Tahiti to Asia add something


In 2011, Tahiti was accepted into as a member of the Asia-Pacific Rugby League Federation add something


In 2012, the national team won the OFC Nations Cup qualifying for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil and becoming the first team other than Australia or New Zealand to win it add something


Navi Rawat - Rawat married actor Nick Nolte's son Brawley Nolte in 2012 on the island of Tahiti


Hinarani de Longeaux - Hinarani De Longeaux, was crowned Miss Tahiti Saturday, 22 June 2012, in Papeete, Tahiti


Navi Rawat - Rawat married actor Brawley Nolte in September 2012 on the island of Tahiti


Adrian Buchan - In 2013, Buchan beat Kelly Slater in the finals of the Billabong Pro at Teahupoo, Tahiti with a final score of 18,94 over Slater's 16,77


Air Tahiti - As of February 2014, the Air Tahiti fleet consists of:


Windstar Cruises - After a hiatus of over 10 years since the loss of the "Wind Song", Windstar returned to Tahiti in May 2014 with the deployment of the "Wind Spirit" to the South Pacific region


Les Nouvelles de Tahiti - Les Nouvelles de Tahiti printed its final edition on 23 May 2014


Air Tahiti - As of July 2014, the Air Tahiti fleet consists of:


Air Tahiti Nui - As of May 2015, the Air Tahiti Nui fleet consists of the following aircraft:


Air Tahiti Nui - In May 2015, Air Tahiti Nui announced its intention to replace its entire fleet, currently consisting of five Airbus A340-300s


Air Tahiti Nui - As of July 2015, Air Tahiti Nui serves the following destinations:


Air Tahiti - As of July 2015, the Air Tahiti fleet consists of:


Mick Fanning - Fanning expects to compete in the Billabong Pro Teahupoo, which takes place in Tahiti in August 2015


Air Tahiti - As of January 2016, the Air Tahiti fleet consists of:


On April 2, 2018, the doomed Chinese space station Tiangong-1 that de-orbited and fell to Earth narrowly missed hitting Tahiti as it disintegrated add something


Air Tahiti Nui - As of July 2018, Air Tahiti Nui serves the following destinations:


Air Tahiti - As of September 2018, the Air Tahiti fleet consists of: