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Telemundo Communications Group

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Telemundo Communications Group

American Spanish-language broadcast television network owned by NBCUniversal, it is a world-class media company, leading the industry in the production and distribution of high-quality Spanish-language content across it's multiplatforms portfolio to U.S. Hispanic and Latino American, and audiences around the world add

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Founded in 1954.

Countries: United States (32%), Mexico (15%), Colombia (10%)

Main connections: Telemundo, NBC, SAG-AFTRA

Linked to: NBCUniversal, CBS, Comcast, Univision




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WKAQ-TV launched the Telemundo brand on March 28, 1954 add something


Alicia Moreda - On March 28, 1954, Moreda participated in the first televised program in Puerto Rico, a comedy titled "El Caso de la Mujer Asesinadita" alongside Mapy Cortés and Fernando Cortés which was transmitted by WKAQ-TV Telemundo Channel 2


During the 1970s and 1980s, WKAQ-TV, branded as Telemundo Canal 2, was a major producer of soap operas add something


In 1984, WNJU in Linden, New Jersey and KSTS in San Jose, California formed NetSpan, the second Spanish-language television network in the continental United States add something


They were joined in 1985 by KVEA in Los Angeles add something


In late 1986, Reliance purchased WNJU. add something


The new corporation quickly went public, and in 1987 changed NetSpan's name to Telemundo add something


Between 1988 and 1991, Telemundo acquired stations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Washington, DC add something


Jaime Bayly - During the 1990s Bayly hosted late-night shows in the United States at CBS Telenoticias Network Latin America and Telemundo for six years


In 1992, Telemundo went through another management change, as it received former Univision president Joaquin Blaya, who left Univison with four other executives add something


In 1993, Telemundo began the ongoing practice of producing original telenovelas add something


In 1994, Telemundo caught the fever of producing 24-hour news; the network launched Telenoticias partnering with Argentina's Artear Network, Antena 3 of Spain, and Reuters add something


Guillermo Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz began 1994 acting alongside Venezuelan-Argentine actress Grecia Colmenares and Osvaldo Laport in the international hit "Milagros", which was shown in the United States by Telemundo, thus providing Santa Cruz with his first exposure to Spanish-speaking audiences in the U.S. He worked in "Inconquistable Corazón"


In 1995, under the direction of Harry Abraham Castillo, the network's Executive Vice-President of Programming, Telemundo opened its first network studio on the West Coast add something


Roberto Clemente, Jr. - In 1997, Roberto Clemente Jr. accepted an offer to broadcast New York Yankees games, both on television and radio, becoming a Spanish-language announcer for the Yankees on MSG Network, Telemundo and WADO


Apollo Global Management - New York Times, September 12, 1997 Telemundo and WMC Mortgage Corporation


In 1998, Telemundo was bought by a partnership between cable's Liberty Media and conglomerate Sony Pictures Entertainment add something


Cristian de la Fuente - In 1998, de la Fuente was contracted by Sony and Telemundo for a drama series remake of Starsky and Hutch called "Reyes y Rey"


Former CBS News Vice President Joe Peyronnin founded Telemundo's network news division in 1999 and served as its Executive Vice-President until 2006 add something


Alberto Cutie - He gained worldwide recognition with his television debut in 1999 as the host of "Padre Alberto" , a daily talk show televised on the Telemundo network


Jeffrey Peterson - ", 24 June 1999 Peterson went on to sell a stake in the Spanish language website to Sony Pictures Entertainment and Telemundo LLC


"Variety", May 16, 2000 add something


Candela Ferro - Since joining Telemundo, now part of the NBC family, Candela has had the honor of hosting the Latin Billboard Music Awards in 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2006, an event that is watched by millions of viewers throughout the world


Manolo Cardona - In 2002 he signed an exclusive contract with Telemundo and Argos Comunicación, and a year later in 2003 he starred in his first Mexican soap opera, "Ladrón de Corazones"


NBCUniversal - In 2002, NBC acquired the US Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo, which included the bilingual Mun2 Television


Candela Ferro - She hosted for 4 consecutive years the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for Telemundo and the Miss Universe Pageant from Panama in 2003, from Ecuador in 2004, Thailand in 2005, Los Angeles in 2006, from Mexico in 2007, from Vietnam in 2008 and from Bahamas in 2009


Humberto Zurita - Since 2003 he has worked for Argos Television, an independent media company that has produced telenovelas for TV Azteca and Telemundo Network associated company


In 2004, Telemundo created Telemundo Television Studios in Miami add something


Carolina la O - In 2004 Carolina continued her success when she was asked to join the Telemundo reality show on the Latin American television hit, Protagonistas de la Fama VIP.


McNamara retired from his position as CEO and was replaced by Don Browne, who had been head of Miami's NBC owned-and-operated station WTVJ, in 2005 add something


Saby Kamalich - In 2005 she acted in another Telemundo serial, "Corazón partido" where she reappeared as villain yet again in the role of "Virginia Graham"


Ana de la Reguera - In 2005 she played the starring role in "Gitanas" which aired on Telemundo in the United States


Francisco Gattorno - In 2005, Gattorno was incorporated as a new Telemundo star in the network's original production "Tierra de Pasiones" where he played the role of Pablo Gonzalez and shared credits with stars like Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic, Argentine actor Saul Lizaso and legendary Mexican actor and comedian Héctor Suárez


"Every Day with Maria Antonieta" went on the air in October 2005; she continued to host the program along with the much recycled Diaz-Balart as co-host add something


Francisco Gattorno - In 2006 Gattorno starred in the new Telemundo version of Julio Jimenez's, "La Viuda de Blanco" where he played the role of Sebastian Blanco and shared credits with Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral


Khotan Fernandez - In 2006 Khotan was back in Mexico for the role of "Sergio" in "Corazón Partido", a Telemundo and Argos telenovela, in the same year he starred as "Caronte" in the movie "El Cartel"


Saby Kamalich - In 2007 Kamalich participates in another telenovela produced by Telemundo


In March 2007, NBC Universal announced that it had restructured Telemundo's entertainment division in an effort to narrow Univision's ratings dominance add something


On December 21, 2007, NBCUniversal announced that WKAQ-TV was no longer for sale, indicating that Telemundo Puerto Rico would stay within the NBC family add something


Jacqueline Hernandez - In April 2008, Telemundo Media named Jacqueline Hernández as its chief operating officer


Natalia Streignard - Streignard was slated to be the main heroine in Telemundo's "El Juramento", which was to have started in May 2008


Subtitles briefly disappeared without notice starting October 14, 2008, amid budget cuts and the change from analog to digital at Telemundo; the network cited the need to concentrate resources on its core Spanish-speaking audience, but soon reversed the cancellation due to popular demand add something


Manolo Cardona - When it premiered on Telemundo on December 2008, it was the highest rated show in the history of the network


Jacqueline Hernandez - She reorganized the various sales practices under one new umbrella, the "Telemundo Group," and shortly thereafter was included as one of People en Español's 25 Most Powerful Women" in 2009 and 2011


Telemundo and Televisa launched a jointly owned network in Mexico in August 2009 add something


Pedro Telemaco - He plays Osvaldo in Telemundo's 2010 telenovela, El Clon


Bernie Paz - He is currently the male lead in Azteca's 2011 telenovela, "Emperatriz" with Gabriela Spanic whom he worked with back in Telemundo's Tierra de Pasiones in 2007


Emilio Romano was named president of Telemundo in October 2011 add something


In 2012, Telemundo achieved ratings success with the original novela productions Rosa Diamante and Pablo Escobar add something


Ana Layevska - In 2012, she will be a part of Telemundo's "Relaciones Peligrosas" as Paty, a Main Lead Role, alongside Sandra Echeverría, Maritza Bustamante, & Gabriel Coronel


The network's primary competitor Univision has since joined Telemundo in utilizing English subtitles on its evening programming on January 30, 2012; in the same manner as Telemundo, Univision transmits the English subtitling as closed captions on CC3 add something


Continuing the momentum in 2013 are the novelas La Patrona and El Señor de los Cielos, and the musical competition for youth "La Voz Kids," hosted by Daisy Fuentes and Jorge Bernal, featuring musical coaches Paulina Rubio, Prince Royce and Roberto Tapia add something


On September 4, 2014 The network announced that it will debut weekend evening editions of Noticiero Telemundo on Oct 4,2014at 5 E.T./4 C.T. add something


On December 1, 2014, Telemundo replaced its Exitos TV diginet with TeleXitos, the first Spanish classic TV channel with dubbed programs add something


In October 2015, through a licensing agreement with Dick Clark Productions signed in July 2014, Telemundo became the originating broadcaster of the Latin American Music awards , a Latin music-focused version of the American Music awards add something


On February 9, 2016, & NBC Universal, & Telemundo's parent company, faced claims by SAG-AFTRA of operating under a double standard between its Spanish-language and English-language talent at NBC and Telemundo add something


A few days later on February 13, 2016 & SAG-AFTRA came back and added that Telemundo had been treating its employees like second-class professionals given that many actors do not receive basic workplace guarantees that SAG-AFTRA contracts provide, such as fair pay, water breaks, health insurance and residuals add something


In August 2016, & Telemundo once again found itself up against the union when the network refused to air an ad placed by SAG-AFTRA detailing the unfair wage gap and lack of benefits Telemundo employees face as opposed to unionized performers at NBCUniversal add something


With & NBC Kids being discontinued with Litton Entertainment's The More You Know E/I block on NBC by September 25, 2016, MiTelemundo will continue to be aired on television with the same programing as The More You Know add something


On October 27, 2016, "Al Rojo Vivo" became the first program to be presented in a 16:9 format, beginning Telemundo's transition to such presentation add something


The former ZGS Communications was the largest operator of & Telemundo stations in terms of overall market reach, owning ten Telemundo-affiliated stations ; after the purchase of the ZGS stations at the start of 2018 by NBC's Telemundo Stations Group, they are now direct O&Os of the network add something


It was formerly most motably Kansas City, MO however low-powered station KGKC-DT in Lawrence, Kansas affiliated with the network in September 2018 add something


As of September 1, 2018, Telemundo has converted its presentation to a 16:9 presentation add something