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The Beatles

best-selling band in history, with EMI Records estimating sales of over one billion uni add

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Founded in 1964.

Countries: United States (44%), United Kingdom (26%), (17%)

Main connections: The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Wings, Paul McCartney

Linked to: Apple Corps, Capitol Records, London Symphony Orchestra, Liverpool College of Art




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Jerry Carrigan - Carrigan began College, and while there in February 1964 he backed Tommy Roe for a live concert in Washington, D.C. as the opening act for The Beatles who were playing their first ever American Concert


Ed Sullivan - In 1964, he achieved that with the first live American appearance of The Beatles, on February 9, 1964, the most-watched program in TV history to that point and still one of the most-watched programs of all time


Carnegie Hall - Rock acts were not regularly booked at the Hall, however, until February 12, 1964, when The Beatles performed two shows during their historic first trip to the United States


Brisbane Festival Hall - On 28 June 1964, The Beatles played the first of four concerts at the venue


Montreal Forum - On September 8, 1964, The Beatles performed at the Forum


The Byrds - A number of authors, including Ian MacDonald, Richie Unterberger, and Bud Scoppa, have noted The Byrds influence on The Beatles' late 1965 album "Rubber Soul", most notably on the songs "Nowhere Man" and "If I Needed Someone", the latter of which utilizes a guitar riff similar to that in The Byrds' cover of "The Bells of Rhymney"


Heil Sound - Even as of 1965, large sounds systems were relatively weak and primitive; in 1965 The Beatles had played New York's Shea Stadium using only a Shure Vocalmaster PA system plugged into the baseball park's announcement system


Herman's Hermits - In 1965 and 1966, the group rivalled The Beatles on the US charts and was the top-selling pop act in the US in 1965


Mr. Tambourine Man - In addition, a number of commentators, including Richie Unterberger, Scott Plangenhoef, and Ian MacDonald have noted that by late 1965, The Beatles themselves were assimilating the sound of folk rock, and in particular The Byrds, into the material found on their "Rubber Soul" album, most notably on the songs "Nowhere Man" and "If I Needed Someone"


As Tears Go By (song) - It is sometimes said that the song was written as an answer to The Beatles' "Yesterday", a strings-driven ballad that became one of the band's biggest hits in 1965


Rocky Marciano - On the bootleg tapes of The Beatles in session in 1965 recording Think For Yourself, John Lennon can be heard reflecting and joking about a meeting he had with Marciano, in which Marciano talked about Joe Louis


King Curtis - The Kingpins opened for The Beatles during their 1965 performance at Shea Stadium


Blonde on Blonde - When The Beatles released their sixth studio album, "Rubber Soul", in December 1965, John Lennon's song "Norwegian Wood" attracted attention for the way in which Lennon disguised his account of an illicit affair in cryptic, Dylanesque language


The Ronettes - In August, 1966, the Ronettes teamed up with The Beatles for a fourteen-city tour across America


Bernard Herrmann - It had a direct influence on producer George Martin's staccato string arrangement for Beatles 1966 smash hit single "Eleanor Rigby"


Judy Collins - While Collins' first few albums comprised straightforward guitar-based folk songs, with 1966's "In My Life", she began branching out and including work from such diverse sources as The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, and Kurt Weill


Michael Lindsay-Hogg - On 19 and 20 May 1966 Lindsay-Hogg directed two pairs of film clips to promote The Beatles current single "Paperback Writer"


The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - It was produced by Beatles engineer Norman Smith and released in 1967 by EMI Columbia in the United Kingdom and Tower in the United States, in August and October respectively


Apple Corps - Its first production was The Beatles's 1967 TV movie "Magical Mystery Tour"


Jean-Jacques Goldman - As a child, he began his music studies on the violin, the piano. In 1968, he abandoned his classical music studies for "American Rock & Roll" as well as folk music, listening to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Aretha Franklin, and emphasizing the guitar


Captain Marvel (DC Comics) - Captain Marvel is the mentioned in a verse of the 1968 song "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" by The Beatles


Flower power - Edelman's illustration style was best known in his art designs for The Beatles' 1968 animated film "Yellow Submarine"


Fats Domino - His final Top 100 chart single was on Reprise, a cover of The Beatles' "Lady Madonna" which peaked at No. 100 in 1968


Michael Winterbottom - It would follow the company and it's staff, including DiLello and Derek Taylor, from 1968 to its closure in 1970, when The Beatles split


Michael Winterbottom - It would tell the story of Apple Corps, the record company formed by The Beatles in 1968


Khalil Gibran - This line was used by John Lennon and placed, though in a slightly altered form, into the song "Julia" from The Beatles' 1968 album "The Beatles"


Glyn Johns - In 1969, Johns was called upon to rescue the troublesome "Get Back" sessions for The Beatles


Alice Cooper - Perhaps King should not have been so taken aback, as Cooper had as far back as 1969 said that it was music from the mid-sixties, and particularly from British bands The Beatles, &The_Who, and The Rolling Stones, as well as The Yardbirds, that had the greatest influence on him


Let It Be (1970 film) - A rough cut of the movie was screened for The Beatles on 20 July 1969


London Sinfonietta - In 1970 it recorded the work for The Beatles' label Apple Records


Free as a Bird - "Free as a Bird" marked the first time a single containing new material had been released under The Beatles' name since "The Long and Winding Road" in the United States in 1970


Paul McCartney and Wings - Near the end of these sessions, in October 1972, Wings recorded the theme song to the James Bond film "Live and Let Die", which reunited McCartney with Beatles producer/arranger George Martin


Veronique Sanson - VĂ©ronique Sanson and Stephen Stills got married in 1973, in Guildford, England, with notable guests such as The Beatles and The Who


The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - While Beatles biographer Philip Norman agrees that "Piper" is a concept album, other authors contend that Pink Floyd did not start making concept albums until 1973's "The Dark Side of the Moon"


Photograph (Ringo Starr song) - According to entries in Keith Badman's book "The Beatles Diary Volume 2", Starr joined the production in Rome on 17 June 1973 before carrying out location filming in Almeria through July 1973


Les Miserables (2012 film) - Although this unique live recording method has been stated as "a world's first" by the creative team, several film musicals have used this method before, including early talkies, as lip-syncing wasn't perfected, the 1975 20th Century Fox film "At Long Last Love" and more recently in the 1995 adaptation of "The Fantasticks",in the 2001 film version of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", and in the 2007 film "Across the Universe" with songs by The Beatles


Jeff Lynne - All This and World War II - In 1976, Lynne covered The Beatles songs "With a Little Help from My Friends" and "Nowhere Man" for "All This and World War II"


Francis Rossi - All This and World War II - Some years earlier, in 1976, he appeared on the soundtrack album and film "All This and World War II" comprising cover versions of songs by The Beatles


Paul McCartney and Wings - Four of the album tracks were played in the 1976 portion of the tour, which included five Beatles songs


Frankie Valli - In 1976, Valli covered The Beatles song "A Day in the Life" for the ephemeral musical documentary "All This and World War II"


Photograph (Ringo Starr song) - In his 1977 book "The Beatles Forever", Nicholas Schaffner wrote of how the song's "grand, sweeping arrangement" was reminiscent of Harrison's "own recent cosmic productions"


Punk rock - Some of British punk rock's leading figures made a show of rejecting not only contemporary mainstream rock and the broader culture it was associated with, but their own most celebrated predecessors: "No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones in 1977," declared The Clash song "1977"


Cheap Trick - The live tracks were a faux live cover of The Beatles' "Day Tripper", and "Can't Hold On", a bluesy track performed at Budokan concerts in 1978


Bee Gees - In March 1978, the Bee Gees held the top 2 positions on the US Charts with "Night Fever" and "Stayin' Alive", the first time this had happened since The Beatles


With a Little Help from My Friends - This was due to changes in publishing rights that have occurred since 1980 involving the dissolution of The Beatles' original Northern Songs and the acquisition by Sony/ATV


Paul McCartney and Wings - Tug of War - In October 1980, McCartney began work on his next album, "Tug of War", with Beatles producer George Martin


The Wonder Years - The official soundtrack was released in 1988 by Atlantic/WEA and contains a total of 13 tracks, featuring Joe Cocker's cover of The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends", which is the show's theme song


Tokyo Dome - Former Beatle Paul McCartney performed for 6 nights in March 1990 during the Paul McCartney World Tour, 3 nights in November 1993 during The New World Tour, and 3 nights in November 2002 during the Driving Japan leg of his Driving World Tour


Jackson Browne - Browne performed live and recorded The Beatles song medley "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" in 1991 with Jennifer Warnes for the charity album "For Our Children" to benefit the Pediatrics AIDS Foundation


Black or White - A week later it shot up to number three and in its third week, December 7, 1991, it ascended to number one, making it the fastest chart topper since The Beatles' "Get Back" won the Hot 100 in just three weeks in 1969


Greg Dulli - In 1994, Dulli was a lead vocalist in the Backbeat Band, an alternative-rock supergroup that recorded the soundtrack to The Beatles biographical film, "Backbeat"


Patrick Leahy - In a 1994 interview on ABC News, Leahy claimed that, while attending Georgetown Law School, he obtained tickets to see The Beatles' first full U.S. concert, at the Washington Coliseum, inviting a classmate, who declined, saying that the Beatles were a fad


Free as a Bird - In 1995 a studio version of the recording, incorporating contributions from Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, was released as a single by The Beatles, 25 years after their break-up and 15 years after the death of Lennon


Damon Albarn - Albarn played Bull in Joe Orton's "Up Against It", a Radio 4 play about The Beatles broadcast in 1998


Michael Lindsay-Hogg - In 2000, he directed the VH1 television movie entitled "Two of Us", named after the song of the same name, a track from The Beatles' final album, "Let It Be"


With or Without You - In 2000, the song appeared at number eight on "Rolling Stone"s list of "100 Greatest Pop Songs", compiled by "Rolling Stone" and MTV music critics to rank songs released since The Beatles' breakthrough


John Entwistle - In 2001 he played in Alan Parsons' Beatles tribute show "A Walk Down Abbey Road"


The Royal Tenenbaums - The first, released in 2001, was well-received by most critics, though some songs were omitted; notably, Paul Simon's "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard", Van Morrison's "Everyone", John Lennon's "Look at Me", Nick Drake's "Fly", The Mutato Muzika Orchestra version of The Beatles' "Hey Jude" and two tracks by The Rolling Stones


Don't Tell Me (Madonna song) - On March 28, 2001, the RIAA certified "Don't Tell Me" gold, becoming her 24th gold single and tying her with The Beatles for the second spot of most gold records in the United States


Allstate - In 2002, Allstate introduced a national advertising campaign leveraging the popularity of The Beatles


Ramones - In 2002, the Ramones were ranked the second-greatest band of all time by "Spin" magazine, trailing only The Beatles


Danger Mouse (musician) - The Grey Album - He came to prominence in 2004 when he released "The Grey Album", which combined vocal performances from Jay-Z's "The Black Album" with instrumentals from The Beatles' "The Beatles"


John Kerry - According to an interview he gave to "Rolling Stone" magazine in 2004, Kerry's favorite album is "Abbey Road" and he is a fan of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, as well as of Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Buffett


Scissor Sisters - The popular trend of mashups has included Scissor Sisters in its vein with DJ Earworm's 2005 hit "No One Takes Your Freedom" combining "Take Your Mama" with The Beatles' "For No One", George Michael's "Freedom '90" and Aretha Franklin's "Think"


EMI - Apple Records, the record label representing the The Beatles, launched a suit against EMI for non-payment of royalties on 15 December 2005


Tom Petty - In a 2006 interview on the National Public Radio program "Fresh Air", Petty said that he knew he wanted to be in a band the moment he saw The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show"


U2 - In 2007, Bono appeared in the movie "Across the Universe" and performed The Beatles songs


Seal (musician) - Seal performed "Amazing" and The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" at the 2007 Royal Variety Performance


Lowell Fulson - The Beatles song "Why Don't We Do It in the Road-" as performed by Fulson was used on the soundtrack of the 2007 crime film "American Gangster"; he had covered the song on his 1970 album, "In a Heavy Bag"


Alice Cooper - During an interview with Ozzy Osbourne from radio program "Nights with Alice Cooper" on May 22, 2007, Cooper again affirmed his debt of gratitude to these bands, and to The Beatles in particular


Judy Collins - In 2008 she oversaw an album featuring artists ranging from Dolly Parton and Joan Baez to Rufus Wainwright and Chrissie Hynde covering her compositions; she released a collection of The Beatles covers, and she received an honorary doctorate from Pratt Institute on May 18 of that year


Don't Tell Me (Madonna song) - The feat made her tie with The Beatles and put her within reach Elvis Presley's record of 36 top-ten hits at the time; however, Madonna surpassed both when she released "4 Minutes" in 2008, becoming the artist with most top-ten singles in Billboard history


Harmonix - In October 2008, Harmonix, along with MTV Games, announced an exclusive agreement with Apple Corps, Ltd. to produce a standalone title based on the "Rock Band" premise and featuring the music of The Beatles, to be released late in 2009


David Lanz - His 2009 release, "Liverpool: Re-imagining The Beatles", made with Xiao flute master Gary Stroutsos pays homage to the music of The Beatles


Glee (TV series) - In 2009, the "Glee" cast had twenty-five singles chart on the "Billboard" Hot 100, the most by any artist since The Beatles had thirty-one songs in the chart in 1964; in 2010, it placed eighty singles on the "Billboard" Hot 100, far outstripping the previous record


Marvel Comics - Writer Geoff Boucher in 2009 reflected that, "Superman and DC Comics instantly seemed like boring old Pat_Boone; Marvel felt like The Beatles and the British Invasion


James Taylor - On March 7, 2010, Taylor sang The Beatles' "In My Life" in tribute to deceased artists at the 82nd Academy *awards


Liam Gallagher - On 7 May 2010, it was confirmed that Liam's production company, In 1 Productions, are developing and producing a feature film about The Beatles' &Apple_Corps, adapted from the book by Richard DiLello, "The Longest Cocktail Party"


Let It Be (1970 film) - The film's director Michael Lindsay-Hogg stated in 2011 that a DVD and Blu-ray was possibly going to be released sometime in 2013, but did not happen due to the film's negative portrayal of The Beatles


Arctic Monkeys - On 27 July 2012, Arctic Monkeys played in the London Summer Olympics opening ceremony, performing "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" and a cover of The Beatles' song "Come Together"


Jerry Seinfeld - He promoted the use of the technique in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder with Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation in December 2012 on the "Good Morning America" television show, and appeared at a 2009 David Lynch Foundation benefit for TM, at which former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr appeared


Graham Coxon - Please Please Me - In 2013, Graham Coxon was involved in a musical project where artists re-recorded the classic Beatles album "Please Please Me"


Pierre Bouvier - In 2013, Bouvier married his long term girlfriend Lachelle Farrar, he has 2 daughters, one is Lennon Rose, named after The Beatles star John Lennon born in 2011


Jon Stevens - The Dead Daisies opened for Aerosmith during the Australasian leg of their 2013 'Global Warming Tour' and, in addition to the original songs on the setlist, performed three cover versions: "All Right Now", by Free, "Stay With Me", by The Faces and "Helter Skelter", by The Beatles


Garth Brooks - He continues to sell well and according to Nielsen Soundscan, his albums sales through May 2013 are at 68,630,000, which makes him the best-selling albums artist in the United States in the SoundScan era , a title held since 1991, well over 5 million ahead of his nearest rival, The Beatles


ITunes - December 2013 saw the release of another 59 Beatles recordings on iTunes add something


In 2014, they received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award add something


Revolver (Beatles album) - In 2014, the Capitol version of the album was issued on CD for the first time as part of The Beatles' "The U.S. Albums" boxed set as well as in an individual release


We Can Work It Out - Wonder performed it a third time in January 2014 at the 50th anniversary tribute of The Beatles' appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show"


On 26 January 2014 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed Macca's "Queenie Eye" at the Grammy awards add something


Paul McCartney and Wings - Laine, Juber and Seiwell performed together at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Los Angeles, California, in October 2014; the setlist included "Hi Hi Hi", "Live and Let Die" and "Rockestra Theme"


Miley Cyrus - In October Cyrus appeared on The Flaming Lips album "With a Little Help from My Fwends", released on 27 October 2014, singing lead vocals on a cover version of The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and singing Paul McCartney's part on the version of "A Day in the Life"


Tony Sheridan - In 2015, Colin "Melander" Crawley - Sheridan's former bassist, published another biography, "Tony Sheridan - The One The Beatles Called "The Teacher"


Max Stalling - Stalling's most recent studio album, "Banquet", was released in 2015 and includes original music as well as covers of Dough Sahm and The Beatles


Warner Bros. Animation - In Late September 2015, it was reported that WB and WAG are working on an animated musical called "Meet The Beatles" to do with The Beatles, the film is to be directed by Paul King, who directed Paddington


In December 2015 the Beatles released their catalogue for streaming on various streaming music services add something


Pink (singer) - It was announced in February 2016 that Pink will cover a Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, for the upcoming Netflix original series "Beat Bugs"


Little Richard - Prior to his passing in 2017, Audioslave's and Soundgarden's frontman Chris Cornell traced his musical influences back to Little Richard via The Beatles


From March 2017, The Beatles back catalogue were re-issued via DeAgostini through newsagent outlets and online starting with Abbey Road add something


On 18 May 2017, Sirius XM Radio will be launching a 24/7 radio channel, The Beatles Channel add something


McCartney and Sony agreed to a confidential settlement in June 2017 add something


On September 2018, the Beatles confirmed a reissue of The Beatles, with remixed and remastered versions of the original recordings add something


In November 2018, a similar box set for "The Beatles" will be released add something