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The Carbon Neutral Company

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The Carbon Neutral Company

Global provider of carbon reduction solutions add

Category: Business (999)

Founded in 1997.

Countries: U.S. (44%), United States (25%), United Kingdom (25%)

Main connections: Orlando Bloom, The Rolling Stones, Leonardo DiCaprio

Linked to: Privately held company, Foo Fighters, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Coldplay




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Founded in 1997, the company has been one of the first providers of voluntary carbon offset credits in the world add something


In 1997, Sue Welland and Dan Morrell founded the company as Future Forests in an effort to engage the private sector voluntarily to take responsibility for their impact on the climate add something


In 1998, the company registered the CarbonNeutral trademark and provided clients who offset their emissions a certificate of being CarbonNeutral add something


Other notable customers and supporters were Al Gore, The Rolling Stones, who went for the first CarbonNeutral rock tour around the U.S. in 2003, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Dido, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, who became the first CarbonNeutral citizen in 2003 add something


In 2004, The Day After Tomorrow received CarbonNeutral movie status add something


The CarbonNeutral Company was voted the Best Offset Retailer in 2013 for the third year running by Environmental Finance readers add something