The Company Men

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The Company Men

American drama film, written and directed by John Wells add

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Launched in 1319.

Countries: United States (80%), Canada (20%)

Main connections: Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, Patricia Kalember

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Many critics praised the film for telling a story that reflects the economic climate of the United States in the first decade of the 2000s add something


Patricia Kalember - From 2002 to 2011, she starred in the movies "A Time for Dancing", "Signs", "The Girl in the Park", "The Company Men", "Rabbit Hole" and "Limitless"


The project was first announced in January 2008 by the newly formed production company Berk/Lane Entertainment add something


In September 2008, actor Ben Affleck joined the cast add something


Stephen Holden of "The New York Times" notes parallels between the 2009 film "Up in the Air" and praised the performances from Affleck, Jones and Cooper add something


By March 2009, actors Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones joined the cast add something


The film was named one of the best films of 2010 by David Denby of "The New Yorker" add something


It premiered at the 26th Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2010 and had a one-week run in December 10, 2010 to be eligible for the year's Academy awards add something


"The Company Men" had its world premiere at the 26th Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2010 add something


The film had a minimal release in Los Angeles and New York City on December 10, 2010 add something


The film was commercially released in the United States and Canada on January 21, 2011 add something