The Dead Zone (novel)

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The Dead Zone (novel)

Supernatural thriller novel by Stephen King published in 1979 add

Category: Literature (420)

Launched in 1979.

Countries: United States (77%), India (8%), Canada (8%)

Main connections: Stephen King, Jeffrey Boam, Michael Piller

Linked to: Senate committee, USA Network




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"'The Dead Zone"' is a supernatural thriller novel by Stephen King published in 1979 add something


"The Dead Zone" was nominated for the Locus Award in 1980 add something


Stanley Donen - In the early 1980s Donen was attached to direct an adaptation of Stephen King's "The Dead Zone" and worked with writer Jeffrey Boam on the script


In 1983, the novel was adapted by screenwriter Jeffrey Boam into a film of the same name, starring Christopher Walken as Johnny and Martin Sheen as Greg Stillson, and directed by David Cronenberg add something


Christopher Walken - Walken played schoolteacher-turned-psychic Johnny Smith in David Cronenberg's 1983 adaptation of Stephen King's The Dead Zone.


Michael Piller - In 2001, he was approached by producer Lloyd Segan to develop a television series from Stephen King's novel "The Dead Zone"


The television series "The Dead Zone" began broadcasting in late 2002 add something


Michael Piller - As of late 2007, USA Network canceled "The Dead Zone" series due to a lack of ratings