The Double (Dostoyevsky novel)

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The Double (Dostoyevsky novel)

Novella written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky add

Category: Literature (420)

Launched in 1205.

Countries: United States (50%), United Kingdom (50%)

Main connections: Jesse Eisenberg, BBC Radio 4

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It was first published on January 30, 1846 in the "Fatherland Notes" add something


The story was adapted into an English play of the same name, which was later adapted into a 2013 film of the same name, starring Jesse Eisenberg add something


A one-hour radio adaptation by Jonathan Holloway and directed by Gemma Jenkins, changing the time period from Tsarist Russia to "a steampunk version of 19th Century St Petersburg", was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as part of their "Dangerous Visions" series on 10 June 2018 add something