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The Four Seasons (band)

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The Four Seasons (band)

American rock and pop band who became internationally successful in the mid-1960s add

Category: Music

Founded in 1953.

Countries: United States (54%), (15%), Ireland (8%)

Main connections: Frankie Valli, Joe Long, Clint Eastwood

Linked to: Vocal Group Hall of Fame, Billboard, Motown, Recording Industry Association of America




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Frankie Valli's first commercial release was "My Mother's Eyes" in 1953 add something


The following year, he and Tommy DeVito formed the Variatones , which between 1954 and 1956 performed and recorded under a variety of names before settling on the name "'The Four Lovers"' add something


From 1956 until "My Eyes Adored You" in 1975, records which the Four Seasons recorded had the following artist credit : add something


In 1957, the group's seventh single had a similar lack of success add something


In 1958, the group started working with producer Bob Crewe, primarily with session work add something


Despite the change of personnel, the fortunes of the Four Lovers did not change at the beginning of 1960, when they failed an audition for a lounge at a Union Township, Union County, New Jersey, Union County, New Jersey bowling establishment add something


In 1960, Calello left and was replaced by Nick Massi add something


In 1960, the group known as the Four Lovers evolved into the Four Seasons, with Frankie Valli as the lead singer, Bob Gaudio on keyboards and tenor vocals, Tommy DeVito on lead guitar and baritone vocals, and Nick Massi on bass guitar and bass vocals add something


The legal name of the organization is the "'Four Seasons Partnership"', formed by Gaudio and Valli after a failed audition in 1960 add something


At the same time, Uttal was persuaded to release "The Four Seasons Story", a two-record compilation of the group's biggest hit singles from 1962 to 1970 add something


In 1962, the group released their first album, featuring the single "Sherry", which was not only their first charted hit but their first number-one song add something


In addition, they released a Christmas album in December 1962 and charted with a unique rendition of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" add something


The huge demands of mass production, the cash-flow problems involved, and the loss of the Beatles when Trans-Global canceled Vee-Jay's contract on August 3, 1963, due to non-payment of royalties, found Vee-Jay hard pressed to stay afloat add something


Both Valli and the group released singles and albums on an occasional basis, but after "Grease", only a remixed version of their biggest seller, "December 1963" would visit the upper half of the Hot 100 add something


The change of label did not diminish the popularity of the Four Seasons in 1964, nor did the onslaught of the British Invasion and Beatlemania add something


In January 1964, after several successful albums and lack of money from Vee-Jay, the Seasons left Vee-Jay and moved to Philips Records, a division of Mercury Records add something


After over a year of legal negotiations, Capitol Records was finally able to stop Vee-Jay, effective October 15, 1964 add something


In the 1965 settlement of the lawsuit, Vee-Jay retained release rights for all material the group recorded for the label add something


In the meantime, the Four Seasons released recordings under a variety of names, including the Valli Boys, the Wonder Who-, and Frankie Valli: every Valli "solo" recording from 1965 to "My Eyes Adored You" in 1975 had the same production team as the Four Seasons ones that were recorded at the same time; his first post-1950s single without the Seasons was 1975's "Swearin' to God" add something


Joe Long - He began listening more to rock and roll and became a rock 'n roll player for several local New Jersey bands before joining The Four Seasons in 1965 as a replacement for Charles Calello, who temporarily replaced Nick Massi


Nick Massi left the Four Seasons in September 1965 add something


The group was obligated to deliver one final album to Vee-Jay, which they did in the form of a "faux" live LP. When Vee-Jay was declared bankrupt in 1966, the Four Seasons' Vee-Jay catalog reverted to the band and the tracks were reissued by Philips add something


By 1969 the group's popularity had deteriorated as public interest moved towards rock with a harder edge, deeper soul music, and music with more socially conscious lyrics add something


Since 1970, they have been known at times as "'Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons"' add something


The Seasons' last single on Philips, "Patch of Blue," featured the group's name as "Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons," but the change in billing did not alter the act's lack of success in 1970 add something


While the hits for the Four Seasons had dried up in the first half of the 1970s, the group never lost its popularity as a performing act add something


A Frankie Valli "solo" single from 1971 and three Four Seasons singles sank without a trace add something


A recording that was destined to reach the upper parts of the UK Singles Chart, "The Night", was not commercially released as a single by Motown in the United States after promotional copies were distributed in 1971 add something


In late 1973 and early 1974, the Four Seasons recorded eight songs for a planned second Motown album, which the company refused to release to the public add something


Later in 1974, the record label and the band parted ways add something


Joe became the mainstay on bass and backing vocals until 1975 add something


Longtime member Joe Long stayed in the group until 1975 add something


It was a Top 10 British hit in October 1975, relaunching their career there add something


The success of "Who Loves You" increased the popularity of the Four Seasons as a touring group and reignited recording unit, but when 1977's "Helicon" album was released by Warner Bros. add something


In January 1981 Warners released "Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Reunited Live" add something


In August 1985, MCA Records released the group album "Streetfighter" which yielded two singles in the title track and "Book Of Love", a post-disco-style revamp of the Monotones' 1957 recording add something


Ronan Keating - The group performed in various clubs and pubs before being signed by PolyGram in 1994 and released a cover version of "Working My Way Back to You" by The Four Seasons


"Jersey Boys", a musical play based on the lives of the Four Seasons and directed by Des McAnuff , premiered at his La Jolla Playhouse and opened on November 6, 2005, to generally positive reviews and subsequently won multiple Tony awards after its move to Broadway add something


The Broadway production won four 2006 Tony awards, including Best Musical, Best Actor , Best Featured Actor , and Best Lighting Design add something


The first opened at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco on December 10, 2006, leaving that venue for the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles on May 3, 2007 add something


The latest edition of the Four Seasons, including Valli, conducted a North American tour in the latter half of 2007 add something


In 2008, the Four Seasons' "Beggin'" was revived not by one but by two acts add something


Since 2008 Frankie Valli has continued to tour worldwide with a new group of Four Seasons consisting of Todd Fournier, Brian Brigham, Brandon Brigham, and Landon Beard providing him with backup vocal harmonies add something


Another completely new production opened at the Prince Edward Theatre, London, in February 2008 add something


It previewed at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco and debuted at Palazzo in April 2008 add something


A production in Melbourne, Australia, was launched in June 2009, which moved to Sydney, Australia, in September 2010 add something


"Jersey Boys" started a limited run at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. on November 10, 2011 add something


"Jersey Boys" opened in Adelaide, South Australia, at the Festival Theatre on October 30, 2012, and is currently playing in Perth, Western Australia add something


The movie adaptation, directed by Clint Eastwood with John Lloyd Young as Valli, is scheduled for release in 2014 add something


The movie adaptation, directed by Clint Eastwood with John Lloyd Young as Valli, released on June 20, 2014 add something


The four gentlemen left with Valli's blessing in 2018 to pursue their own group called "The Modern Gentlemen" add something