The House of the Rising Sun

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The House of the Rising Sun

Traditional folk song, sometimes called Rising Sun Blues add

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Launched in 1940.

Countries: United States (36%), United Kingdom (18%), USA (11%)

Main connections: U2, The Animals, Green Day

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The song is credited to Ronnie Gilbert on one of The Weavers albums released in the late 1940s or early 1950s add something


In 1941, Woody Guthrie recorded a version add something


In his 1941 songbook "Our Singing Country", Lomax credits the lyrics to Turner, with reference to Martin's version add something


Lead Belly recorded two versions of the song in February 1944 and in October 1948, called "In New Orleans" and "The House of the Rising Sun" respectively; the latter was recorded in sessions that later became the album "Lead Belly's Last Sessions" add something


A recording made in 1947 by Josh White, who is credited with having written new words and music that have subsequently been popularized in the versions made by many other later artists, was released by Mercury Records in 1950 add something


In 1957 Glenn Yarbrough recorded the song for Elektra Records add something


Glenn Yarbrough - In 1957, he was one of the first singers to record the traditional "The House of the Rising Sun" for Elektra Records


Pete Seeger released a version on Folkways Records in 1958, which was re-released by Smithsonian Folkways in 2009 add something


Actor and comedian Andy Griffith recorded the song on his 1959 album "Andy Griffith Shouts the Blues and Old Timey Songs" add something


Frankie Laine recorded the song titled "New Orleans" on his 1959 album "Balladeer" add something


By the early 1960s, the song had become one of my signature pieces, and I could hardly get off the stage without doing it add something


Earlier versions of the song are often sung from the woman's perspective, a woman who followed a drunk or a gambler to New Orleans and became a prostitute in the House of the Rising Sun , such as in Joan Baez's version on her self-titled 1960 debut album, or Jody Miller's 1973 single add something


In 1960 Miriam Makeba recorded the song on her eponymous RCA album add something


Joan Baez recorded it in 1960 on her debut album; she frequently performed the song in concert throughout her career add something


In late 1961, Bob Dylan recorded the song for his debut album, released in March 1962 add something


Bob Dylan's 1962 version and Shawn Mullins' covered version on his album "9th Ward Pickin' Parlor" are sung from the woman's perspective, although Mullins occasionally changes the lyrics in live performances to reflect both perspectives, singing "It's been the ruin of many a boy and girl, and me, oh God, I'm one add something


Nina Simone recorded her first version on "Nina at the Village Gate" in 1962 add something


The edited version was included on the group's 1964 U.S. debut album " The Animals", while the full version was later included on their best-selling 1966 U.S. greatest hits album "The Best of The Animals" add something


The most successful commercial version, recorded in 1964 by the British rock group The Animals, was a number one hit on the UK Singles Chart, and in the United States, Canada and Australia add something


Mickie Most - Their follow-up 1964 single, "The House of the Rising Sun", became a worldwide hit


Hilton Valentine - While The Animals are often remembered most for Burdon's vocals and Price's organ, Valentine is credited with the instantly recognizable electric guitar arpeggio introduction to the Animals' 1964 signature song "The House of the Rising Sun", which inspired countless beginning guitarists


The Animals - It was followed in June 1964 by the transatlantic number 1 hit "House of the Rising Sun"


Released in October 1964, Johnny Hallyday's version "Le pénitencier" made it to the French Billboard Top 10, and he included the song in his 2014 USA tour add something


Americans could hear the complete version in the movie "Go Go Mania" in the spring of 1965 add something


However, the very first American release of the full-length version was on a 1965 album of various groups entitled "Mickie Most Presents British Go-Go" , the cover of which, under the listing of "House Of The Rising Sun", boasted, "Original uncut version add something


Later versions include the 1965 recording in Columbia by The Speakers in Spanish called "La casa del sol naciente", which was the title of their second album add something


"Then, sometime in 1968, Eric Burdon and the Animals made a number-one chart hit out of the damn thing add something


In 1969, Detroit band Frijid Pink recorded a psychedelic version of "House of the Rising Sun" that became an international hit in 1970 add something


Dolly Parton - Other chart hits during this period included Parton's chart-topping cover of the 1969 First Edition hit "But You Know I Love You" and "The House of the Rising Sun" , "Single Women", "Heartbreak Express" and "Hard Candy Christmas" and 1983's "Potential New Boyfriend", which was accompanied by one of Parton's first music videos, and which reached the U.S. dance charts


The certification of the Frijid Pink single "House of the Rising Sun" as a gold record for domestic sales of one million units was reported in the issue of "Billboard" dated 30 May 1970 add something


"House of the Rising Sun" was not included on any of the group's British albums, but it was reissued as a single twice in subsequent decades, charting both times: reaching number 25 in 1972, and number 11 in 1982 add something


In September 1981, Dolly Parton released a cover of the song as the third single from her "9 to 5 and Odd Jobs" album add something


Parton has occasionally performed the song live, perhaps most notably, on her 1987-88 television show, in an episode taped live in New Orleans add something


In 1999 it received a Grammy Hall of Fame award add something


A 2005 Channel Five poll ranked it as Britain's fourth-favourite number one song add something


An excavation and document search in early 2005 found evidence that supported this claim, including an advertisement with language that may have euphemistically indicated prostitution add something


This was the first game in the Louisiana Superdome since it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 add something


In September 2006, it was announced that Green Day and U2 were to record a cover version of the song for charitable purposes add something


To coincide with the U2 and Green Day recording of the song, both bands performed it together live during the Monday Night Football Pregame show of the New Orleans Saints versus Atlanta Falcons game on 25 September 2006 add something


A music video for "The Saints Are Coming," directed by Chris Milk, was released on YouTube on 27 October 2006 add something


The studio version of the song was released for digital download on 30 October 2006 and released as a CD single on 6 November 2006 add something


The song was played for the first time by U2 alone on the Pacific Leg of the Vertigo Tour in Brisbane, Australia, on 7 November 2006 add something


The song appears on the U2 compilation album "U218 Singles", which was released on 20 November 2006 add something


BBC Radio 4 program 18 January 2008 add something


Billie Joe Armstrong ad-libbed lines from the song over the bass solo to Green Day hit single "Holiday" during some performances on their 21st Century Breakdown World Tour in the summer of 2010 add something


He performed the song during his 2014 USA tour add something


British indie rock band Alt-J covered the song in their 2017 album 'Relaxer', with an additional verse written by the band themselves add something