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The Kinks

English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, North London, by brothers Ray and Dave Davies in 1964 add

Category: Music

Founded in 2007.

Countries: United Kingdom (53%), United States (21%), (16%)

Main connections: Ray Davies, Jim Rodford, The Rolling Stones

Linked to: The Who, Blur, Oasis, The Independent




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The induction helped fuel sales for the group; in August 2007, a re-entry of "The Ultimate Collection", a compilation of material spanning the band's career, reached number 32 on the UK Top 100 album chart and number one on the UK Indie album chart add something


In December 2007, "Record Collector" published an interview with Ray Davies in which he said, "I spoke to Quaife about a month ago and he dearly wants to make another record with me add something


Gosling and Dalton retired in 2008 and were replaced in the band by former Kinks members Jim Rodford and Ian Gibbons add something


Ray Davies denied this in his autobiography, and claimed in a 2008 interview, "It was a fantasy about my sister going off with her boyfriend to a new world and they were going to emigrate and go to another country add something


Keanan Duffty - In May 2008, Duffty was a featured performer at the Loser's Lounge tribute to The Kinks at Joe's Public Theater in New York City with Earl Slick


In a September 2008 interview with BBC Radio 4, Ray Davies said of a possible reunion, "There is a desire to do it", but that he wouldn't participate if it were a nostalgia act: "The thing that would make me decide 'yes' or 'no' would be whether or not we could do new songs" add something


In June 2009, Ray Davies told "The Independent" that while a full-fledged reunion was unlikely, "I will continue to play with ex-band members like Mick Avory from time to time add something


Jon Langford - In a 2010 interview, Langford said his earliest influences were Tom Jones, Slade, T. Rex, The Kinks, Johnny Cash, Man and Black Sabbath


In March 2010, Avory reported that the band were planning on releasing an album of unreleased and new material add something


Quaife, who had been receiving kidney dialysis for more than ten years, died on 23 June 2010, aged 66 add something


In separate interviews early in 2011 both Davies brothers spoke positively about a potential reunion add something


In a 2013 Skype interview Dave Davies expressed interest in doing reunions shows add something


On 13 December 2013, it was officially confirmed that a musical named Sunny Afternoon, based around the early life of Ray Davies and the formation of The Kinks, would receive its world premiere at the Hampstead Theatre in spring 2014 add something


Gaz Coombes - In May 2014, Coombes recorded a cover version of The Kinks' song "This Time Tomorrow" for a television advertisement for the UK department store, John Lewis


On 18 December 2015, Ray Davies joined Dave Davies onstage at the Islington Assembly Hall in London to perform 'You Really Got Me' add something


Dave Davies subsequently confirmed that the Davies brothers had recorded 4-5 demos of new songs together for a potential concept album in 2016, but that they had both gotten too distracted by their respective solo work to complete the project add something


On 20 January 2018, long-time bassist Jim Rodford passed away at the age of 76 add something


In June 2018, the Davies brothers confirmed that they are working on a new Kinks studio album with Avory add something


In a June 2018 interview, Ray Davies stated that he, along with brother Dave, and drummer Avory, had reformed The Kinks for a new studio album and to potentially perform live add something