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The Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney Company

American diversified multinational mass media corporation headquartered in Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California, United States add

Category: Business (17)

Founded in 1923.

Countries: United States (64%), (17%), United Kingdom (4%)

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In early 1923, Kansas City, Missouri animator Walt Disney created a short film entitled "Alice's Wonderland", which featured child actress Virginia Davis interacting with animated characters add something


Founded on October 16, 1923, by Walt and Roy Disney as the "'Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio"', Walt Disney Productions established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and travel add something


In January 1926 with the completion of the Disney studio on Hyperion Street, the Disney Brothers Studio's name is changed to the "'Walt Disney Studio"' add something


In 1928, to recover from the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Disney came up with idea of a mouse character named Mortimer while on a train headed to California drawing up a few simple drawings add something


Disney only completed 26 "Oswald" shorts before losing the contract in February 1928, when Winkler's husband Charles Mintz took over their distribution company add something


Disney's first sound film "Steamboat Willie", a cartoon starring Mickey, was released on November 18, 1928 through Pat Powers' distribution company add something


Plane Crazy and The Galloping Gaucho were retrofitted with synchronized sound tracks and re-released successfully in 1929 add something


Disney continued to produce cartoons with Mickey Mouse and other characters, and began the Silly Symphonies series with Columbia Pictures signing on as Symphonies distributor in August 1929 add something


In September 1929, theater manager Harry Woodin requested permission to start a Mickey Mouse Club which Walt approved add something


Warner Bros. - From 1930 to 1933, Disney alumni Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising produced a series of musical cartoons for Leon Schlesinger, who sold the shorts to Warner


In 1932, Disney signed an exclusive contract with Technicolor to produce cartoons in color, beginning with "Flowers and Trees" add something


Deciding to push the boundaries of animation even further, Disney began production of his first feature-length animated film in 1934 add something


Harpo Marx - In 1936, he was one of a number of performers and celebrities to appear as caricatures in the Walt Disney Production of "Mickey's Polo Team"


Taking three years to complete, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", premiered in December 1937 and became highest-grossing film of that time by 1939 add something


Eric Gurney - In 1938 he emigrated to the USA to work with The Walt Disney Company, where he was a story writer and collaborated on several classic Disney films


The new Walt Disney Studios, in which the company is headquartered to this day, was completed and open for business by the end of 1939 add something


With limited staff and little operating capital during and after the war, Disney's feature films during much of the 1940s were "package films," or collections of shorts, such as "The Three Caballeros" and "Melody Time" , which performed poorly at the box-office add something


Warner Bros. - By 1942, the Schlesinger studio had surpassed Walt Disney Studios as the most successful producer of animated shorts in the United States


From 1945 to 1960 Walt and Roy Disney shared the role of Chairman of the Board add something


University of Oregon - The popular Disney character Donald Duck has been the mascot for decades, thanks to a handshake agreement made between then-Athletic Director Leo Harris and Walt Disney in 1947


Scrooge McDuck - "'Scrooge McDuck"' is a cartoon character created in 1947 by Carl Barks and licensed by The Walt Disney Company


Disney continued to focus its talents on television throughout the 1950s add something


The release of "Cinderella" in 1950 proved that feature-length animation could still succeed in the marketplace add something


In December 1950, Walt Disney Productions and The Coca-Cola Company teamed up for Disney's first venture into television, the NBC television network special "An Hour in Wonderland" add something


Disney ended its distribution contract with RKO in 1953, forming its own distribution arm, Buena Vista Distribution add something


Buena Vista (brand) - It was originally used for Buena Vista Distribution company by Walt Disney in 1953 after the release of "Peter Pan" to distribute his film and television productions, thus ending a 16-year affiliation with RKO Pictures


In 1954, Walt Disney used his "Disneyland" series to unveil what would become Disneyland, an idea conceived out of a desire for a place where parents and children could both have fun at the same time add something


In October 1954, the ABC network launched Disney's first regular television series, "Disneyland", which would go on to become one of the longest-running primetime series of all time add something


Its weekday afternoon children's television program "The Mickey Mouse Club", featuring its roster of young "Mouseketeers", premiered in 1955 to great success, as did the "Davy Crockett" miniseries, starring Fess Parker and broadcast on the "Disneyland" anthology show add something


On July 17, 1955, Disneyland was previewed with a live television broadcast hosted by Art Linkletter and Ronald Reagan add something


On July 18, 1955, Walt Disney opened Disneyland to the general public add something


Cotton Warburton - By 1956 Warburton was an editor for the Walt Disney Studios, where he remained for the rest of his career


A major expansion in 1959 included the addition of America's first monorail system add something


Despite such success, Walt Disney Productions invested little into television ventures in the 1960s, with the exception of the long-running anthology series, later known as "The Wonderful World of Disney" add something


The studio released a number of comedies in the late 1960s, including "The Love Bug" and "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" , which starred another young Disney discovery, Kurt Russell add something


Walt dropped the Chairman title in 1960 so he could focus more on the creative aspects of the company add something


Vic Lockman - Among the many comic strips and cartoons he created, Vic might be most known for his characters created for The Walt Disney Company in 1960; Newton Gearloose and Moby Duck


Nina Jacobson - "'Nina Jacobson"' is an American film executive who, until July 2006, was president of the Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company


The theme park design and architectural group became so integral to the Disney studio's operations that the studio bought it on February 5, 1965 along with the WED Enterprises name add something


In November 1965, "Disney World" was announced, with plans for theme parks, hotels, and even a model city on thousands of acres of land purchased outside of Orlando, Florida add something


On December 15, 1966, Walt Disney died of complications relating to lung cancer, and Roy Disney took over as chairman, CEO, and president of the company add something


In 1967, the last two films Walt actively supervised were released, the animated feature "The Jungle Book" and the musical "The Happiest Millionaire" add something


The 1970s opened with the release of Disney's first "post-Walt" animated feature, "The Aristocats", followed by a return to fantasy musicals in 1971's "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" add something


Walt Disney World received much of the company's attention through the 1970s and into the 1980s add something


While Walt Disney Productions continued releasing family-friendly films throughout the 1970s, such as "Escape to Witch Mountain" and "Freaky Friday" , the films did not fare as well at the box office as earlier material add something


With "The Wonderful World of Disney" remaining a prime-time staple, Disney returned to television in the 1970s with syndicated programing such as the anthology series "The Mouse Factory" and a brief revival of the "Mickey Mouse Club" add something


On October 1, 1971, Walt Disney World opened to the public, with Roy Disney dedicating the facility in person later that month add something


On December 20, 1971, Roy Disney died of a stroke, leaving the company under control of Donn Tatum, Card Walker, and Walt's son-in-law Ron Miller, each trained by Walt and Roy. add something


Robin Hood - In the 1973 animated Disney film, "Robin Hood", the title character is portrayed as an anthropomorphic fox voiced by Brian Bedford


Disney Channel - In early 1977, Walt Disney Productions executive Jim Jimirro brought forth the idea of a cable television network that would feature television and film material from the studio


Bullyland - Since 1977 Bullyland has been a Walt Disney licensee


In 1978, Disney executives announced plans for the second Walt Disney World theme park, EPCOT Center, which would open in October 1982 add something


In 1979, Disney entered a joint venture with Paramount Pictures on the production of the 1980 film adaptation of "Popeye" and "Dragonslayer" ; the first time Disney collaborated with another studio add something


Its film library was valuable, but offered few current successes, and its leadership team was unable to keep up with other studios, particularly the works of Don Bluth, who defected from Disney in 1979 add something


Disney began limited releases of its previous films on video tapes in the late 1980s add something


In 1980, Disney launched Walt Disney Home Video to take advantage of the newly emerging videocassette market add something


Gerald Genta - During the 1980s, Genta obtained special licensing with The Walt Disney Company and distributed a limited edition of Disney character watches to the public; previously, they had been an unofficial private request by one of Genta's repeat customers


The Oriental Land Company - It approached The Walt Disney Company in 1980 to finance the first international Disney park


Ed Grier - A certified public accountant, Grier worked for Ernst & Young before joining The Walt Disney Company in 1981


The 1983 release of Mickey's Christmas Carol began a string of successful movies, starting with Never Cry Wolf" and the Ray Bradbury adaptation "Something Wicked This Way Comes add something


Clarabelle Cow - As with most Disney characters, she was given small cameos in the featurettes "Mickey's Christmas Carol" and "The Prince and the Pauper" , and the 1988 feature "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"


In Japan, the Oriental Land Company partnered with Walt Disney Productions to build the first Disney theme park outside of the United States, Tokyo Disneyland, which opened in April 1983 add something


On April 18, 1983, The Disney Channel debuted as a subscription-level channel on cable systems nationwide, featuring its large library of classic films and TV series, along with original programming and family-friendly third-party offerings add something


In 1984, Disney CEO Ron Miller created Touchstone Pictures as a brand for Disney to release more adult-oriented material add something


In 1984, financier Saul Steinberg's Reliance Group Holdings launched a hostile takeover bid for Walt Disney Productions, with the intent of dissolving the company and selling off its various assets add something


Taking on its current name in 1986, The Walt Disney Company expanded its existing operations and started divisions focused upon theatre, radio, music, publishing, and online media add something


Euro Disney S.C.A. - The Resort is a result of an agreement signed on 24 March 1987 between The Walt Disney Company and the French Authorities for the development of a new tourist destination, and construction began within a year


Disney Store - The first Disney Store opened in the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California on March 28, 1987


Warner Bros. - Warner ended the venture in 1988 and joined up with Walt Disney Pictures; this joint venture lasted until 1993, when Disney created Buena Vista International


Named the "Disney Decade" by the company, the executive talent attempted to move the company to new heights in the 1990s with huge changes and accomplishments add something


ABC Family Worldwide - The company is owned by The Walt Disney Company and was founded in 1990 by Pat Robertson as International Family Entertainment Inc.


Japan Airlines - In October 1990 Japan Air Charter was established, and in September 1996 an agreement with The Walt Disney Company was announced, making Japan Airlines the official airline of Tokyo Disneyland


In 1991, hotels, home video distribution, and Disney merchandising became 28 percent of total company revenues with international revenues contributed 22 percent of revenues add something


The company committed its studios in the first quarter of 1991 to produce 25 films in 1992 add something


The company has been a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since May 6, 1991 add something


Beauty and the Beast (1991 film) - In a first-time accomplishment for The Walt Disney Company, an unfinished version of "Beauty and the Beast" was shown at the New York Film Festival on September 29, 1991


Disney broadened its adult offerings in film when Disney Studio Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg acquired Miramax Films in 1993 add something


Wells died in a helicopter crash in 1994 add something


DreamWorks Animation - On October 12, 1994, DreamWorks SKG was formed and founded by a trio of entertainment players, director and producer Steven Spielberg, music executive David Geffen, and former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg


Hugh Laurie - Laurie's later film appearances include "Sense and Sensibility" , adapted by and starring Emma_Thompson; the Disney live-action film "101 Dalmatians" , where he played Jasper, one of the bumbling criminals hired to kidnap the puppies; Elton's adaptation of his novel "Inconceivable", "Maybe Baby" ; "Girl from Rio"; the 2004 remake of "The Flight of the Phoenix"; and the three "Stuart Little" films


Merged into Creative Content in 1996 add something


Disney-ABC Domestic Television - As BVTV, DADT initially acted as a "de facto" syndication arm for ABC after Disney bought the network in 1996, since at the same time, ABC's original production division was folded into Touchstone Television


Fairchild Fashion Media - In a 1996 merger, Fairchild Publications became part of The Walt Disney Company, but it was subsequently sold in 1999 to Advance Publications, the parent company of Condé Nast Publications


Disney Store - Online retail at The Walt Disney Company began back on November 19, 1996 with the opening of The Disney Store Online


In 1998, Disney began a move into the internet field with the purchase of Starwave and 43 percent of Infoseek add something


Mickey Mouse - Kamen was recognized by The Walt Disney Company as having a significant part in Mickey's rise to stardom and was named a Disney Legend in 1998


BreakAway Games - Since 1998, BreakAway has distinguished itself as a developer of award winning simulation games in a variety of genres in partnership with companies such as Electronic Arts, Sierra Online, Hasbro, The Walt Disney Company and ABC Sports


In 1999, Disney purchased the remaining shares of Infoseek and launch the Go Network portal in January add something


Disney Store - Also in 1999 the business was moved under a business named Disney Direct Marketing


Emilio Cueto - Cueto's professional career began in June 1999 when he began working as a musician for The Walt Disney Company


Ruby-Spears - The series was subsequently owned by The Walt Disney Company until the company spun-off DIC Entertainment in 2000


Soapnet - By the time that Soapnet launched on January 20, 2000, the channel aired only current ABC soap operas in the evening and early morning, so that people who worked during the day could watch them at their convenience; programming was inclusive, as the channel is owned by ABC. Soapnet eventually gained high cable coverage due to Disney's aggressive policy of pulling ABC-owned broadcast stations and the popular ESPN channels from cable providers if they did not agree to carry Soapnet as well; this was the main reason for ABC owned-and-operated station WABC-TV being p


Disney Store - "'Disney Auctions"' was created in October 2000 with a partnership between The Walt Disney Company and eBay


Embassy Row (production company) - Diplomatic was originally founded on December 12, 2000 with the help of ABC and Disney


Disney Store - In 2001, DDM was moved directly under the control of The Disney Stores business


Howard the Duck - In the 2001 miniseries, as a mocking gesture toward Disney's mascot Mickey Mouse, he was turned into various animals, primarily a mouse


Keira Knightley - Knightley's first starring role followed in 2001, when she played the daughter of Robin Hood in the made-for-television Walt Disney Productions feature, "Princess of Thieves"


Fox Entertainment Group - On July 23, 2001, it was announced that Fox Family Worldwide would be sold to Disney from News Corporation and businessperson Haim Saban


ABC Family - On October 24, 2001, Fox Family Channel and Fox Family Worldwide were sold to The Walt Disney Company, in a sale that included Saban Entertainment


Fox Broadcasting Company - Fox would abandon Fox Kids after selling the children's division and the former Fox Family Channel to The Walt Disney Company in 2002 and sell the four hours of Saturday morning time to 4Kids Entertainment


Disney Store - A small number of stores were opened in Hong Kong however, the Australian stores were closed in 2003, and the only Disney Store in Hong Kong at this time is located in the Hong Kong International Airport, which was renamed "'The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland"' and managed by Hong Kong International Theme Parks


Salvador Dali - Completed in 2003 by Baker Bloodworth and Walt's nephew Roy E. Disney, it contains dreamlike images of strange figures flying and walking about


Terra Networks - During 2003 and 2004 Terra expanded aggressively into the paid content business, mainly in Spain, Brazil, and Chile, launching ventures with Disney and Spanish football clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona


Herbalife - In April 2003, Michael O. Johnson joined Herbalife as CEO following a 17-year career with The Walt Disney Company, most recently as president of Walt Disney International


In 2004, Pixar Animation Studios began looking for another distributor after its 12 year contract with Disney with its relationship strained over issues of control and money with Eisner add something


Disney-ABC Domestic Television - DADT holds distribution rights to Muppet media since Disney bought the franchise in 2004 from The Jim Henson Company


Solomon Linda - In 2004, with the backing of the South African government and Gallo Records, Linda's descendants in South Africa sued The Walt Disney Company for its use in "The Lion King" movie and stage musical without paying royalties to them


Disney-ABC Domestic Television - In between these transactions, Disney reorganized all its non-ESPN TV assets into the Disney-ABC Television Group in 2004, making BVTV the official syndication arm of ABC. It ran 2,000,00 from 2008-2010


Disney Store - The sale of The Disney Stores to The Children's Place didn't include the sale of DDM but did include the sale of the domain name, so in 2004 was changed to


Disney Store - From November 21, 2004 until May 1, 2008, Disney Stores in the United States and Canada were owned and operated by Hoop Retail Stores, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Children's Place, LLC. Oriental Land operates Disney Stores under a long-term license agreement with The Walt Disney Company, as did The Children's Place


The Tornante Company - "'The Tornante Company, LLC"' is a privately held investment firm founded by former The Walt Disney Company CEO Michael Eisner in 2005


On March 13, 2005, Robert Iger was announced as Eisner successor as CEO. On September 30, Eisner resigned both as an executive and as a member of the board of directors add something


Avalanche Software - In April 2005, Buena Vista Games , the video game publishing arm of The Walt Disney Company, acquired the Salt Lake City-based studio


On July 8, 2005, Walt Disney's nephew, Roy E. Disney returned to The Walt Disney Company as a consultant and with the new title of Non Voting Director, Emeritus add something


On July 25, 2005, Disney announced that it was closing DisneyToon Studios Australia in October 2006, after 17 years of existence add something


Kroger - In 2006, Kroger partnered with the consumer products division of The Walt Disney Company to add the "Disney Magic Selections" line to its private label offerings


Disney Store - In fall of 2006, Disney ended their partnership with eBay and moved the Disney Auctions website under its own banner


EdgeCast Networks - The company was founded in 2006 and is funded by the venture arm of The Walt Disney Company, Steamboat Ventures


Lost (TV series) - In April 2006, Disney announced that "Lost" would be available for free online in streaming format, with advertising, on ABC's website, as part of a two-month experiment of future distribution strategies


The Ovitz episode engendered a long running derivative suit, which finally concluded in June 2006, almost 10 years later add something


Peter Jennings - In October 2006, The Walt Disney Company, which bought ABC in 1996, posthumously named Jennings a Disney Legend, the company's highest honor


On March 12, ImageMovers Digital, Robert Zemeckis's company which Disney had bought in 2007, was shut down add something


Disney Interactive Studios - In 2007, The Walt Disney Company renamed Buena Vista Games to "'Disney Interactive Studios"'


Randy Newman - In 2007, Newman was inducted as a Disney Legend


Disney-ABC Domestic Television - That company became ABC Studios in 2007, as part of Disney's branding strategy


Jose Carioca - In April 2007, Disney re-introduced José Carioca , in the newly revamped ride at Epcot's Mexico Pavilion with entirely new animation and a new storyline


Digimon - The English version was dubbed by Studiopolis and it premiered on the Jetix block on Toon Disney on October 1, 2007


Disney Interactive Media Group, starting in 2008 with the merge of WDIG and Disney Interactive Studios add something


Jon M. Gibson - In 2008, Gibson began his directing career, starting with a series of shorts and commercials for various clients like The Walt Disney Company and Capcom Entertainment


Disney Store - In 2008, after the repurchase of the Disney Store business from The Children's Place, the domain was changed back to


Disney Store - Hoop Retail, the Children's Place subsidiary operating the Disney Stores, announced on March 20, 2008 that they were in talks to sell the Disney Store brand back to The Walt Disney Company


Disney Store - On May 1, 2008, 231 Disney Stores in North America once again became the property of Disney, operating under the Disney Consumer Products arm


Hasbro - The Walt Disney Company's purchase of Marvel in 2009 came as a blow to Hasbro, as it seemed likely that Disney may move the Marvel license to Hasbro's rival Mattel, it's theorized the same may happen with the Star Wars license


Disney Store - The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment in 2009, and in 2011, was relaunched using the same technology as the site


In October 2009, Disney Channel president Rich Ross, hired by Iger, replaced Dick Cook as chairman of the company and, in November, began restructuring the company to focus more on family friendly products add something


Disney Store - Furthermore, Disney Announced in November 2009 that they were planning a massive "re-launching" and re-branding of all Disney Store locations, spearheaded by Apple's Steve Jobs, who pioneered the Apple Retail Store concept


After a long time working in the company as a senior executive and large shareholder, Director Emeritus Roy E. Disney died from stomach cancer on December 16, 2009 add something


The deal was finalized on December 31, 2009 in which Disney acquired full ownership on the company add something


Disney Store - In 2010, DSI was moved back under the control of the newly reacquired Disney Store business and a complete redesign of the site was launched


Henry Selick - In 2010, Selick joined with Pixar and The Walt Disney Company in a long-term contract to exclusively produce stop-motion films


Soapnet - Since the channel is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, it has broadcast events from the annual ABC Super Soap Weekend, which was held every November at Walt Disney World, and each summer at Disney's California Adventure until the event was discontinued in 2010


Giant Bomb - TANG received a short-lived spin-off in 2010, "'The Wonderful Universe of This Ain't No Game"', named both to satirize the Walt Disney anthology series "The Wonderful World of Disney" and to make the acronym for the series "WUTANG", in honour of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan


Later in January 2010, Disney decided to shut down Miramax after downsizing Touchstone, but one month later, they began selling the Miramax brand and its 700-title film library add something


Disney Store - Disney would take over beginning March 31, 2010, Retail Networks Co., Ltd., Oriental Land Company subsidiary owning Disney Stores Japan


In April 2010, Lyric Street, Disney's country music label in Nashville, was shut down add something


In May 2010, the company sold the Power Rangers brand, as well as its 700-episode library, back to Haim Saban add something


Qatar Investment Authority - On December 3, 2010, Qatar Investment Authority, along with Colony Capital and Tutor-Saliba Corporation, was part of an investment group known as Filmyard Holdings, which purchased Miramax from Disney


Tutor-Saliba Corporation - On December 3, 2010, Tutor-Saliba Corporation entered into the film business when Disney closed the sale of Miramax to Filmyard Holdings, which is an investment group they became a part of along with Qatar Investment Authority, Colony Capital and The Weinstein Company


Netflix - As of 2011, Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service holds first-run rights to films from Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment , along with back-catalog titles to films from Time Warner, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Disney, and other distributors


UTV Software Communications - In 2011, Disney Enterprises offered to buy out stakes held by public shareholders and other promoters of the company in a deal valued around Rs 20 billion


In January 2011, Disney Interactive Studios was downsized add something


In April 2011, Disney broke ground on Shanghai Disney Resort add something


Later, in August 2011, Bob Iger stated on a conference call that after the success of the Pixar and Marvel purchases, he and the Walt Disney Company are looking to "buy either new characters or businesses that are capable of creating great characters and great stories add something


ABC Family - On October 26, 2011, The Walt Disney Company and Toronto-based media company Corus Entertainment entered into a partnership to launch a Canadian version of ABC Family under the name "'ABC Spark"', which launched on March 23, 2012


Disney Interactive Studios - After the purchase of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company in 2012, Disney Interactive assumed the role of developing "Star Wars" games for the casual gaming market, while Electronic Arts would develop "Star Wars" games for the core gaming market through an exclusive license


Epix (TV channel) - Epix retains the pay television rights to Marvel Studios' "The Avengers", part of Marvel's parent The Walt Disney Company's agreement with Paramount after purchasing distribution of the film from the latter studio in October 2011


Monkey Island (series) - With the purchase of LucasArts by The Walt Disney Company in 2012, the rights to the franchise are now property of Disney


Young Broadcasting - In January 2012, Young signed an affiliation agreement with The Walt Disney Company's &Live_Well_Network for eight of its stations to carry the digital multicast channel


Soapnet - On January 9, 2012, Disney-ABC announced a definitive shutdown date of March 22, 2012, though it would allow an automated feed of Soapnet to continue operating until carriage contracts for Disney Junior were finalized


Later, in early February 2012, Disney completed its acquisition of UTV Software Communications, expanding their market further into India and Asia add something


Soapnet - Even with the announcement that Soapnet would shut down, the network purchased the rights to broadcast the mystery drama "Veronica Mars" on March 1, 2012, less than a month before Soapnet was dropped by some cable providers in favor of Disney Junior


Soapnet - Due to it being owned by The Walt Disney Company, which owns ABC, Soapnet cross-promoted "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" using the tagline "weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet" when both shows aired on ABC. The same slogan continued to be used in promotions for "General Hospital" until the week of April 30, 2012


Disney Store - On September 21, 2012, Disney announced a partnership with J.C. Penney to open a Disney department with 750-to-1,100 square foot at about 520 Penney locations


Star Wars - In October 2012, The Walt Disney Company agreed to buy Lucasfilm and announced that a new "Star Wars Episode VII" film will be released in 2015


George Lucas - He founded Lucasfilm Limited and led the company as chairman and chief executive before selling it to The Walt Disney Company on October 30, 2012


On December 4, 2012, the Disney-Lucasfilm merger was approved by the Federal Trade Commission, allowing the acquisition to be finalized without dealing with antitrust problems add something


Netflix - On December 4, 2012, Netflix and The Walt Disney Company announced an exclusive multi-year U.S. subscription television service agreement with Netflix for first run of Walt Disney Studios animated and live-action movies


On December 21, 2012, the deal was completed, and Lucasfilm became a wholly owned subsidiary of Disney add something


Netflix - The agreement came after Disney's announcement in November 2012, that it would be shutting down its web movie service "Disney Movies Online" on December 31, 2012


Captain Hook - Captain Hook was featured in the Disney on Ice 2013 show 'Let's Party' as part of the Halloween celebration section, which takes the format of a party hosted by Jack Skellington where all the 'main' Disney villains attend and they plan to capture Mickey Mouse to plunge everyone into unhappiness


Sherri Stoner - She is currently working with Tom Ruegger as story editor on Disney's The 7D - an animated series to debut in 2013


Soapnet - On January 15, 2013, AT&T U-verse reached a new wide-ranging multi-year carriage agreement with Disney for its various broadcast and cable channels, which included the addition of Disney Junior


Time Warner - In March 7, 2013, The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition announced that it has reached agreements with Lionsgate, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, &Warner_Bros.


Hachette (publisher) - In June 2013, Hachette announced that it would acquire Hyperion Books from The Walt Disney Company


Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs will be posthumously inducted as a Disney Legend on August 10, 2013


Demi Lovato - On October 21, 2013 Lovato released the song "Let It Go" for the Disney film Frozen


Disney Store - On October 25, 2013, Disney announced that the first Disney Store in Shanghai China would open in 2015


On May 9, 2014, Disney announced they have reached an agreement with Japan's TV Asahi Corporation to air an English dub of the "Doraemon" anime series on Disney XD add something


In August 2014, The Walt Disney Company filed three patents for using drones add something


On February 5, 2015, it was announced that Tom Staggs had been promoted to COO add something


On April 4, 2016, Disney unexpectedly announced that Staggs and the company had agreed to mutually part ways, effective May 2016, ending his 26-year career with the company add something


On November 17, 2016, Disney announced a deal with The Pokémon Company to move the "Pokémon" anime series to Disney XD from its longtime US TV home of Cartoon Network starting with "Pokémon Sun and Moon" add something


On March 23, 2017, Disney announced that Iger's original contract set to end June 30, 2018 would be extended another term until July 2, 2019 add something


On November 6, 2017, it was reported by CNBC that 21st Century Fox had declined offers by Disney to acquire its filmed entertainment, cable entertainment, and direct broadcast satellite divisions add something


Rumors of a nearing deal continued on December 5, 2017, with additional reports suggesting that the Fox Sports Regional Networks would be included in the sale add something


On March 14, 2018, a strategic reorganization of the company saw the creation of two business segments, Walt Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products and Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International add something


On March 15, 2018, the British network Sky plc entered into a confidentiality agreement with both 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company to assess and obtain certain antitrust plus other regulatory approvals, if necessary add something


On April 3, 2018, 21st Century Fox made a proposal to sell Sky News to The Walt Disney Company and to separate it from Sky plc add something


On April 12, 2018, Peter Rice revealed that the merger is expected to close by the summer of 2019 add something


In June 2018, Disney announced that Lasseter would be leaving the company permanently by the end of the year, but would take on a consulting role until add something


On July 19, 2018, Comcast withdrew its bid to buy Fox, ending Disney's last obstacle to buying it itself add something


The next day, Disney and Fox boards scheduled July 27, 2018 as the day shareholders vote on Fox's properties being sold to Disney add something


Disney currently has a publishing deal with Netflix to stream its content, however, Disney has said that its' contract will end in 2019 and they won't renew it add something


The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2019 add something


On January 31, 2019, Disney released an SEC filing which stated that the deal is expected to close by June 2019 add something


On February 27, 2019, Brazil's antitrust agency CADE approved the merger with conditions requiring Disney to divest Fox Sports Brazil among other measures add something


Disney on March 12, 2019 set the closing date of March 20, 2019 add something


The company that carries the Walt Disney Company name today was formed by Disney's March 20, 2019 acquisition of 21st Century Fox add something