Then She Found Me

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Then She Found Me

2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Helen Hunt add

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Launched in 2007.

Countries: United States (78%), United Kingdom (11%), Canada (11%)

Main connections: Helen Hunt, South by Southwest, Cleveland International Film Festival




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The film premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, and was shown at numerous 2008 film festivals, including the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Portland International Film Festival, the Boulder International Film Festival, the Cleveland International Film Festival, South by Southwest, and the Ashland Independent Film Festival add something


"'Then She Found Me"' is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Helen Hunt add something


April 2007 has longed to have a child all her life and is delighted with the news, but is confused and upset by Ben's sudden return, Frank's hasty departure , and Bernice's insistent attempts to create a bond between them add something


Bernice agrees, and Frank forgives April 2007 when she goes to him to apologize for her behavior add something


Complications arise when April 2007 discovers she is pregnant, the result of a quick and clumsy coupling with Ben on the kitchen floor just before he left her add something


Deeply religious April 2007 Epner, a 39-year-old Brooklyn elementary school teacher, finds her life derailed by a series of events over which she has no control add something


Later, the ending shows that April 2007 could not have the baby which Bernice paid for, so she adopted a little Chinese girl add something


When April 2007 miscarries, her brother Freddy tries to counsel her, but ultimately she must rely on her deep-rooted faith to deal with the betrayals she has suffered not only at the hands of those she trusted but by the God she worships as well add something


On April 25, 2008 it opened in nine theaters in New York City and Los Angeles, followed by a limited US release in 63 other theaters around the US on May 2, 2008 add something


The DVD was released in anamorphic widescreen format on September 2, 2008 add something