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Tim Burton

American film director, film producer, writer and artistadd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1958.

Countries: United States (62%), United Kingdom (12%), (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows (film), Batman Returns

Linked to: California Institute of the Arts, Museum of Modern Art, Burbank High School, Fox Broadcasting Company




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Burton was born in 1958, in the city of Burbank, California, to Jean Burton, the owner of a cat-themed gift shop, and Bill Burton, a former minor league baseball player who would later work for the Burbank, California Park and Recreation Department. add something


Arts in Santa Clarita, California, CA in 1979. add something


While at Disney in 1982, Burton made his first short, Vincent, a six minute black and white stop motion film based on a poem written by the filmmaker, and depicting a young boy who fantasizes that he is his (and Burton's) hero Vincent Price, with Price himself providing narration. add something


Vincent Price - In 1982, Price provided the narrator's voice in "Vincent", Tim Burton's six-minute film about a young boy who flashes from reality into a fantasy where he is Vincent Price


Burton is remaking his 1984 short film Frankenweenie as a feature length stop motion film, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. add something


Burton's next live-action short, Frankenweenie, was released in 1984. add something


Frankenstein (1931 film) - A live-action parody film, "Frankenweenie", depicting Victor Frankenstein as a modern American boy and his deceased pet dog as the monster, was made by Tim Burton in 1984


David Newman (composer) - His first film work was on Tim Burton's short film "Frankenweenie" in 1984


Alice Nunn - Although she played many roles across her 31-year career, she is primarily remembered for her role as Large Marge, the scary lady truck driver, in Tim Burton's 1985 film "Pee-wee's Big Adventure", which is number 5 on the IFC list of the 25 scariest moments in non-horror film history


Danny Elfman - In 1985, Tim Burton and Paul Reubens invited Elfman to write the score for their first feature film, "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"


Filmed in black-and-white, it stars Barret Oliver, Shelley_Duvall and Daniel Stern. add something


Harry Belafonte - Also in 1988, Tim Burton used "The Banana Boat Song" and "Jump in the Line" in his movie "Beetlejuice"


Robert Goulet - In 1988, he was cast by Tim Burton as a houseguest blown through the roof by "Beetlejuice" and played himself in Bill Murray's "Scrooged"


When the film opened in June 1989, it was backed by the biggest marketing and merchandising campaign in film history at the time, and became one of the biggest box office hits of all time, grossing well over US$250 million in the US alone and $400 million worldwide and earning critical acclaim for the performances of both Keaton and Nicholson, as well as the film's production aspects, which won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction. add something


Kim Basinger - Basinger played Vicki Vale in the 1989 blockbuster Batman, directed by Tim Burton.


James Woods - He was briefly considered for the role of The Joker by director Tim Burton and screenwriter Sam Hamm for the 1989 film "Batman"


Batman - In 1989, Batman returned to movie theaters in director Tim Burton's "Batman", starring Michael Keaton as the title character


Jerry Hall - In 1989, Hall appeared in director Tim Burton's "Batman", in a supporting role as Alicia Hunt, a gangster's moll who is disfigured by The Joker


Bob Kane - Kane worked as a consultant on the 1989 movie "Batman" and its two subsequent sequels with directors Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher


The Dark Knight (film) - While he initially found it difficult, Ledger eventually generated a voice unlike Jack Nicholson's character in Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" film


Sean Young - Young was next cast as Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's 1989 film "Batman", but during rehearsals, she broke her arm after falling off a horse and was replaced by Kim Basinger


Nelvana - In September 1989, ABC began to air one of the company's products: an animated series based on Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice"


In 1990, Burton co-wrote and directed Edward Scissorhands, re-uniting with Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice. add something


Anthony Michael Hall - After a two-year hiatus due to a drinking problem, Hall returned to acting by starring opposite Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder in Tim Burton's 1990 hit "Edward Scissorhands", this time as the film's villain


Paul Reubens - During the 1990s, Reubens kept a low profile, dedicating himself to write and collect a variety of things, "everything from fake food, to lamps", although he did do some dubbing and took small parts in films such as 1992's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" and 1996's "Matilda" and "Dunston Checks In"


Vincent Schiavelli - In 1990, he played the Subway Ghost in "Ghost" and in 1992, he played in Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" as the "Organ Grinder", one of the Penguin's henchmen


Johnny Depp - In 1990, he undertook the quirky title role of the Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands.


Margaret Keane - She will be portrayed by Amy Adams in the upcoming film, "Big Eyes", directed by Tim Burton, a Keane art collector who once commissioned the artist to paint his then-girlfriend Lisa Marie in the 1990s


Burton was married to Lena Gieseke, a German-born artist, for two years, whom he left to live with model and actress Lisa Marie; she acted in the films he made during their relationship from 1992 to 2001, most notably in Ed Wood and Mars Attacks/ After leaving her, Burton developed a romantic liaison with English actress Helena Bonham Carter, whom he met while filming Planet of the Apes. add something


Released in 1992, Batman Returns grossed $282.8 million worldwide, making it another financial success, though not to the extent of its predecessor. add something


Stan Winston - In 1992, he was nominated with yet another Tim Burton film, this time for Burton's superhero sequel, "Batman Returns", where his effects on Danny DeVito as The Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and in delivering Burton's general vision for what was an increasingly Gothic Gotham City earned him more recognition for his work ethic and loyalty to what was an intrinsic ability to bring different directors' ideas to life


Lisa Marie (actress) - Marie met film director Tim Burton at Starbucks in New York on New Year's Eve in 1992 when she had just quit modeling for Calvin Klein and he was having difficulty in his four-year marriage to his wife


Burgess Meredith - Meredith was considered to play Penguin's father in the 1992 Tim Burton's film "Batman Returns" but this role was taken by Paul Reubens


Batman Returns - "' Batman Returns"' is a 1992 American superhero film, directed and produced by Tim Burton, based upon the Batman character appearing in comics published by DC Comics


Paul Reubens - In 1993, he dubbed for Lock in another one of Burton's productions, "The Nightmare Before Christmas"


Mars Attacks! - Jonathan Gems, who had previously written multiple unproduced screenplays for director Tim Burton, came up with his own idea for a "Mars Attacks" films in 1993


Glenn Shadix - "Beetlejuice" filmmaker Tim Burton went on to cast Shadix in 1993's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and the 2001 remake of "Planet of the Apes"


In 1994, Burton and frequent co-producer Denise Di Novi produced the 1994 fantasy-comedy Cabin Boy, starring comedian Chris Elliott and directed/written by Adam Resnick. add something


Paul Marco - According to Tim Burton's 1994 movie "Ed Wood", Paul Marco founded his own fan club, of which he served as president, and spent his time signing autographs


Dolores Fuller - Fuller was portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker in Tim Burton's 1994 Wood biographical film "Ed Wood", a portrayal of which she disapproved due to the image of her smoking in the film


Gregory Walcott - He agreeably made a cameo appearance in the 1994 "Ed Wood" bio-pic starring Johnny Depp, directed by Tim Burton


Johnny Keating - His song "Bunny Hop" is featured in the 1994 Tim Burton film, "Ed Wood"


Bela Lugosi - In Tim Burton's 1994 "Ed Wood", Lugosi is played by Martin Landau who received an Academy *award for Best Supporting Actor


Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski - In 1994, Alexander and Karaszewski persuaded Tim Burton to direct a biopic about Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Ed_Wood)


Bunny Breckinridge - In 1994, Breckinridge was surprised to find himself portrayed as a character in a major motion picture, played by Bill Murray in Tim Burton's 1994 biopic "Ed Wood"


The Amazing Criswell - In 1994, Criswell was portayed in the Tim Burton biopic, "Ed Wood", by actor Jeffrey Jones


Tor Johnson - In 1994, Johnson was portrayed in director Tim Burton's film, "Ed Wood", about cult director Edward D. Wood, Jr., by the wrestler, George "The Animal" Steele


Loretta King Hadler - In 1994, King was portrayed in the Tim Burton bio-pic, " Ed Wood", by actress Juliet Landau


Ed Wood - In 1994, director Tim Burton released the biopic " Ed Wood", which starred Johnny Depp in the title role and Martin Landau, who won an Academy *award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi


This biographical section of an article needs additional citations for verification. add something


The Truman Show - Directors who were considered after De Palma's departure included Tim Burton, Terry_Gilliam, Barry Sonnenfeld and Steven Spielberg before Peter Weir signed on in early 1995, following a recommendation of Niccol


Marlon Wayans - He was formally signed for the role in the 1995 sequel "Batman Forever" to play opposite Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, but the mid-production change in directors from Tim Burton to Joel Schumacher would result in both parts being recast and Wayans being paid out , for which he still receives some royalty payments to this day


Batman Forever - "' $ Batman Forever"' is a 1995 American superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics character Batman


In 1996, Burton and Selick reunited for the musical fantasy James and the Giant Peach, based on the book by Roald Dahl. add something


Jack Nicholson - In 1996, Nicholson collaborated once more with Batman director Tim Burton on Mars Attacks/, pulling double duty as two contrasting characters, President James Dale and Las Vegas property developer Art Land.


Sleepy Hollow, released in late 1999, had a supernatural setting and another offbeat performance by Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, now a detective with an interest in forensic science rather than the schoolteacher of Washington Irving's original tale. add something


Christopher Lee - Lee is one of the favourite actors of Tim Burton and has become a regular in many of Burton's films, having now worked for the director five times since 1999


Spider-Man (2002 film) - Directors Roland Emmerich, Tim Burton, Chris Columbus, and David Fincher were considered to direct the project before Raimi was hired as director in 2000


Scott Essman - Scott Essman published his first book, "Freelance Writing for Hollywood", in 2000 and has a book about Tim Burton due in 2010


Planet of the Apes (2001 film) - Entitled "The Visitor" and billed as "episode one in the Chronicles of Aschlar", Broyles' script caught the attention of director Tim Burton, who was hired in February 2000


Charlton Heston - In 2001, Heston made a cameo appearance as an elderly, dying chimpanzee in Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes.


Tim Roth - In 2001, he portrayed General Thade in Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes"


Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - In between those two films, Tagawa played Attar's mentor Krull in Tim Burton's 2001 version of "Planet of the Apes"


Linda Harrison (actress) - She had a cameo in Tim Burton's 2001 remake "Planet of the Apes"


Burton and Bonham Carter have two children: a son, Billy Raymond, named after his and Bonham Carter's fathers, born October 4, 2003; and a daughter, Nell, born December 15, 2007. add something


In 2003, Burton directed Big Fish, based on the novel Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions by Daniel Wallace. add something


Miley Cyrus - In 2003, Cyrus was credited under her birth name for her role as "Young Ruthie" in Tim Burton's Big Fish.


Billy Redden - Redden appeared in Tim Burton's 2003 film "Big Fish"


John August - Since 2003, August has written the screenplay for several Tim Burton films, including "Corpse Bride", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" , and "Frankenweenie"


Michael Bollner - After Tim Burton was hired as director in May 2003, Burton immediately thought of Johnny Depp for the role of Willy Wonka, who joined the following August for his fourth collaboration with the director


Jordan Fry - After reaching enthusiastic approval from the Dahl Estate, Warner Bros. hired Tim Burton to direct in May 2003


In 2004, Matthew Bourne came to Burton with the idea to turn the story of Edward into a ballet. add something


Burton at premiere of the film in 2005. add something


Despite their friendship, Burton often disagreed with Schumacher's decisions, especially in the filming of several scenes which were removed from the final cut. add something


In 2005, filmmaker Shane Acker released his short film 9, a story about a sentient rag doll living in a post-apocalyptic world who tries to stop machines from destroying the rest of his eight fellow rag dolls called Stitchpunk. add something


Lisa Marie responded in 2005 by holding an auction of personal belongings that Burton had left behind, much to his dismay. add something


Johnny Depp - Depp did not work with Burton again until 2005 in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in which he played Willy Wonka.


Oscar James - He appeared in the 2005 Tim Burton adaptation of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", where he played a shopkeeper


Deep Roy - His most notable role is playing all the Oompa-Loompas in Tim Burton's 2005 adaptation of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"


Vincent D'Onofrio - In 2005 he directed and starred in the short "'Five Minutes, Mr. Welles"' , which represented a culmination of D'Onofrio's desire to improve on his performance as Welles in "Ed Wood", which in spite of D'Onofrio's striking physical resemblance to the actor/director, reportedly left director Tim Burton underwhelmed


Christopher Lee - In 2005, Lee provided the voice of the Pastor Galswells in "The Corpse Bride" co-directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson


Corpse Bride - In a 2005, interview with About.com, Tim Burton spoke about the differences between directing "Corpse Bride" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", saying: "The difference on that was that one I had designed completely


Jordan Fry - "'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"' is a 2005 musical adventure film directed by Tim Burton


Corpse Bride - "'Corpse Bride"', often referred to as "' Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"', is a 2005 British-American stop-motion-animated fantasy film directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton


Michael Steger - He was cast as the lead role by Tim Burton in The Killers' music video "Bones" in 2006


Martin Landau - He wrote forewords for Barry Morse's 2006 theatrical memoir "Remember with Advantages" and for Jim Smith's critical biography of Tim Burton


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 film) - "'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"' is a 2007 musical horror film directed by Tim Burton


The original start date was May 2008. add something


Mia Wasikowska - In July 2008, after a lengthy search, Wasikowska was cast as the eponymous heroine in Tim Burton's retelling of "Alice in Wonderland", alongside Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway


In 2009, the short went on display in the Museum of Modern Art, and in 2011 the short played at the Tim Burton art exhibit at the LACMA). add something


The film was originally to be released in 2009, but was pushed to March 5, 2010. add something


Tim Burton appeared at the 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego, California, to promote both 9 and Alice in Wonderland. add something


The exhibition was displayed at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from November 26, 2010 to April 17, 2011. add something


Christian Hejnal - Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland ", and 2011's The Green Hornet


Helena Bonham Carter - Bonham Carter joined the cast of partner Tim Burton's 2010 film, "Alice in Wonderland" as The Red Queen


Lindsay Duncan - Duncan played Alice's mother in Tim Burton's 2010 film "Alice in Wonderland", alongside Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter


John Hopkins (actor) - He appeared in the 2010 Tim Burton film, "Alice in Wonderland"


Anne Hathaway (actress) - In 2010, Hathaway played the White Queen in Tim Burton's adaptation of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" alongside Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp


Christopher Lee - In 2010, Lee marked his fourth collaboration with Tim Burton by voicing the Jabberwocky in Burton's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic book "Alice in Wonderland" alongside Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway


Matt Lucas - In 2010, Lucas played Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"


Anne Hathaway (actress) - In 2010, she starred in the box office hits "Valentine's Day", Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", and "Love and Other Drugs" and won an Emmy *award for her voice-over performance on "The Simpsons"


Anne Hathaway - In 2010, she starred in the box office hits "Valentine's Day", Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", and "Love and Other Drugs" and won an Emmy *award for her voice-over performance on "The Simpsons"


Michael Sheen - In other 2010 film work, Sheen provided the voices for characters in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and Disney's "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue" and appeared as a terrorist in "Unthinkable"


Alan Rickman - Rickman appeared as Absolem the Caterpillar in Burton's 2010 film "Alice in Wonderland"


Jim Lemley - The film was co-produced with Bekmambetov and Tim Burton and garnered the producing team a nomination for 'Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures' for the 2010 Producers Guild *awards


Barbara Windsor - Windsor provided the voice of the Dormouse in Walt Disney's 2010 live action adaptation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", directed by Tim Burton


Avril Lavigne - In January 2010, while simultaneously writing and recording for her new album, Lavigne worked with Disney clothing designs inspired by Tim Burton's feature film, "Alice in Wonderland"


Kate Beckinsale - Cannes Film Festival - In May 2010, Beckinsale sat on the nine-member 2010 Cannes Film Festival jury, chaired by director Tim Burton


Big Eyes - In September 2010, it was announced that Tim Burton had joined "Big Eyes" as a producer, and filming was scheduled to start in April 2012 with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds attached to star


Christopher Lee - In 2011, Lee was *awarded the BAFTA Academy Fellowship by Tim Burton


Bella Heathcote - In February 2011, Tim Burton selected Heathcote to play Victoria Winters and Josette du Pres in his film adaptation of "Dark Shadows", released in 2012


Eva Green - In February 2011, Green was cast as Angelique Bouchard in Tim Burton's film adaptation of "Dark Shadows"


Jonathan Frid - Along with former "Dark Shadows" castmates Lara Parker, David Selby and Kathryn Leigh Scott, Frid spent three days at Pinewood Studios in June 2011 filming a cameo appearance for the 2012 Tim Burton "Dark Shadows" film, which became his final film appearance


The film is set to be released on October 5, 2012. add something


His latest films are an adaptation of the soap opera "Dark Shadows", released on May 10, 2012, and a remake of his 1984 short, "Frankenweenie", released on October 5, 2012 add something


The film, released on June 22, 2012, was based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote the film's screenplay and authored "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" add something


Alice Cooper - Cooper starred as himself in the 2012 Tim Burton adaptation of "Dark Shadows" that starred Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter as well as the series original actors Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Selby and Lara Parker in cameo roles


Jonny Lee Miller - He appeared in Tim Burton's 2012 film "Dark Shadows"


Bruno Delbonnel - He worked on Tim Burton's 2012 film "Dark Shadows", and with The Coen Brothers on their 2013 film "Inside Llewyn Davis"


Winona Ryder - In 2012, Tim Burton cast her as the love interest in The Killers music video, "Here with Me"


Christopher Lee - In 2012, Lee marked his fifth collaboration with Tim Burton by appearing in his film adaptation of the gothic soap opera "Dark Shadows"


Conchata Ferrell - In 2012, she had her 1st film voice role as Bob's Mom in the 2012 film "Frankenweenie" which was directed by Tim Burton


Johnny Depp - In 2012, they will release Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton.


Chloe Grace Moretz - She appeared in the 2012 Tim Burton film "Dark Shadows", a remake of the popular soap opera, playing the role of Carolyn Stoddard, a rebellious teenage daughter


Dwight Frye - The 2012 Tim Burton film "Dark Shadows" features a cameo by Cooper performing the song


Winona Ryder - She was reunited with Tim Burton for a role in the animated 3D feature film "Frankenweenie", released in October 2012


In April 2013, it was announced Burton would direct and produce a film called "Big Eyes", a biopic about artists Walter and Margaret Keane, starring Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams as the main characters add something


His latest film, "Big Eyes", a biographical drama film about Walter Keane and his wife Margaret will be released on Christmas Day 2014 in the United States add something


Bonham Carter's representative said in December 2014 that Bonham Carter and Burton had broken up amicably earlier that year add something


The film was distributed by The Weinstein Company and released in theaters December 25, 2014 add something


Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski - Big Eyes - The duo wrote Tim Burton's 2014 film "Big Eyes", a biopic about painter Margaret Keane


John Canaday - In the 2014 film "Big Eyes", directed by Tim Burton, Canaday is portrayed by actor Terence Stamp


Christoph Waltz - Big Eyes - He starred as Walter Keane in Tim Burton's "Big Eyes", which opened on December 25, 2014, and will play the villain in "Spectre", the 24th film in the "James Bond" franchise


On March 10, 2015, It was confirmed that Burton will direct a live action adaptation of the Disney's Dumbo add something


The exhibition later premiered at the Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo, Brazil, on February 4, 2016, and is scheduled to last until May 15 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of August 20, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of September 26, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of October 4, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of October 10, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of October 13, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of October 16, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of October 23, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of October 28, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of November 2, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of November 16, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of November 29, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of December 5, 2016 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of February 2017 add something


On May 20, 2017, a Tim Burton-themed bar named Beetle House LA opened in Hollywood, California add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of March 2019 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of April 2019 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of May 2019 add something


Critical, public and commercial reception to films Burton has directed as of June 2019 add something


The exhibition returned to Brazil from May 28 to August 11, 2019, being held at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Brasília add something