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Time Warner

American multinational media corporation headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City add

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Founded in 1922.

Countries: United States (68%), (11%), Germany (2%)

Main connections: Turner Broadcasting System, AOL, Time Warner Cable

Linked to: The Walt Disney Company, Atari, Atari Games, The WB Television Network




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Ahmet Ertegun - When Atlantic became part of the Kinney conglomerate in 1969, and later part of Time Warner, Atlantic Records continued with Ahmet Ertegun at the helm, and although he was less directly involved as a producer, he wielded considerable influence in the new conglomerate


Turner Broadcasting System - "'Turner Broadcasting System, Inc."' is an American media conglomerate and subsidiary of Time Warner, managing the collection of cable networks and properties initiated or acquired by Robert Edward "Ted" Turner starting during the 1970s


In 1972, Kinney National Company spun off its non-entertainment assets due to a financial scandal over its parking operations and renamed itself "'Warner Communications Inc"' add something


In 1975, Warner expanded under the guidance of CEO Steve Ross and formed a joint venture with American Express, named Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, which held cable channels including MTV , Nickelodeon and The Movie Channel add something


Warner made considerable profits with Atari, which it owned from 1976 to 1984 add something


Colossal Pictures - Founded in 1976, Colossal Pictures' clients included Coca-Cola, Nickelodeon, Starbucks Coffee, Disney, Discovery Channel, Denny's, Americast, Samsung, Microsoft, MTV, Cartoon Network, Broderbund, Nike, Sega, AT&T, Honda, Hershey's, Listerine, Hasbro Interactive, Time Warner, Paramount, Pizza Hut, Apple, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Turner Entertainment and just about every major network cable and television company


Warner's initial divestiture efforts led by Garden State CEO Charles A. Agemian were blocked by Garden State board member William A. Conway in 1978; a revised transaction was later completed in 1980 add something


John Howkins - Howkins' media career spans TV, film, digital media, publishing and consulting with companies including HandMade plc, Hotbed Media, HBO and, from 1982 to 1996, Time Warner


In February 1983, Warner expanded their interests to baseball add something


In 1984, due to the video game crash of 1983, Warner sold the consumer division of Atari to Jack Tramiel add something


Warner bought out American Express's half in 1984, and sold the venture a year later to Viacom, which renamed it MTV Networks add something


They sold Atari Games to Namco in 1985, and repurchased it in 1994, renaming it Time-Warner Interactive, until it was sold to Midway Games in 1996 add something


Ronald Perelman - Perelman hired Fred Tepperman as his CFO after Tepperman left Warner Communications in 1985


Richard M. Berman - A year later, he was appointed General Counsel and Executive Vice President of the Warner Cable Corporation, a position he held until 1986, when he returned to private practice


Turner Broadcasting System - This is Time Warner's second experience with advertiser-supported cable broadcasting, after co-owning the Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Company through Warner Communications before selling it to MTV Networks during 1987


Freddy Bienstock - He sold the company to Time Warner in 1988


In a long-expected deal, Warner Communications announced on May 11, 1988 they were acquiring Lorimar-Telepictures; the acquisition was finalized on January 12, 1989 add something


Lorimar Television - In 1989, Lorimar was purchased by Warner Communications, which was merging with Time Inc. to form Time Warner, one of the world's largest media companies, now headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City


Atari Games - In 1989, Warner Communications merged with Time Inc., forming Time Warner


Warner Music Group - In 1989, it was announced that Warner Communications was to merge with Time Inc. to form Time Warner, a transaction that was completed in 1990


The Movie Channel - Ironically, Warner-Amex co-owner Warner Communications would eventually acquire rivals HBO and Cinemax, when the company merged with Time Inc. in 1989 to form Time Warner


Bam Bam Bigelow - Then, he waited until his Time Warner contract expired in June 2002


HBO - When Time Inc. merged with Warner Communications in 1989, HBO became part of Time Warner


Walter Yetnikoff - Yetnikoff renewed his public feud with Ross in 1989 when Yetnikoff interfered in Sony's negotiation with Ross and Time Warner in signing Jon Peters and Peter Guber to co-head Sony's newly acquired subsidiary Columbia Pictures


The merger of Time Inc. and Warner Communications was announced on March 4, 1989 add something


Time Warner had been owner of the Six Flags Theme Parks chain during the 1990s after near bankruptcy add something


The court ruled twice in favor of Time, forcing Paramount to drop both the Time acquisition and the lawsuit, and allowing the formation of Time Warner which was completed on January 10, 1990 add something


Dick Parsons, already a director on the board since 1991, was hired as Time Warner president in 1995, although the division operational heads continued to report directly to Chairman and CEO Gerald Levin add something


Taft Broadcasting - In 1991, Hanna-Barbera, along with much of the original Ruby-Spears library, is acquired by Turner Broadcasting, which becomes part of Time Warner in 1996


Ruby-Spears - In 1991, Ruby-Spears was spun off into RS Holdings while most of the original Ruby-Spears library was sold along with Hanna-Barbera to Turner Broadcasting System, which in turn merged with Time Warner in 1996


Richard Parsons (businessman) - Three years later, in 1991, on the recommendation of Nelson's brother Laurance Rockefeller to the CEO Steven Ross, Parsons was invited to join Time Warner's board; he subsequently became president of the company in 1995, recruited by Gerald Levin


Madonna (entertainer) - In 1992, she founded entertainment company Maverick as a joint venture with Time Warner


Atari Games - In 1993, Time Warner bought a controlling interest in Atari Games and made it a subsidiary of its "'Time Warner Interactive"' division


Spiegel (catalog) - In 1994 Spiegel formed a joint venture with Time Warner Entertainment to create two home shopping services for cable television


Michael J. Fuchs - Then in May 1995 he became vice president of Time Warner and chairman and CEO of the Warner Music Group


The WB Television Network - After the Turner Broadcasting System was acquired by Time Warner in 1996, Kids' WB formed an alliance with Cartoon Network, with an increasing amount of programs being shared between the block and the cable channel over time


Hanna-Barbera - After the merger between Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner in 1996, the conglomerate had two separate animation studios in its possession


Citizen Kane - In 1996, Time Warner acquired Turner and Warner Home Video absorbed Turner Home Entertainment


Warner Music Group - In 1996, Time Warner made another dramatic expansion of its media holdings, taking over the Turner Broadcasting System, which by included the Turner cable TV network, CNN and the screen production houses Castle Rock Entertainment and New Line Cinema, acquisitions that would bring huge profits into the Warner Group thanks to content assets like "Seinfeld" and the colossally successful "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy


Joseph Barbera - In 1996, Turner merged with Time Warner, owners of Warner Bros


Jacqueline Hernandez - In 1996, following prior work at The Boston Globe and The Village Voice, Hernández joined Time Inc., where she worked across various divisions of Time Warner


Showtime Scandinavia - "'Showtime Scandinavia"' is a television channel broadcasting action movies to the Nordic countries operated by NonStop Television, part of Turner Broadcasting System, TBS, Inc., which merged with Time Warner in 1996, and now operates as a semi-autonomous unit of Time Warner


Time Warner subsequently acquired Ted Turner's Turner Broadcasting System in October 1996 add something


Turner Broadcasting System - On October 10, 1996, Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner, grew at a phenomenal pace and vended in more than 200 countries and territories around the world


Turner Broadcasting System - TBS, Inc. merged with Time Warner on October 10, 1996, and now operates as a semi-autonomous unit of Time Warner


Ted Turner - Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. merged with Time Warner, Inc. on October 10, 1996, with Turner as vice chairman and head of Time Warner and Turner's cable networks division


Turner Entertainment - Turner Entertainment self-distributed much of its library for the first decade of its existence, but on 10 October 1996, Turner Broadcasting was purchased by Time Warner and its distribution functions were largely absorbed into Warner Bros. and as a result, Turner now largely serves merely as a copyright holder for a portion of the Warner Bros. library


Warner Bros. - In 1997, Time Warner sold the Six Flags unit


TiVo, Inc. - TiVo Inc. was incorporated on August 4, 1997 as "Teleworld, Inc." by Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay, veterans of Silicon Graphics and Time Warner's Full Service Network digital video system


Fox News Channel - In the end, Time Warner and News Corporation signed a settlement agreement permitting Fox News to be carried on New York City cable systems beginning in October 1997, and on all Time Warner cable systems by 2001


It sold all Six Flags parks and properties to Oklahoma based Premier Parks on April 1, 1998 add something


CNN Sports Illustrated - Ironically, NBA TV, which launched in 1999, eventually evolved into a joint venture between Time Warner and the NBA that officially launched on October 28, 2008


CNN Sports Illustrated - Ironically, NBA TV, which launched in 1999, eventually evolved into a joint venture between Time Warner and the NBA that officially launched on October 28, 2008


HBO - HBO HD is available on Cox Communications, DirecTV, Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, Comcast, AT&T U-verse, Optimum, Verizon FiOS and several other major cable providers, although few providers offer all seven multiplex channels in HD. The main channel first began broadcasting in high definition on March 6, 1999


Warner Music Group - By the early 2000s, however, the effects of the dot-com crash had eroded AOL's profits and stock value, and in 2003 the Time Warner board sidelined its under-performing partner by dropping "AOL" from its business name


Warner Music Group - In 2000, Time Warner merged with leading American internet service provider AOL to create AOL Time Warner


AOL - In 2000, AOL and Time Warner merged under the name AOL Time Warner


Time (magazine) - In 2000, the magazine became part of AOL Time Warner, which reverted to the name Time Warner in 2003


Gerald M. Levin - Levin is probably most famous for having brokered the merger between AOL and Time Warner in 2000, at the height of the dot-com bubble, a merger which seemed to many to be disadvantageous to Time Warner as the bubble collapsed in the next few years


Warner Bros. - The takeover of Time Warner in 2000 by then-high-flying AOL did not prove a good match, and following the collapse in "dot-com" stocks, the AOL name was banished from the corporate nameplate


Although Case's coup attempt was rebuffed by Parsons and several other directors, Levin became frustrated with being unable to "regain the rhythm" at the combined company and announced his resignation in the fall of 2001, effective in May 2002 add something


The 2001 AOL merger was 'the biggest mistake in corporate history', believes Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes add something


Thomas Middelhoff - But Bertelsmann soon stepped back from these online engagements, selling its shares of AOL-Europe back to Time Warner, which had merged with AOL in 2001


Jeff Tweedy - Reprise Record's parent company Time Warner merged with America Online in 2001, and the recording company was asked to cut costs


Vince McMahon - McMahon purchased long-time rival promotion World Championship Wrestling in March 2001 from AOL Time Warner and signed many wrestlers from the organization


HBO - In July 2001, HBO launched HBO on Demand, the first premium subscription video-on-demand enhancement in the United States, to Time Warner Cable subscribers in Columbia, South Carolina


HBO - "'HBO on Demand"' is the subscription video-on-demand counterpart to HBO, which launched on July 1, 2001 on Time Warner Cable's Columbia, South Carolina system as the first subscription VOD service offered by a premium channel in the United States


Unfortunately, the growth and profitability of the AOL division stalled due to advertising and subscriber slowdowns in part caused by the burst of the dot-com bubble and the economic recession after September 2001 add something


AirAsia - On 2 December 2001 the heavily-indebted airline was bought by former Time Warner executive Tony Fernandes's company Tune Air Sdn Bhd for the token sum of one ringgit with USD 11 million worth of debts


Pittman announced his resignation as AOL Time Warner COO after July 4, 2002, being reportedly burned out by the AOL special assignment and almost hospitalized, unhappy about the criticism from Time Warner executives, and seeing nowhere to move up in firm as Parsons was firmly entrenched as CEO. Pittman's departure was seen as a great victory to Time Warner executives who wanted to undo the merger add something


In late 2003, Time Warner finished construction of a new twin-tower complex, designed to serve as additional office space, facing Columbus Circle on the southwestern edge of Central Park add something


HLN (TV channel) - Due to the growing competition from Fox News Channel and MSNBC, in 2003 Time Warner revamped CNN Headline News with a more flexible format, featuring live reports and two anchors co-hosting the channel's rolling news coverage


David S. Kris - In 2003, Kris left the Department of Justice to become a counsel, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President at Time Warner


Richard Parsons (businessman) - In 2003, Parsons made the announcement of the name change from AOL Time Warner to simply Time Warner


Warner Music Group - The US manufacturing operations were sold to Cinram in 2003, before the purchase from Time Warner


However, under pressure from institutional investor vice president Gordon Crawford who lined up dissenters, Case announced in January 2003 that he would not stand for re-election as executive chairman in the upcoming annual meeting, making CEO Richard Parsons the chairman-elect add something


Netscape - On July 15, 2003, Time Warner disbanded Netscape


CNNfn - After years of struggling to attract an audience, Time Warner folded CNNfn in late 2004


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - After a three-way bidding war which involved Time Warner and General Electric, MGM was acquired on September 23, 2004, by a partnership led by Sony Corporation of America, Comcast, Texas Pacific Group , Providence Equity Partners, and other investors


Comcast - In April 2005, Comcast and Time Warner Cable announced plans to buy Adelphia Cable


Iron Mountain Incorporated - In May 2005, Time Warner disclosed that a container of 40 unencrypted backup tapes containing the personal information of 600,000 current and former employees had disappeared while being transported in an Iron Mountain van that made 18 other stops in Manhattan that day


Bill Maher - In late May 2005, Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus sent a letter to Time Warner's board of directors requesting "Real Time" be canceled after remarks Maher made after noting the military had missed its recruiting goals by 42 percent


That year, the company dropped the "AOL" from its name, and spun off Time-Life's ownership under the legal name Direct Holdings Americas, Inc. Case resigned from the Time Warner board on October 31, 2005 add something


Hachette (publisher) - In 2006, it expanded into the United States when it purchased Time Warner's book-publishing division, which was renamed Hachette Book Group USA


Village Roadshow Theme Parks - The theme park division of Village Roadshow was originally a joint venture between Time Warner and Village Roadshow until Village took full ownership of the group in 2006


On January 24, 2006, CBS Corporation and Time Warner announced that they were to create a new broadcast network, The CW Television Network add something


Turner Broadcasting System - Also during May 2006, Ted Turner attended his last meeting as a board member of Time Warner and officially parted with the company


Comcast - Also in August 2006, Comcast and Time Warner dissolved a partnership that controlled the systems in the Houston, Southwest Texas, San Antonio, and Kansas City markets


The network officially debuted on September 18, 2006 add something


Warren Miller (director) - Kurt later sold the company to Time, Inc. (Time_Warner), who sold it to Bonnier Corporation in 2007


Boomerang (TV channel) - The Peanuts television specials, which Time Warner acquired in 2007, are mostly licensed to ABC


As of January 2007, the unit is experiencing downsizing add something


In January 2007, the Bonnier Magazine Group agreed to acquire 18 magazines that Time Inc. was divesting add something


Comcast - On January 1, 2007, Comcast officially took control of the Houston system, but continued to operate under the Time Warner Cable brand in the interim


Time Warner Cable - On March 9, 2007, Time Warner Cable, which provides service to the local area, northeastern Wisconsin, signed a 10-year naming rights deal


Comcast - As of June 19, 2007, the Time Warner name was officially retired and replaced by Comcast


On December 27, 2007 newly installed Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes discussed possible plans to spin off Time Warner Cable and sell off AOL and Time Inc. This would leave a smaller company made up of Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros. and HBO. On February 28, 2008 co-chairmen and co-CEOs of New Line Cinema Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne announced their resignations from the 40-year-old movie studio in response to Jeffrey Bewkes's demand for cost-cutting measures at the studio, which he intended to dissolve into Warner Bros add something


Richard Parsons (businessman) - He stepped down as CEO of Time Warner on December 31, 2007


Time Warner Cable - In 2008, Time Warner Cable began testing tier-based metered data plans in Beaumont, Texas


HBO - HBO GO is the successor to HBO on Broadband, originally launched in January 2008 to Time Warner Cable customers in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin


AOL - On February 6, 2008, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes announced that Time Warner would split AOL's internet access and advertising businesses into two, with the possibility of later selling the internet access division


Time Warner Cable - In April 2008, the Charlotte Bobcats reached a naming rights deal with Time Warner Cable, the Charlotte area's only cable television provider


The WB Television Network - It was relaunched as an online network on April 28, 2008 by Time Warner


Tony Blair Faith Foundation - The Foundation was launched in May 2008 in New York at the headquarters of media group Time Warner


Mousebreaker - In June 2008, Mousebreaker was purchased by Time Warner owned IPC Media for a rumoured seven figure sum


Time (magazine) - In 2009 "Time" announced that they were introducing a personalized print magazine, "Mine", mixing content from a range of Time Warner publications based on the reader's preferences


Time Warner Cable - In 2009, Time Warner Cable announced that additional cities including Rochester, New York will become additional test sites


Time Warner Cable - Time Warner retained Time Warner Cable as a subsidiary until March 2009, when it was spun out as an independent company


Time Warner Cable - Originally controlled by Time Warner , that company spun out the cable operations in March 2009 as part of a larger restructuring


AOL - On March 12, 2009, Tim Armstrong, formerly with & Google, was named Chairman and CEO of AOL. Shortly thereafter, on May 28, Time Warner announced that it would spin off AOL as an independent company once Google's shares ceased at the end of the fiscal year


On May 28, 2009, Time Warner announced that it would spin off AOL as a separate independent company, with the change occurring on December 9, 2009 add something


AOL - The merger was not fruitful and on May 28, 2009, Time Warner announced that it would spin off AOL into a separate public company


The Pirate Bay - On 24 August 2009, one of The Pirate Bay's upstream providers was ordered to discontinue service for the website by a Swedish court in response to a civil action brought by several entertainment companies including Disney, Universal, Time Warner, Columbia, Sony, NBC, and Paramount


AOL - The new identity, designed by Wolff Olins, was enacted onto all of AOL's services on December 10, 2009, the date AOL traded independently for the first time since the Time Warner merger on the NYSE under the symbol AOL.


Shed Media - In 2010 it was bought by Time Warner


Netflix - In a 2010 "New York Times" interview, Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes downplayed Netflix as a threat to more traditional media companies


AOL - Since spinning off from Time Warner in 2010, AOL has made corporate social responsibility an important part of its mission


Time Warner Cable - On March 16, 2010, Time Warner Cable's transmission of their Kids on Demand and Kids Pre-School on Demand channels on systems in eastern North Carolina was interrupted by programming from the adult pay television channel Playboy TV for approximately two hours between 6:15 a


On August 25, 2010, Time Warner's Latin American division bought Chilean nationwide terrestrial television station Chilevisión from Chile's current president Sebastián Piñera add something


Netflix - As of 2011, Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service holds first-run rights to films from Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment , along with back-catalog titles to films from Time Warner, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Disney, and other distributors


HBO - On January 3, 2011, HBO became the first premium channel and the first cable network to offer a 3D-only VOD service as it launched a subscription video on demand service offering select feature films in 3D to Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Verizon FiOS customers who subscribe to the HBO service


Warner Music Group - Formerly owned by Time Warner, the world's largest media conglomerate, the company was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange until May 2011, when it announced its privatization and sale to Access Industries, which was completed in July 2011


HBO - In January 2012, Time Warner Cable finally launched HBO GO after beta testing of the new service was completed


Verizon Wireless - On February 21, 2012, T-Mobile filed a formal petition with the FCC asking them to block the sale to Verizon Wireless of spectrum first purchased at auction in 2006 by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox Communications


Time Warner Cable - The merger was completed February 29, 2012, and as of June, 2013 all of Insight Communications was absorbed into Time Warner Cable


David E. Kelley - A new medical series, "Monday Mornings", co-created with Sanjay Gupta, will premiere in summer 2013 on TNT, the cable television channel owned by Time Warner


Robert McKee - In fact, after consulting on story-in-business for various multinational companies including Microsoft, Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Time Warner, and Siemens, in the fall of 2013 McKee launched a seminar for the business community in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, and Malta


David E. Kelley - A new medical series, "Monday Mornings", co-created with Sanjay Gupta, premiered February 2013 on TNT, the cable television channel owned by Time Warner


In March 2013, it was announced that Time Inc. would be spun off as well, completing Time Warner's evolution into a pure-play global entertainment company add something


On March 6, 2013, Time Warner announced plans to spin-off Time Inc. into a publicly traded company add something


In March 7, 2013, The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition announced that it has reached agreements with Lionsgate, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. add something


Hub Network - Two other Time Warner properties, "Animaniacs" and "Tiny Toon Adventures", began reruns on Hub Network in January and July 2013, respectively


It's now being reported that the planned spin-off of Time Inc from Time Warner will take place half-way through 2014 with the company's planned IPO being rumored to happen in late 2014 add something


On August 5, 2014, 21st Century Fox withdrew its offer to purchase Time Warner add something


On October 20, 2016, it was reported that AT&T was in talks to acquire Time Warner, in an effort to increase its media holdings add something


As of October 21, 2016, AT&T was in advanced talks to acquire TimeWarner add something


As of October 22, 2016, AT&T has confirmed their intent to acquire Time Warner add something


On February 15, 2017, Time Warner shareholders approved the merger, which is still pending regulatory approval add something


On March 15, 2017, the merger, which is still pending approval from U.S. regulators, was approved by the European Commission add something


On November 8, 2017, it was reported that the Department of Justice had recommended AT&T to divest either Turner Broadcasting or DirecTV, as a condition of the merger add something


On November 20, 2017, the Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit over the acquisition; Makan Delrahim stated that the deal would "greatly harm American consumers" add something


On December 15, 2017, after an unsuccessful settlement, some analysts saw it as a dead deal even before the trial on March 19 add something


On December 22, 2017, the merger agreement deadline was extended to June 21, 2018 add something


On June 12, 2018, District Judge Richard J. Leon ruled in favor of AT&T, thus allowing the acquisition to go ahead with no conditions or remedies add something


On July 12, 2018, the Department of Justice filed a notice of appeal with the D.C. Circuit to reverse the District Court's approval add something


On July 24, 2018, during AT&T's confernce call, WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey said going forward all it subsidiaries will be brought under one initiative dubbed "Togetherness" meaning no more fiefdoms or overlapping strategies adding "You can assemble the genre of content and bring them together on one platform and one experience that aggregates and gets scale, Stankey said, adding that over time the company will unify brands into a more consistent and more focused experience, which will in turn increase scale add something


On August 7, 2018, AT&T acquired the remaining controlling stake in Otter Media, owner of online brands such as Fullscreen, anime video on-demand service Crunchyroll, and Rooster Teeth Productions, from Chernin Group for an undisclosed amount add something


On August 29, 2018, Makan Delrahim told Recode that if the government were to win the appeql, AT&T would only sell Turner and if they lost he appeal the consent decree set to expire on February 2019 will allow AT&T to do as it want with Turner add something


By September 2018, nine state attorney generals sided with AT&T on the case add something


On October 10, 2018, WarnerMedia announced that it will launch a streaming service in late 2019 to compete with Netflix and Disney add something


On December 14, 2018, Kevin Reilly President of TNT ant TBS was promoted to Chief Content officer of all WarnerMedia's digital and subscription activities including the upcoming streaming service reporting to both Turner's President Daniel Levy and WarnerMedia's CEO John Stankey add something


The District Court of the District of Columbia unanimously upheld the lower court's ruling in favor of AT&T on February 26, 2019, stating it did not believe the merger with Time Warner would have a negative impact on either consumers or competition add something


On March 4, 2019, David Levy and HBO chief Richard Plepler announced they would depart the company as part of a restructuring within WarnerMedia that would end "freedoms" add something


The division is responsible for HBO and Cinemax; as well as the entertainment operations of the former Turner Broadcasting System, including TBS, TNT, TruTV, and as of late May 2019, digital media company Otter Media add something


On June 12, 2019, the company hires former CAA executive Christy Haubegger as its Chief Inclusion Officer with oversight on growth in diverse audiences and make sure the workforce represents the markets served, she will report directly to CEO John Stankey add something


On July 9, 2019, WarnerMedia announced that the name of their upcoming streaming service to compete would be official branded HBO Max. add something