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Timothy Hutton

American actor and director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1960.

Countries: United States (66%), United Kingdom (7%), Italy (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Sean Penn, Ordinary People, Jim Hutton

Linked to: American Film Institute, Fairfax High School, Freemasonry, Groupon




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Timothy Hutton was born in 1960 add something


Donald Sutherland - He won acclaim for his performance in the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci's 1976 epic film 1900 and as the conflicted father in the Academy *award-winning family drama "Ordinary People" alongside Mary Tyler Moore and Timothy Hutton


During the late 1980s and into the 1990s, Hutton began to take featured parts in films, most notably in "Everybody's All-American" with Jessica Lange and Dennis Quaid and "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline add something


Jim Hutton - A year and a half later, his son, actor Timothy Hutton, dedicated his 1980 Academy *award which he had won for his role in the 1980 movie, Ordinary People to his father


Immediately following his success, he starred in the acclaimed 1981 ABC television film "A Long Way Home" co-starring Brenda Vaccaro add something


George C. Scott - In 1981, Scott appeared alongside 20-year-old Academy Award winning actor Timothy Hutton and rising stars Sean Penn and Tom Cruise in the coming-of-age film Taps.


Sean Penn - Penn launched his film career with the 1981 action-drama Taps, where he played a key role, as a military high school cadet, opposite protagonist Timothy Hutton.


Jim Hutton - Two years later, his son actor Timothy Hutton, dedicated his 1981 Academy Award, which he had won for his role in the movie "Ordinary People", to his father


Brat Pack (actors) - While Blum's article credits "Taps", a 1981 sleeper starring Timothy Hutton with Cruise and Penn, as the first Brat Pack movie, the list of movies below represents the more traditional filmography, with each movie including at least two core members in starring roles:


He has made a few forays into directing, the most famous of which includes the music video for the Cars' hit single "Drive" in 1984 add something


His only substantial hit was 1985's "The Falcon and the Snowman" which teamed him again with Sean Penn add something


In 1989, he made his Broadway stage debut opposite his "Ordinary People" co-star Elizabeth McGovern in the A.R. Gurney play "Love Letters" add something


Steve Guttenberg - In 1991 he replaced Timothy Hutton in the lead role of "Prelude to a Kiss" at the Helen Hayes Theatre on Broadway


Lela Rochon - In 1996 she starred opposite Timothy Hutton in the Showtime movie "Mr. and Mrs. Loving" and received a Cable Ace nomination for Best Actress


City of Industry (film) - "'City of Industry"' is a 1997 neo-noir crime film starring Harvey Keitel, Stephen Dorff and Timothy Hutton


In 2000, he married illustrator Aurore Giscard d'Estaing, niece of former French president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing add something


In 2001 Hutton starred in the television miniseries "WW3", and in 2006 he had a lead role in the NBC series "Kidnapped", playing Conrad Cain, the wealthy father of a kidnapped teenager add something


Their son Milo was born in Paris in 2001 add something


In 2003 he became president of the prestigious Players, a New York actors' club, but he resigned in June 2008 due to work keeping him in Los Angeles add something


Kari Matchett - In 2003, she starred with Timothy Hutton in the Syfy miniseries "Five Days to Midnight"


Hutton became a Freemason at Herder Lodge No. 698 in New York City in 2005 add something


He appeared in 15 feature films from 2006 to 2008 add something


Last Holiday (1950 film) - A loose remake of the same name was released in 2006, starring Queen Latifah as Georgia Byrd, LL Cool J, Timothy Hutton, Alicia_Witt, and Gérard Depardieu


Giancarlo Esposito - In 2006 Esposito starred in "Last Holiday" as Senator Dillings, alongside Queen Latifah and Timothy Hutton


Samuel Leibowitz - Leibowitz was played by Timothy Hutton in "Heavens Fall", a 2006 film based on the Scottsboro Boys incident of 1931


Joely Richardson - In 2007, she played the mother in "The Last Mimzy" with Timothy Hutton and Chris O'Neil


Since 2008 he has starred as Nathan "Nate" Ford on the TNT drama series "Leverage" add something


Gina Bellman - In 2008 she began appearing on the TNT channel's serial drama "Leverage", starring Timothy Hutton


Jonathan Liebesman - In 2008, Liebesman completed directing his third full-length feature film titled "The Killing Room", a political thriller starring Chloë Sevigny, Nick Cannon, Timothy Hutton and Peter Stormare, about four people in a psychological study who discover they are subjects in a brutal and classified government program


In July 2009, "US Weekly" reported that Hutton and his second wife, Giscard d'Estaing, had separated add something


Christian Kane - The video for the single was directed by Timothy Hutton and premiered on CMT's "Big New Music Weekend" October 1, 2010


Hutton starred in a Groupon commercial during the 2011 Super Bowl which drew public ire from the parodization of the Tibetan resistance movement add something


The final episode aired on December 25, 2012 add something


In 2014, Hutton was cast opposite Felicity Huffman in the ABC crime drama "American Crime" add something