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Tom Adair

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Tom Adair

American songwriter, composer, and screenwriter add

Category: Music

Born in 1913.

Countries: United States (41%), New York (29%), Hawaii (12%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, James B. Allardice

Linked to: Los Angeles City College, NBC




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Tom Adair was born in 1913 add something


His father owned a clothing store in Newton,_Kansas; around 1923 he sold up and moved the family to Los Angeles add something


Adair's song-writing career took him to New York during the 1940s where he penned several Broadway hits, and worked with Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra add something


After meeting Matt Dennis in 1940, Adair started working with him, moving to New York when the duo were hired by Tommy Dorsey add something


In 1941, Adair met Matt Dennis in a club and the duo began writing songs together add something


Adair and Dennis wrote numerous songs for Dorsey, Bing Crosby, and Dinah Shore and penned Frank Sinatra's hit "Let's Get Away from It All." In 1942, Matt Dennis joined the Army Air Corps add something


From June 1944, Adair worked with composer Gordon Jenkins in writing a complete score every week for the Auto-Lite radio show, which featured singer Dick Haymes add something


In 1949 Adair married Frances Jeffords; in later life, they worked together on songs and teleplays for Disney add something


In 1949, Adair wrote the lyrics for the Broadway production of "Along Fifth Avenue" add something


After the show closed, Adair returned to Los Angeles , working for Disney in the 1950s add something


In 1958, Adair first met James B. Allardice while working on "The Ann Sothern Show" ; he wrote the music while Allardice was a writer on the show add something


James B. Allardice - Allardice is best known for his collaborations with writing partner Tom Adair on a number of highly successful American 1960s TV sitcoms including "The Munsters", "F Troop", "My Three Sons", "Gomer Pyle, USMC" and "Hogan's Heroes"


The partnership lasted until Allardice's death in 1966 add something


The Adairs retired to Hawaii in 1984 add something

Tom Adair died in 1988 add something


Tom died on 24 May 1988, in Honolulu add something