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Tony Montana

Fictional character and the protagonist of the 1983 film Scarface add

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Launched in 1980.

Countries: United States (44%), Florida (33%), Cuba (11%)

Main connections: Cuba, Scarface (1983 film), Oliver Stone




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In May 1980, Fidel Castro opens Mariel Harbor in Mariel, Cuba, allowing departing Cubans, former convicts, and criminals to emigrate to Miami, Florida, on boats add something


In August 1980, after another month of working, they are approached by Omar Suarez, Frank Lopez's right-hand man who contacted Manny for the Rebenga hit add something


"'Antonio Raimundo "Tony" Montana"' is a fictional character and the protagonist of the 1983 film "Scarface" add something


Scarface (1983 film) - "'Scarface"' is a 1983 American crime film directed by Brian De Palma, written by Oliver Stone, produced by Martin Bregman, and starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana


In 2008, Montana was named the 27th Greatest Movie Character by "Empire Magazine" add something


Tony appears in "Payday 2" as a playable character titled Scarface, launched as a part of the Scarface Character Pack in 2016 add something