Tour de France Automobile

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Tour de France Automobile

Sports car race held on roads around France regularly - mostly annually - between 1899 and 1986 add

Category: Auto racing

Activity starting in 1899.

Countries: (36%), Italy (27%), France (18%)

Main connections: Ferrari, Michele Mouton, Gordini

Linked to: Gordini, Matra, Ferrari, Ligier




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"'Tour de France Automobile"' was a sports car race held on roads around France regularly - mostly annually - between 1899 and 1986 add something


The 1908 event was won by Clément-Bayard add something


The 1951 event was won by Pagnibon-Barracquet in a 2,6-litre Ferrari add something


In 1954 the event was won by the 2,5 litre Gordini of Jacques Pollet and M. Gauthier, running on the traditional Nice to Nice route add something


The 1956 event was won by de Portago/Nelson in a Ferrari 250 2,9 with Moss/Houel in second place add something


The 1960 Tour de France took place between September 15 and 23 that year add something


The 1964 event was won by Lucien Bianchi/Georges Berger in a Ferrari GTO, entered by Ecurie Nationale Belge add something


Lotus Cortina - The A-bracket was persevered with by Vic Elford and David Seigle-Morris for the 1964 Tour de France Automobile, a 10 day, event, as it was run completely on sealed roads, unlike the rough RAC Rally


Lancia Stratos - While they failed in the Tour de France Automobile, one of these cars won the 1976 Giro d'Italia Automobilistico, an Italian counterpart of the Tour de France Automobile


Michele Mouton - Outside the World Rally Championship, Mouton drove a Porsche Carrera RS to victory in the 1977 RACE Rallye de España and to second place in the 1977 Tour de France Automobile


Michele Mouton - She went on to win the 1978 Tour de France Automobile and record consistent results in her home events in the WRC; the Tour de Corse and the Monte Carlo Rally


The 1980s saw the event incorporated into the European Rally Championship which saw an influx of new competitors add something


Also known as "'Tour Auto"', it was revived in 1992 for historic cars, with both a competition and a regularity class add something