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Turner Classic Movies

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Turner Classic Movies

American movie-oriented basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary of Time Warner add

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Founded in 1939.

Countries: United States (76%), United Kingdom (7%), France (5%)

Main connections: Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, Charley Chase

Linked to: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Motion Picture Association of America, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company




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The first movie broadcast on TCM was the 1939 film "Gone with the Wind", the same film that served as the debut broadcast of its sister channel &TNT (TNT_(TV_channel)) six years before in October 1988 add something


Most Paramount releases made prior to 1950 are owned by EMKA, Ltd./NBCUniversal Television Distribution, while Paramount holds on to most of its post-1949 releases, which are handled for television by Trifecta Entertainment & Media add something


Eleanor Powell - Powell's films continue to be broadcast on television regularly by Turner Classic Movies, with most released in the VHS video format in 1980s and 1990s


As part of the deal, Turner Entertainment retained ownership of MGM's library of films released up to 1986 add something


Turner Entertainment - On October 3, 1988, Turner Broadcasting launched the TNT network, and later Turner Classic Movies to use their former MGM/UA library


Turner Broadcasting System - During 1994, the division Turner Classic Movies was organized


Robert Osborne - In 1994, he moved to Turner Classic Movies


Ted Turner - Since launch in 1994, Turner Classic Movies broadcast the older Warner Bros, RKO, and MGM libraries


Turner Classic Movies debuted on April 14, 1994 with Ted Turner launching the channel at a ceremony in New York City's Times Square district add something


In December 1998, TCM debuted "TCM Remembers", which is a tribute to recently deceased notable film personalities airing occasionally during promotional breaks between films add something


Humphrey Bogart - Turner Classic Movies - Bogart had a lifelong disgust for the pretentious, fake or phony, as his son Stephen told Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne in 1999


Greed (film) - It premiered at the 1999 Telluride Film Festival and was later screened at the Venice Film Festival and the Pordenone Silent Film Festival before being aired on Turner Classic Movies in December 1999


Turner Classic Movies (Asia) - In April 2000 the channel was rebranded as Turner Classic Movies


Tod Browning - In 2002, a photographic reconstruction of "London After Midnight" was produced by Rick Schmidlin for Turner Classic Movies


Otto Penzler - In 2002, he hosted a television series of great mystery films for the Turner Classic Movies channel


Mick LaSalle - The book served as the basis for the documentary film "Complicated Women", directed by Hugh Munro Neely and narrated by Jane Fonda, which originally was broadcast by Turner Classic Movies in May 2003


The Racket (1928 film) - In 2004 and 2006, Turner Classic Movies broadcast "The Racket", "Two Arabian Knights", and "The Mating Call" , the first showing of any of the three films in decades


Olivia de Havilland - In 2004, Turner Classic Movies put together a retrospective piece called "Melanie Remembers" in which de Havilland was interviewed for the 65th anniversary of "Gone with the Wind"'s original release


Port of Shadows - Prior to July 2004, Criterion Collection gave the film a "bare-bones" release, with a booklet and limited on-screen special features; according to James Steffen of Turner Classic Movies, the DVD's "high-definition transfer does justice to Carné, Schufftan and Trauner's richly detailed vision", though there are issues because of the "highly variable" quality of the 35 mm film used: "Within the same scene some shots can be startlingly clear, while others are very grainy and have much weaker contrast and detail


In Canada, TCM debuted in 2005 on the Shaw Cable and satellite provider Shaw Direct add something


Justin Edgar - Chicago Film Festival - His 2005 short "Special People" won Best Film at the 2005 Chicago Film Festival, Best Drama at the 2006 Royal Television Society *awards, the BBC New Filmmakers *award and was shortlisted for the 2007 Oscars, BAFTAs and Turner Classic Movies Prize Shorts


Charley Chase - A marathon of selected Charley Chase shorts from the silent era was broadcast in 2005 on the American cable television network Turner Classic Movies


Henry Fonda - On the centenary of his birth, May 16, 2005, Turner Classic Movies honored him with a marathon of his films


As of 2006, films which have been rescored include the 1921 Rudolph Valentino film "Camille", two Lon Chaney films: 1921's "The Ace of Hearts" and 1928's "Laugh, Clown, Laugh" and Greta Garbo's 1926 film "The Temptress" add something


Eric Pohlmann - In 2006 the Turner Classic Movies "31 Days of Oscar" festival was based on the theme of "360 Degrees of Oscar" in which TCM chooses an actor who has played a significant role in Oscar history, and builds its entire schedule around him


Charley Chase - In late 2006, Turner Classic Movies began to air Charley Chase's sound-era comedies


Campus MovieFest - In the Fall of 2006, Turner Classic Movies partnered up with CMF and continues to present the TCM Classic Short Film *award in which students are asked to re-imagine a classic


Molly Haskell - She co-hosted Turner Classic Movies's "The Essentials" with Robert Osborne in 2006 for one season


John Ford - The longer revised version of Directed by John Ford shown on Turner Classic Movies in November, 2006 features directors Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, and Martin Scorsese, who suggest that the string of classic films Ford directed during 1936 to 1941 was due in part to an intense six-month extra-marital affair with Katharine Hepburn, the star of Mary of Scotland, an Elizabethan costume drama.


Peter Bogdanovich - Bogdanovich hosted "The Essentials" on Turner Classic Movies, but was replaced in May 2006 by TCM host Robert Osborne and film critic Molly Haskell


Small Time Crooks - Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies on June 15, 2006 Allen has never commented on whether this was deliberate or if his film was in any way inspired by "Larceny, Inc."


Rogers Cable started offering TCM in December 2006 as a free preview channel for all digital customers, and added to the analogue package in February 2007 add something


Kay Thompson - In a December 6, 2006, interview on Turner Classic Movies, Donen said that "Funny Face" was made at Paramount with a primarily MGM crew, including Donen, Edens and Thompson, because Paramount Pictures would not release Hepburn for any film except one made at Paramount


In 2007, some of the short films featured on TCM began appearing on TCM's website add something


In the summer of 2007, the channel debuted "Funday Night at the Movies", a block hosted by actor Tom Kenny add something


The channel aired the film series "Screened Out" exploring gay images on film in 2007 and "Religion on Film" in 2005 add something


Marlon Brando - In 2007, a 165-minute biopic of Brando, "Brando: The Documentary", produced by Mike Medavoy for Turner Classic Movies, was released


Jean Arthur - "Turner Classic Movies ", January 2007


Alton Brown - On November 11, 2007, Brown was the guest programmer on Turner Classic Movies as part of their guest programmer month


In 2008, TCM was given a Peabody award for excellence in broadcasting add something


Previous installments have included "Asian Images on Film" in 2008, "Native American Images on Film" in 2010, "Black Images on Film" in 2006 "Latino Images on Film" in 2009 and "Arab Images on Film" in 2011 add something


Gene Wilder - In a 2008 Turner Classic Movies special Role Model: Gene Wilder, where Alec Baldwin interviewed Wilder about his career, Wilder said that he was basically retired from acting for good.


Rose McGowan - She co-hosted the TCM's film-series program "The Essentials" alongside Robert Osbourne in 2008, discussing classic Hollywood film


Cat People (1942 film) - Broadcast on Turner Classic Movies on 14 January 2008


Raoul Coutard - Coutard and Truffaut fought heavily over the cinematography of "The Bride Wore Black", reported TCM host Robert Osborne after the cable network's 2009 showing of the film


Maurice Chevalier - Introduction by Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies, 11 August 2009


Betty Garrett - In 2010, Garrett appeared alongside former two-time co-star Esther Williams during Turner Classic Movies' first annual Classic Film Festival


In April 2010, Turner Classic Movies held the first TCM Classic Film Festival at the Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Grauman's Egyptian Theater in Hollywood add something


Esther Williams - In April 2010, Williams appeared at the first Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival in Hollywood , California, alongside two time co-star Betty Garrett


Juanita Moore - On April 23, 2010, a new print of "Imitation of Life" was screened at the TCM Film Festival in Los Angeles, to which Moore and co-star Kohner were invited


Donna Reed - In May 2010 Turner Classic Movies honored Reed as their star of the month which saw Mary Owen pay a special tribute to her mother


Dracula (1958 film) - On 7 September 2010, Turner Classic Movies released the film in a 4-Pack along with "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave", "The Curse of Frankenstein" and "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed"


Roger Ebert - On October 22, 2010, Ebert appeared on camera with Robert Osborne on the Turner Classic Movies network during the network's "The Essentials" series


Carla Laemmle - In November 2010 she made an appearance in the documentary "Moguls and Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood" for Turner Classic Movies and in May 2011 she appeared in "Paul Merton's Birth of Hollywood" on the BBC. In March 2012, Turner Classic Movies presented a screening of "Dracula", Laemmle appeared at the screening in connection with its Classic Movie Festival


Mickey Rooney - In December 2010 he was honored as Turner Classic Movies Star of the Month


Bill Hader - Hader hosted the 2011 and 2012 seasons of "Essentials, Jr." on Turner Classic Movies


Trouble in Paradise (film) - Outro to the Turner Classic Movies showing of "Trouble in Paradise" Paramount was again rejected in 1943, when the studio wanted to make a musical version of the film


Charley Chase - In January 2011, several of his sound shorts were featured during Turner Classic Movies' tribute to Hal Roach Studios


Robert Osborne - Osborne's original projected three-month leave of absence stretched into five months, with his official return as host of Turner Classic Movies taking place on December 1, 2011


TCM features a monthly program block called the "TCM Guest Programmer", in which Osborne is joined by celebrity guests responsible for choosing that evening's films ; an offshoot of this block featuring Turner Classic Movies employees aired during February 2011 add something


Drew Barrymore - In March 2012, Barrymore began co-hosting the twelfth season of The Essentials, a film showcase on Turner Classic Movies which spotlights significant classic films


Diana Serra Cary - On December 3, 2012, Turner Classic Movies presented the 2011 documentary "Baby Peggy: The Elephant in the Room"


Danny Kaye - On January 18, 2013, during a 24-hour salute to Kaye on Turner Classic Movies in celebration of his 100th birthday, Kaye's daughter Dena revealed to TCM host Ben Mankiewicz that Kaye was actually born in 1911


Wilson (film) - The film's first broadcast on Turner Classic Movies was on February 8, 2013


Kim Novak - In a televised interview with TCM host Robert Osborne that aired on March 6, 2013, Novak broke down in tears while discussing "Liebestraum"


Ben Mankiewicz - On December 12, 2013, Mankiewicz married Lee Russo during the 2013 TCM Cruise


On Veterans Day 2014, the 1970 film 'Patton' was subjectively much more detailed than in past TCM HD airings, and appeared to be native HD. add something


Robert Osborne - In 2014, as part of an exclusive programming deal with Disney, Turner Classic Movies agreed to become the sponsor of The Great Movie Ride


As of mid November 2014, it appears TCM HD is actually broadcasting at least some content in native HDTV. Evidenced by full frame 4:3, 16:9, and wider screen aspect ratio content, which was previously shrunk slightly in both horizontal and vertical size, and the obviously now in HD bumper segments with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz add something


Double Indemnity (film) - The film was re-released on July 19 & 20, 2015, as part of the "TCM Presents" series by Turner Classic Movies


Sally Field - In January 2015, it was announced that she would co-host TCM


The Secret of Santa Vittoria - "The Secret of Santa Vittoria" was shown on April 30, 2015 on Turner Classic Movies as part of its "Star of the Month salute" to Anthony Quinn


In October 2015, TCM announced the launch of the TCM Wineclub, in which they teamed up with Laithwaite to provide a line of mail-order wines from famous vineyards such as famed writer-director-producer Francis Ford Coppola's winery add something


Ferris Bueller's Day Off - In 2016, Paramount Pictures, Turner Classic Movies, and Fathom Events will re-release the film, along with Pretty in Pink, to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary


Claire Trevor - On March 8, 2016, Turner Classic Movies honored Trevor on the 106th anniversary of her birth by showing several of her films


Gregory Peck - On April 5, 2016, the 100th anniversary of Peck's birth, Turner Classic Movies honored the actor by showing several of his films


David Letterman - In 2017, Letterman and Alec Baldwin co-hosted "The Essentials" on Turner Classic Movies


The May 2017 issue, following the death in March 2017 of host Robert Osborne, contained "Remembering Robert Osborne" by Ben Mankiewicz add something


TCM ceased print publication of NOW PLAYING with the August 2017 issue, moving it to an electronic format available via email free of charge add something


On August 22, 2017, the merger was approved by Mexican authorities add something


On September 5, 2017, the merger was approved by Chilean authorities add something


On October 23, 2017, the deadline was extended for a short period of time to finalize the deal add something


Turner Classic Movies (Asia) - In December 2017 Starhub in Singapore unilaterally announced they were cancelling Turner Classic Movies from their channel line up at the end of the year


Robert Osborne - In March 2018, Turner Classic Movies announced the establishment of the Robert Osborne *award, to be presented at the annual TCM Classic Film Festival "to an individual whose work has helped keep the cultural heritage of classic films alive and thriving for generations to come


Leslie Howard (actor) - "Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn" premiered on Turner Classic Movies June 4, 2018, opening a month-long tribute to Howard's films


On March 4, 2019, a reorganization within WarnerMedia following its acquisition by AT&T the previous year saw TCM, alongside sister networks Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Adult Swim, move into the Warner Bros. division upon the dissolution of the separate Turner Broadcasting unit add something


Warner Bros. - On March 4, 2019, WarnerMedia announced a planned reorganization that would dissolve Turner Broadcasting System, by moving Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang, their respective production studios , as well as Turner Classic Movies and Otter Media, directly under Warner Bros