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Turner Entertainment

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Turner Entertainment

Media company founded by Ted Turner add

Category: Business (17)

Founded in 1986.

Countries: United States (76%), (12%), Republic of Korea (4%)

Main connections: Time Warner, Citizen Kane, Turner Classic Movies

Linked to: Boomerang, Hanna-Barbera, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Ruby-Spears




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Ted Turner - Turner Entertainment Co. was established in August 1986 to oversee film properties owned by Ted Turner


In December 1987, Turner acquired the worldwide rights through license, to 800 RKO films from its then-parent company Wesray Capital add something


On October 3, 1988, Turner Broadcasting launched the TNT network, and later Turner Classic Movies to use their former MGM/UA library add something


A Patch of Blue - In the 1990s, Turner Entertainment Co. colorized the movie for broadcast on the Turner-owned cable station &TNT (TNT_(TV_channel))


In 1991, Turner purchased Hanna-Barbera Productions and most of the pre-1991 Ruby-Spears Productions library from Great American Broadcasting add something


Citizen Kane - For the film's 50th anniversary in 1991, Turner Entertainment utilized Paramount Pictures as its distributor for the film's re-release to theaters


In 1993, Turner purchased Castle Rock Entertainment and New Line Cinema add something


In 1994, THE entered a distribution deal with Columbia TriStar Home Video in the UK until the deal expired in 1997 add something


NLHE distributed New Line films on video by itself from 1996 until the Warner Bros. add something


Turner had a television unit called Turner Program Services which had run until 1996 when it was rebranded as Telepictures Distribution which distributed "Mama's Family" and all TPS shows after 1996 add something


Upon the Turner-Time Warner in 1996 merger THE was absorbed into Warner Home Video as an in-name-only unit add something


Citizen Kane - In 1996, Time Warner acquired Turner and Warner Home Video absorbed Turner Home Entertainment


Turner Entertainment self-distributed much of its library for the first decade of its existence, but on 10 October 1996, Turner Broadcasting was purchased by Time Warner and its distribution functions were largely absorbed into Warner Bros. and as a result, Turner now largely serves merely as a copyright holder for a portion of the Warner Bros. library add something


Greed (film) - In 1999 Turner Entertainment created a four-hour version of "Greed" that used existing stills of cut scenes to reconstruct the film


THE released World Championship Wrestling pay-per-view events, wrestler profiles, and "Best Of" packages on video until the demise of WCW in 2001; the WCW video library, along with WCW itself, were sold to the World Wrestling Federation in March 2001 add something


Citizen Kane - In 2003, Welles's daughter Beatrice sued Turner Entertainment and RKO Pictures, claiming that the Welles estate is the legal copyright holder of the film


Entertainment/New Line Productions merger in 2009 add something


In Japan, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner in June 1, 2014 add something