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Social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts add

Category: Business (10)

Launched in 2008.

Countries: (33%), United States (20%), UK (20%)

Main connections: Twitter, Application programming interface, Companies House

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"'July 4, 2008"' - first version of TweetDeck, originally an independent Twitter app by Iain Dodsworth, was released add something


"'June 19, 2009"' - iPhone version released add something


On March 16, 2009, a pre-release version was released featuring Facebook status updates integration add something


As of April 8, 2009, Facebook status updates were part of the standard program add something


Version 0,32, released on November 30, 2009, added LinkedIn integration and new Twitter features add something


In May 2010 TweetDeck added integration with the Google Buzz and Foursquare social networks add something


"'May 2010"' - iPad version released add something


"'October 2010"' - Android version made available after a public beta period add something


Yfrog - As of October 2010, 25 applications support the yfrog upload API, including the official Twitter for iPhone app, TweetDeck, Seesmic, Twitterific, and Twittelator


"'December 8, 2011"' - & Twitter released a new version branded "TweetDeck by Twitter", as part of Twitter's redesign of its services add something


"'May 25, 2011"' - Twitter acquired TweetDeck add something


In 2012 TweetDeck reverted to only supporting Twitter and Facebook, ending support for LinkedIn, MySpace, and the now defunct Google Buzz effective June 2012 add something


"'December 11, 2013"' - & Twitter started allowing new TweetDeck users to sign in with their Twitter usernames and passwords, removing the barrier-to-entry which had previously existed in requiring users to register a separate TweetDeck account add something


"'July 25, 2013"' - at 12:00 PM EDT US, Twitter turned off API v1 which effectively shut down the Android, iOS, and AIR versions of TweetDeck add something


"'March 4, 2013"' - TweetDeck announced in a blog post that they would be suspending mobile versions of TweetDeck including TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for iPhone and TweetDeck for Android, which will be removed from their respective app stores this May. TweetDeck said they would "focus our development efforts on our modern, web-based versions" add something


"'May 2, 2013"' - users were informed that 'Facebook is no longer supported in TweetDeck', and that on May 7, Facebook accounts and Facebook columns will be removed add something


On January 22, 2013, The American directors of Twitter were sent a letter by Companies House warning them that their UK subsidiary company TweetDeck Ltd. was at risk of closure, over missed accounting deadlines add something


All unofficial variants of TweetDeck stopped working in early May 2013 because of more restrictive API version 1,1 add something


In May 2013, TweetDeck removed support for Facebook accounts, becoming focused once again on the core Twitter experience add something


On May 7, 2013, TweetDeck Ltd, was officially struck off the business register by Companies House, and dissolved, for failure to file accounts for 2011 add something


"'June 11, 2014"' - A cross-site scripting vulnerability in TweetDeck was discovered that led to a self-replicating tweet that affected over 83,000 Twitter users add something


As of May 2015, TweetDeck added a confirmation step feature giving users the option to require an extra step before sending a tweet add something


The Windows App will cease functioning on April 15, 2016 add something


A February, 2018 change to the Twitter API restricted the ability of TweetDeck and other third-party applications from sending mass tweets due to concerns over abuse of bots mass posting content and posts add something