United Kingdom Independence Party

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United Kingdom Independence Party

Right-wing 'new populist' party add

Category: Politics

Founded in 2013.

Countries: United Kingdom (56%), UK (13%), (7%)

Main connections: European Parliament, Nikki Sinclaire, Nigel Farage

Linked to: Ulster Unionist Party, European Parliament, House of Commons of the United Kingdom, House of Lords




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In February 2013 Marta Andreasen defected from UKIP to the Conservative Party add something


In May 2013, 33 English and one Welsh council held local elections, with UKIP gaining 139 seats for a total of 147, with significant gains in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Kent add something


In May 2013, Stephan Shakespeare, the CEO of YouGov analysed the reasons for the strong support and performance of UKIP in the 2013 local elections add something


UKIP's membership in Northern Ireland was 247 in June 2013 add something


Mike Nattrass failed a candidate assessment test in August 2013 and was deselected by the party for the 2014 European election add something


In September 2013 Mike Nattrass resigned, describing Farage's leadership of the party as "totalitarian", following his earlier deselection add something


In September 2013 Nattrass resigned becoming an Independent MEP in the process describing Farage's leadership of the party as "totalitarian", following his earlier deselection add something


On 20 September 2013, UKIP withdrew the party whip from Bloom after he assaulted journalist Michael Crick in the street, threatened a second reporter, and at the party's conference jokingly referred to his female audience as sluts add something


Godfrey Bloom - On 20 September 2013, during the party conference, UKIP withdrew the whip from Bloom


Godfrey Bloom - Bloom resigned his party whip from UKIP on 24 September 2013 and sits as an independent MEP.


Godfrey Bloom - On 24 September 2013 he resigned his party whip from UKIP but retains his party membership with UKIP. His statement said: "I have felt for some time now that the 'New UKIP' is not really right for me any more"


In December 2013, Nigel Farage told the BBC that the UK should allow Syrian refugees to enter the UK, while continuing to limit "economic migration" add something


Paul Nuttall, MEP for North West England and UKIP's deputy leader, has called for a UKIP-Traditional Unionist Voice electoral pact for the 2014 European Parliament election add something


Scotland is currently the only region for which Ukip has not announced its full list of candidates for the European Parliament election in 2014, owing to part of the aforementioned "dispute within Ukip Scotland", whereby seven of the nine shortlisted candidates resigned their candidacy immediately before members were balloted to pick the final six, in protest of an unfair balloting process add something


Basingstoke - As of 2014, the council is compiled of 30 Conservative, 14 Labour, 11 Liberal Democrat, 4 independent and 1 UKIP councillors


In January 2014, Nigel Farage announced that UKIP policy was now that private handgun ownership with a license ought to be made legal add something


According to Farage, on 24 January 2014, the UKIP general election manifesto in 2010 was "drivel" and "nonsense" add something


The ballot was delayed but eventually went ahead with fresh candidates and on 25 February 2014 at Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel, UKIP Scotland announced its full list of candidates for the election add something


In March 2014, Ofcom awarded UKIP "major party status" for the 2014 European Elections, but only in England and Wales and not on a permanent basis add something


Skegness - And in March 2014 a Labour councillor defected to UKIP.


In May 2014, UKIP became the first party in over a century other than Labour or the Conservatives to come first in a United Kingdom wide election, with its performance in the 2014 European elections giving it 24 of the UK's 73 seats in the European Parliament add something


Whitby - Whitby lies within the Yorkshire and the Humber constituency of the European Parliament, which in the May 2014 European Election elected three UKIP, two Labour and one Conservative MEPs


Skegness - In June 2014 another Labour Councillor defected to UKIP.


He and other impartial commentators claimed that this apparent divergence might be a significant factor in the independence referendum in September 2014, arguing that a strong result for UKIP in England in the 2014 European parliamentary elections, coupled with a poor result in Scotland, might help push Scottish voters towards supporting independence add something


On 27 September 2014, another Conservative MP, Mark Reckless, moved to UKIP and announced his intention to resign as MP and fight a by-election add something


On 30 September 2014, Richard Barnes, the Deputy Mayor of London until 2012, joined UKIP. add something


On 7 October 2014, it was announced that Alan Craig, the leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance from 2004 to 2013, has applied to join the party add something


Carswell's victory in the Clacton by-election on 9 October 2014 made him the first MP to be elected representing UKIP. add something


UKIP gained its first elected MP with Douglas Carswell winning the seat of Clacton by 12,404 votes on 9 October 2014 add something


Godfrey Bloom - Bloom subsequently rescinded his UKIP party membership on 13 October 2014


The EFDD group lost official status on 16 October 2014 when the defection of the Latvian MEP Iveta Grigule meant its membership no longer met the required number of states for Parliamentary groups add something


On 29 October 2014, Patick O'Flynn MEP, UKIP's Director of Communications announced that membership had grown to 40,094, almost doubling since 2012 add something


On 20 November 2014, Mark Reckless, who had defected from the Conservatives and resigned his seat in order to trigger a by-election, was re-elected for UKIP in Rochester and Strood add something


According to an Opinium/"Observer" poll in December 2014 on the views of 17 to 22 year olds, Nigel Farage is the least popular political leader add something


In December 2014, Richard Edmonds, pornographer and proprietor of the Express Newspapers, donated £300,000 to UKIP. Edmonds had made Lord Stevens, the UKIP peer and the former chairman of Express Newspapers, his deputy chairman in October add something


Accessed 22 December 2014 and Robin Birley, the socialite owner of a May fair nightclub and stepson of Sir James Goldsmith add something


For the 2015 General Election, UKIP has initially announced that it would repeal the Climate Change Act 2008, estimating that it costs the economy £18bn a year add something


The donation indicated that Desmond's papers, the "Daily Express", "Sunday Express", "Daily Star" and "Daily Star Sunday", will back UKIP in the run-up to the 2015 general election add something


UKIP has announced that for the 2015 general election it will pledge to resource fully the UK's military assets and personnel add something


Great Grimsby (UK Parliament constituency) - At the 2015 election, Great Grimsby was considered a target for the United Kingdom Independence Party


Amjad Bashir became the third UKIP MEP to defect to the Conservatives in less than four years, when he switched parties in January 2015 add something


On 24 January 2015, Amjad Bashir, the UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, left UKIP and joined the Conservatives add something


UKIP MEP and general election candidate Janice Atkinson was expelled by the party on 23 March 2015 for "bringing the party into disrepute" add something


The party is provisionally led by deputy leader Paul Nuttall, following the resignation of Nigel Farage on the 8th of May 2015 add something


Plymouth - The local election of 7 May 2015 resulted in a political composition of 28 Labour councillors, 26 Conservative and 3 UKIP resulting in a Labour administration


The party is led by Nigel Farage after the NEC rejected his resignation on 8 May 2015 following the 2015 general election add something


Richardson was re-instated in June 2015 add something


As a consequence, Carswell was asked to explain himself at the Party executive committee's January 2016 meeting add something


By 5 July 2016, some political analysts questioned how UKIP will sustain itself now that the "driving issue" was no longer relevant add something


Farage continued to act as interim leader of UKIP until the November 2016 election add something


On 21 November 2016, James announced that she was leaving UKIP and would henceforth sit as an Independent add something


Carswell quit the party in March 2017 to become an independent, leaving UKIP without any MPs in the Commons add something


Invocation of Article 50 by the United Kingdom occurred on 29 March 2017, when Sir Tim Barrow, the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union, formally delivered by hand a letter signed by Prime Minister Theresa May to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council in Brussels add something


On 6 April 2017, another former MP, Mark Reckless, left UKIP to sit with the Conservative group in the Welsh Assembly, although he did not rejoin the Conservative Party add something


In May 2017, in response to large defections from the party, Goodwin said "Former Kippers did not walk but literally sprinted over to the Conservatives add something


On 24 July 2017, UKIP lost its majority on Thanet council when Councillor Beverly Martin switched to the Conservatives, citing personal disagreements with UKIP's policies in the region add something


At the party's convention in Torquay on 29 September 2017, a new logo featuring a lion and the slogan "for the nation" was introduced add something


On 17 February 2018, members of UKIP voted for a vote of no confidence in Bolton and he was replaced as leader by Gerard Batten until a new leadership election is held add something


Batten subsequently stood unopposed and his election as the new leader of UKIP was announced on 14 April 2018 add something


On 14 May 2018 UKIP lost it's last councillor on the Great Yarmouth Council, Chris Walch add something


James Carver left UKIP to sit as an independent on 28 May 2018 add something


On 28 May 2018, UKIP held 108 of the UK's 20,250 local council seats add something


In June 2018, four political activists known through social media - Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Meechan, Carl Benjamin and Milo Yiannopoulos, joined the party add something


William Dartmouth left the party on 26 September 2018 to sit as an independent, accusing Batten of "hijacking the party to campaign against Islam as a religion" and associating himself with "outlandish people and extreme right-wing groups" add something


Bill Etheridge followed shortly afterwards, on 2 October 2018, saying that the party under Batten's leadership "is seen by voters as a vehicle of hate towards Muslims and the gay community" add something


By December 2018, a majority of the party's MEPs had left add something


Farage announced his decision to resign in December 2018, calling Batten "obsessed" with Islam and saying that "UKIP wasn't founded to be a party based on fighting a religious crusade" Former Deputy Chair Suzanne Evans had left earlier that week after Batten survived a vote of confidence from the party NEC. The former leader of the party in the Welsh Assembly, Caroline Jones, and the MEP William Dartmouth had cited the party's trajectory to the right as reasons for leaving the party add something


However, following the resignations of Caroline Jones, Mark Reckless and Nathan Gill, by December 2018 the party's representation had fallen to just 4 AMs add something


Former leader Nigel Farage quit on 6 December 2018, as did Scottish MEP David Coburn add something


On 9 December 2018, before an important vote on Brexit legislation, UKIP led a "Brexit Betrayal" rally in central London fronted by Robinson, alongside other prominent far-right groups add something


Farage and six other ex-UKIP MEPs joined the Brexit Party in February 2019 add something


However, following the resignations of Caroline Jones, Mark Reckless, Nathan Gill and Michelle Brown, by March 2019 the party's representation had fallen to three AMs add something


Welsh Assembly Member Michelle Brown left UKIP in April 2019 add something


Jill Seymour, Jane Collins and Margot Parker left for the Brexit Party on 15 April 2019, with the first of those three citing the party's current direction and occupation of 'the extreme right of politics' add something


UKIP ceased to have a formal Welsh Assembly group after David Rowlands resigned in May 2019 to form a new Brexit Party group with Reckless, Jones and Mandy Jones add something


Deputy leader Mike Hookem previously resigned his position on 24 May 2019, intending to run for leadership, saying the party had lost its objective under Batten add something


On 2 June 2019, Batten resigned his post as party leader as he had promised if he lost his MEP position add something


By April 2019, it had become clear to the government of the United Kingdom that another extension to Brexit until 31 October 2019, which would therefore mean the United Kingdom would take part in the 2019 European Parliament elections add something