United States Armed Forces

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United States Armed Forces

35 for the Army, 28 for the Marines, 34 for the Navy, 27 for the Air Force and 27 for the Coast Guard add

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Founded in 1915.

Countries: United States (44%), (13%), U.S. (11%)

Main connections: World War II, United States Army, United States Navy

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Title 14 of the United States Code provides that "The Coast Guard as established 28 January 1915, shall be a military service and a branch of the armed forces of the United States at all times add something


However, since Dewey died in 1917 before the establishment of the rank of Fleet Admiral, the six-star rank status has not been totally confirmed add something


American Express - During the winter of 1917, the US suffered a severe coal shortage and on December 26 President Woodrow Wilson commandeered the railroads on behalf of the US government to move US troops, their supplies, and coal


It has been held by two people: John J. Pershing who received the rank in 1919 after World War I, and George Washington who received it posthumously in 1976 as part of the American Bicentennial celebrations add something


Bernie Bierman - He coached from 1919 to 1950 except for a span during World War II when he served in the U.S. armed forces


Can opener - P-38 was developed in 1942 and was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s


P-38 can opener - The "'P-38"', developed in 1942, is a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s


P-38 can opener - The "'P-38"', developed in 1942, is a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s


Alex Agase - Agase entered the U.S. military in 1943 as America's involvement in World War II intensified


After the establishment of the rank of Fleet Admiral in 1944, the Department of the Navy specified that the rank of Fleet Admiral was to be junior to the rank of Admiral of the Navy add something


The National Security Act of 1947, adopted following World War II and during the Cold War's onset, created the modern U.S. military framework; the Act merged previously Cabinet-level Department of War and the Department of the Navy into the National Military Establishment , headed by the Secretary of Defense; and created the Department of the Air Force and National Security Council add something


The United States Air Force was established as an independent service on 18 September 1947; it traces its origin to the formation of the Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps in 1907 and was part of the U.S. Army before becoming an independent service add something


Eugene Galanter - After serving in the United States Armed Forces in World War II, Galanter attended Swarthmore College, receiving an Honors B.A. in 1950


Iceland - The Iceland Defense Force was a military command of the United States Armed Forces from 1951 to 2006


The Air Force ceased to grant warrants in 1959 when the grades of E-8 and E-9 were created add something


Datsun - American service personnel in their teens or early twenties during the Second World War would be in prime car-buying age by 1960, if only to find an economical small second car for their growing family needs


Ruben Diaz, Sr. - Prior to arriving in New York City Díaz had served in the United States Armed Forces beginning in 1960, ultimately obtaining an honorable discharge three years later


Vietnam War - One of the most controversial aspects of the U.S. military effort in Southeast Asia was the widespread use of chemical defoliants between 1961 and 1971


NLF and PAVN battle tactics - Against their ARVN opponents the VC/NVA generally did well in both guerrilla and conventional warfare, and were on the verge of victory in 1965, before the American intervention


NLF and PAVN battle tactics - While final victory was aided by absence of American airpower, the PAVN/VPA armies were no longer the light-infantry formations mauled at the Ia Drang in 1965, but a tough, proficient, well-equipped modern force


NLF and PAVN battle tactics - At the Battle of Ong Thanh in 1967 they sprung another ambush, inflicting heavy casualties on American troops


Vietnam War - In 1968, The Vietnam War Crimes Working Group was established by the Pentagon task force set up in the wake of the My Lai Massacre, to attempt to ascertain the veracity of emerging claims of war crimes by U.S. armed forces in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War period


Vietnam War - During the height of U.S. military involvement, 31 December 1968, the breakdown of allied forces were as follows: 0536 100 U.S. military personnel, with 30,610 U.S. military having been killed to date; 65,000 Free World Forces personnel; 0820 000 South Vietnam Armed Forces with 88,343 having been killed to date


Harrison Schmitt - Schmitt is the only geologist as well as the only person to have walked on the Moon who was never a member of the United States Armed Forces, although he is not the first civilian, since Neil Armstrong left military service prior to his landing in 1969


Dodge - On the other hand, Dodge produced several thousand pickups for the United States Military under the CUCV program from the late 1970s into the early 1980s


It draws its manpower from a large pool of paid volunteers; although conscription has been used in the past in various times of both war and peace, it has not been used since 1972 add something


Central Security Service - The Central Security Service was established by Presidential Directive in 1972 to promote full partnership between the National Security Agency and the Service Cryptologic Elements of the United States Armed Forces


Central Security Service - The "'Central Security Service"' is an agency of the United States Department of Defense, established in 1972 by a Presidential Directive to promote full partnership between the National Security Agency and the Service Cryptologic Elements of the United States Armed Forces in the field of signals intelligence


Ulrike Meinhof - On 14 June 1972, in Langenhagen, Fritz Rodewald, a teacher who had been providing accommodation to deserters from the U.S. Armed Forces, was approached by a stranger asking for an overnighting house the next day for herself and a friend


Henry Ossian Flipper - In 1976 his descendants applied to the US military for a review of Flipper's court martial and dismissal


Boricua Popular Army - The group claimed responsibility for the 1978 bombing of a small power station in the San Juan area, the 1979 retaliation attacks against the United States armed forces personnel, the 1981 attacks on Puerto Rico Air National Guard aircraft, and a 1983 Wells Fargo bank robbery


Can opener - P-38s are no longer used for individual rations by the United States Armed Forces, as canned C-rations were replaced by soft-pack MREs in the 1980s


Akhtar Abdur Rahman - In 1988, he was killed in the mysterious plane crash among with President Zia and many other high-ranking officers of the Pakistan and United States Armed Forces, including United States ambassador Arnold Lewis Raphel


Psy - In 2002, Psy participated in an anti-American concert after a U.S. military convoy accidentally struck and killed two 14-year-old South Korean schoolgirls in the Yangju highway incident


The Price Is Right - In 2002, a number of special episodes titled "The Price Is Right Salutes" aired in primetime, saluting the branches of the United States armed forces, and the police and firefighters of America in the wake of the September 11 attacks


Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi - In 2002, al-Hasidi was captured in Peshwar, Pakistan, and was later handed to US forces


Al-Qaeda in Iraq - It conducted numerous attacks against U.S. military personnel throughout 2004 and audacious suicide attacks inside the high-security Green Zone perimeter in Baghdad


Nightline - On April 30, 2004, Koppel read the names of members of the United States Armed Forces who were killed in Iraq


McFarlane Toys - The company gave a modern-day revival to the classic "toy soldier" with the release of McFarlane's Military in 2005, which capitalized on the fervor and media coverage surrounding the American military and support for its soldiers serving abroad


Lone Survivor (film) - According to Stofsky, what the fallen servicemen wore back is no longer current issue, as the United States Armed Forces stopped manufacturing the uniforms in 2006


Rakon - In May 2006 the "Herald" ran a large expose around Rakon products being supplied to Rockwelll for incorporation in United States Armed Forces 'smart bombs'


War on Terrorism - In early 2007, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates proposed to the President to increase the overall size of the Army and Marine Corps to meet the needs of the War on Terrorism add something


Pul-e-Charkhi prison - In 2007, the U.S. military began transferring some of its detainees from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to the Pul-e-Charkhi prison


Al-Qaeda in Iraq - According to U.S. military intelligence sources, in 2008 the group resembled a "Mafia-esque criminal gang"


In addition, in 2009, Gates proposed increasing the size of the Army by 22,000 troops in order to reduce fatigue from multiple trips overseas, and to compensate for troops who are in recovery away from their units add something


In fiscal year 2009, major defense programs saw continued funding add something


As of 31 December 2009, a total of 1,137,568 personnel were on active duty within the U.S. and its territories add something


John Legend - On September 9, 2010, he performed "Coming Home" on the Colbert Report as a tribute song for the end of combat operations in Iraq, and for the active troops and the veterans of the United States Armed Forces


As of 31 December 2010, U.S. armed forces were stationed in 150 of the world's 192 countries; the number of non-contingent deployments per country ranges from 1 in Suriname to over 50,000 in Germany add something


The Fiscal Year 2011 Department of Defense budget request plan calls for an active military end strength of 1,406,000, an increase of 77,500 from the 2007 baseline as a result of increments in the Army and Marine Corps strength and decrements in the Navy and Air Force strength add something


As of March 2011, in Afghanistan, there were 18,971 private security contractor personnel working for DoD; in Iraq, there were 9,207 private security contractor personnel, down from a high of 15,279 in June 2009 add something


Current plans are to increase the Army to 547,400 and the Marine Corps to 202,000 by 2012 add something


Jonathan Davis - In 2012, Jonathan began visiting United States Armed Forces stationed in Europe


Scott Stapp - In early 2012, to provide musical therapy and promote fundraising for victims of the 2011 T?hoku earthquake and tsunami, Stapp and his wife, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, IsraAid, the U.S. Armed Forces, and the United Service Organizations, traveled to Japan and visited with victims of the tsunami in affected towns including Sendai and Ishinomaki, Miyagi along Japan's northeast coastline


From the U.S.'s establishment to September 2012, 40 million Americans have served in the United States Armed Forces add something


As of October 2012, in Afghanistan, there were 18,914 PSC personnel working for DoD; in Iraq, there were 2,116 PSC personnel add something


Psy - On December 7, 2012, Psy issued an apology directed towards members of the U.S. military and to the American people for his "inflammatory and inappropriate" language, and expressed hope that the American public will accept his apology


Emergency medical technician - The Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2013, H.R. 235 in the 113th United States Congress, would amend the Public Health Service Act to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to establish a demonstration program for states with a shortage of emergency medical technicians to streamline state requirements and procedures to assist veterans who completed military EMT training while serving in the Armed Forces to meet state EMT certification and licensure requirements


DB Networks - Also in February 2013 the company announced a partnership with Alamo City Engineering Services to offer its products to the US Military and civilian federal agencies


Somali Civil War - In October 2013, the U.S. military began establishing the Mogadishu Coordinating Cell in the Somali capital, which became fully operational in late December


As of 31 December 2013, 1,369,532 people were on active duty in the armed forces, with an additional 850,880 people in the seven reserve components add something


International Security Assistance Force - The United States said it would end combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014


Philippines - When the United States President Barack Obama visited the Philippines on April 28, 2014, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, was signed, paving the way for the return of United States Armed Forces bases into the country


Syrian civil war - On 21 August 2014, two days after U.S. photojournalist James Foley was beheaded, the U.S. military admitted a covert rescue attempt involving dozens of U.S. Special Operations forces had been made to rescue Foley and other Americans held captive in Syria by IS militants


Chad Fortune - In the 2015 season, Fortune initiated the idea of the "Soldier Fortune" truck honoring the United States Armed Forces


Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. - Dunford became the highest-ranking military officer in the United States Armed Forces on October 1, 2015


On December 3, 2015, United States of America Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, announced that all military combat jobs would become available to women add something


In 2016, General Lori Robinson became the first female officer to command a major Unified Combatant Command in the history of the United States Armed Forces add something


The FY 2017 DoD budget request plan calls for an active duty end strength of 1,281,900, a decrease of 19,400 from the 2016 baseline as a result of decrements in the Army and Navy strength add something


Syrian civil war - On 18 May 2017, in what was said to have marked the most direct clash between the U.S.-led forces with the government of Syria, U.S.-led coalition fighter jets struck a convoy of pro-Syrian government forces advancing towards the U.S. coalition base at the border town of al-Tanf, where U.S. military operated and trained anti-government rebels


"February 2018 Demographic Reports" and end strengths for reserve components add something


On March 1st, 2019, the Department of Defense sent a proposal to Congress that would establish the United States Space Force as an independent military service within the Department of the Air Force add something


Total Active Duty Strength as of February 28, 2019 was 1,359,685 servicemembers, with an additional 799,845 people in the seven reserve components add something