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Val Kilmer

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Val Kilmer

American actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1959.

Countries: United States (66%), (9%), United Kingdom (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Top Gun, Joanne Whalley, Kevin Bacon

Linked to: Juilliard School, Chatsworth High School, Hollywood Professional School, William Woods University




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Val Kilmer was born in 1959 add something


The Saint (TV series) - Roger Moore never played the role again after 1969, though he can be heard speaking on a car radio during the 1997 film "The Saint", starring Val Kilmer as Templar


Laura Shapiro Kramer - In 1981 Shapiro Kramer sold David Mamet's first tele-play "Smashville "to ABC. In 1983 Shapiro Kramer produced John Byrne's "Slab Boys" on Broadway directed by Robert Allan Ackerman and starring Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon, Val Kilmer and Madeline Potter


Also in 1983, Kilmer self-published a collection of his own poetry entitled "My Edens After Burns", that included poems inspired by his time with Pfeiffer add something


In 1983 he appeared Off Broadway in "The Slab Boys" with Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn add something


Kilmer turned down a role in Francis Ford Coppola's 1983 film, "The Outsiders", as he had prior theatre commitments add something


Brian Benben - In 1983, Benben appeared in the Broadway play "Slab Boys" with Kevin Bacon, Sean Penn, Val Kilmer and Jackie Earle Haley


During a brief hiatus, he backpacked throughout Europe before going on to play the lead character in the 1985 comedy "Real Genius" add something


Gabriel Jarret - He is best known for his role as the young genius Mitch Taylor in the 1985 comedy film "Real Genius" in which he co starred with Val Kilmer


Kelly McGillis - Her next high profile role was that of flight instructor, Charlie, in the 1986 fighter-pilot film "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer


Neal Israel - "Real Genius", another of his scripts, was made into a successful film starring Val Kilmer, and in 1987, he produced the film "Three O'Clock High"


Colorado Shakespeare Festival - Kilmer starred in the Colorado Shakespeare Festival production of "Hamlet" in 1988 add something


Even though he has had a reputation of being difficult, Warwick Davis, Kilmer's co-star from the 1988 fantasy "Willow", in his audio commentary for the film said that the question he's most asked is what it was like working with Kilmer, Davis describes him as a very funny man and a hard working, dedicated actor add something


Kilmer was married to actress Joanne Whalley from March 1988 to February 1996 add something


Willow (film) - "'Willow"' is a 1988 American fantasy film directed by Ron Howard, produced and with a story by George Lucas, and starring Warwick Davis, Val Kilmer, Joanne_Whalley, Jean Marsh, and Billy Barty


In 1989, Kilmer played the lead in both "Kill Me Again", again opposite Whalley, and in TNT's "Billy the Kid" add something


Kill Me Again - "'Kill Me Again"' is a 1989 American neo-noir thriller film directed by John Dahl and starring Val Kilmer, Joanne_Whalley, and Michael Madsen


In the early 1990s, Kilmer starred in the mystery thriller "Thunderheart", action comedy "The Real McCoy" and again teamed with "Top Gun" director Tony Scott to play Elvis in "True Romance", which was written by Quentin Tarantino add something


Tommy Lee Jones - In the 1990s, blockbuster hits such as "The Fugitive" co-starring Harrison Ford, "Batman Forever" co-starring Val Kilmer, and "Men in Black" with Will Smith made Jones one of the best-paid and most in-demand actors in Hollywood


John Densmore - He worked as a technical adviser on the 1991 film, "The Doors", and was very impressed with Val Kilmer's performance as Morrison and overall was quite happy with the film


Erick Avari - However, before arriving in Los Angeles in 1991, his extensive work onstage has garnered him much praise from theater critics across America, most notably as Vasquez, in "'Tis Pity She's a Whore" with Val Kilmer at the Joseph Papp Public Theater and as Sir Richard at The Guthrie Theater's memorable production of "The Screens"


Batman in film - Burton and Keaton returned for the 1992 sequel "Batman Returns", and in 1995, Joel Schumacher directed "Batman Forever" with Val Kilmer as Batman


Heartbreak Hotel - In the 1992 film "Honeymoon in Vegas", Billy Joel made a version of "Heartbreak Hotel" and "All Shook Up", while the same year in "True Romance", actor Val Kilmer performed an a cappella version


In 1993, Kilmer played Doc Holliday in the western "Tombstone" alongside Kurt Russell, in what is credited as one of Kilmer's finest performances add something


In December 1993, "Batman Forever" director Joel Schumacher had seen "Tombstone" and was most impressed with Kilmer's performance as Doc Holliday add something


Morgan Earp - Bill Paxton played Morgan Earp in the 1993 movie Tombstone with Kurt Russell as Wyatt, Sam Elliot as Virgil, and Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday


Batman Begins - At his audition, Bale wore the bat suit Val Kilmer donned for 1995's "Batman Forever"


Irwin Winkler - Winkler had better luck at the box office as writer-director of the Sandra Bullock vehicle "The Net" , which spawned a series of the same name debuting on the USA Network in 1998, but got mired in syrupy sentimentality in "At First Sight" a gooey romance-drama starring Val Kilmer as a blind man whose bid to regain his sight complicates his relationship with his girlfriend


Heat (1995 film) - "'Heat"' is a 1995 American crime thriller film written, produced and directed by Michael Mann, and starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer


In February 1996, Kilmer decided not to return for another Batman feature film, feeling that Batman was being marginalized in favor of the villains add something


Emily Mortimer - Her first film role was opposite Val Kilmer in 1996's "The Ghost and the Darkness"


Fairuza Balk - In 1996 she co-starred in "The Island of Dr Moreau" with Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer and David Thewlis


John Henry Patterson (author) - In the 1996 Paramount Pictures film "The Ghost and the Darkness", he was portrayed by actor Val Kilmer


George Clooney replaced Kilmer as Batman in 1997's "Batman & Robin" add something


Stolichnaya - In the 1997 film "The Saint" starring Val Kilmer, a bottle of Stoli is visible in his room in Russia


Elisabeth Shue - Shue displayed some action movie skills in the 1997 spy remake "The Saint" as Val Kilmer's love interest


Burl Barer - The first was a novelization of the screenplay for the 1997 film adaptation of "The Saint" starring Val Kilmer, although the film itself was only loosely based upon Charteris' creation


In 1998, he lent his voice to the animated film "The Prince of Egypt" as Moses, before starring in the independent film "Joe the King" and playing a blind man in the drama/romance "At First Sight", which he described as of then, the hardest role he had ever had add something


Frank Whaley - He made his writing-directorial debut in his own independent film, "Joe the King", in 1999, featuring his "Doors" costar Val Kilmer and longtime friend and colleague Ethan Hawke in starring roles


Pete Mitchell (Top Gun) - Top Gun - The show had previously spoofed "Top Gun" in a 2000 episode hosted by Val Kilmer, doing a sketch in which Iceman had become a commercial airline pilot


Red Planet (film) - "'Red Planet"' is a 2000 science fiction thriller film directed by Antony Hoffman, starring Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne_Moss and Tom Sizemore


Keith Szarabajka - Szarabajka has contributed his voice to several audio books, notably "Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates" by Tom Robbins, for which he won the 2001 Audie *award for Best Fiction, unabridged, "Fear Nothing" and "Seize the Night" by Dean Koontz, several roles in a Grammy nominated audio dramatization of "The Maltese Falcon", "Rising Sun" by Michael Crichton, Nelson Algren's "Walk on the Wild Side", and the much lauded "The Mark of Zorro" opposite Val Kilmer


Since 2002, Kilmer has been working on a film about the life of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science church, and Mark Twain, one of her most famous critics add something


Darian Weiss - He appeared on the NBC soap opera "Days of our Lives" in 2002 and 2003 and worked alongside Val Kilmer in "Ten Commandments" at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood and starred in the Walt Disney Concert Hall production of "Beethoven's in the House"


Frank Darabont - He produced the 2002 film "The Salton Sea", starring Val Kilmer and Vincent D'Onofrio


The Salton Sea - "'The Salton Sea"' is a 2002 American neo-noir crime thriller film directed by D. J. Caruso, and starring Val Kilmer and Vincent D'Onofrio


In 2003, Kilmer starred alongside Kate Bosworth in the drama/thriller "Wonderland", as well as appearing in "The Missing", where he again worked with "Willow" director Ron Howard add something


Subsequently, he had a role in the drama, "Stateside", and starred in the thriller "Mindhunters", which was filmed in 2003 but not released until 2005 add something


Finally in 2004, Kilmer appeared in an episode of "Entourage", where he played a Sherpa whose primary source of income was the growing, harvesting and distributing high-quality marijuana, all under a guise of metaphysical insights add something


Eric L. Haney - Previously, Haney was a technical consultant on Mamet's 2004 film "Spartan", starring Val Kilmer


In 2005, he co-starred with Robert Downey, Jr. in the action-comedy film "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" add something


Kilmer made several trips to New Orleans to help in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster relief add something


Batman in film - Joel Schumacher, Peter MacGregor-Scott, Chris O'Donnell, Val Kilmer, Uma_Thurman, John Glover, "Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight Part 6-Batman Unbound", 2005, Warner Home Video and was replaced by George Clooney


In 2006, he reunited with director Tony Scott a third time for a supporting role opposite Denzel Washington in the box-office hit "Déjà Vu" add something


The song "Val Kilmer" was named after him on Bowling for Soup's 2006 album "The Great Burrito Extortion Case," add something


Paula Patton - Patton's big break came in 2006 when she landed the pivotal role of Claire Kuchever in the science-fiction thriller "Déjà Vu", starring Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer


In 2007, he guest-starred in hit TV series "Numb3rs" episode "Trust Metric" as torture expert Mason Lancer add something


Kilmer is an avid musician, and released a CD in the fall of 2007, proceeds of which went to his charity interests add something


In 2008, Kilmer starred alongside Stephen Dorff in the Sony and Stage 6 film "Felon" add something


Kilmer was the voice of the car KITT for the 2008 "Knight Rider" TV pilot film and the following television series add something


The film was given only a limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles in 2008, but it developed into a success secondary to positive word of mouth add something


Buck Taylor - He appeared as Ben Lily in January 2008, with his friend Val Kilmer in the CBS miniseries "Comanche Moon", another in the "Lonesome Dove" line of television films


Angus T. Jones - On June 7, 2008, Jones joined other stars including Dakota Fanning, Cuba Gooding Jr., Val Kilmer, and former "Bringing Down the House" co-star Kimberly J. Brown, in lending their support to the First Star Organization to help abused and neglected children


He appeared as the main antagonist "Mongoose" in a live TV series adaptation of the comic/video game of "XIII" on NBC in 2009 add something


The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - "'The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans"' is a 2009 American crime drama film directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Tom Bower, Jennifer Coolidge, Xzibit, Val Kilmer and Brad Dourif


He briefly flirted with running for Governor of New Mexico in 2010, but in the end declined to run add something


In 2010, Kilmer appeared as the villain Dieter Von Cunth in "MacGruber", and Tenacious D's music video "To Be The Best" as a small cameo role add something


In 2010, Kilmer starred in the horror film from Michael Oblowitz, "The Traveler", where he played the vengeful spirit of a man who had been tortured and murdered while in police custody add something


In November 2010, Kilmer was filming in Kelseyville, California add something


Kilmer sold his 6,000 acre ranch in New Mexico in 2011, where he would track, hike, fish, and raise bison add something


The song was later used for one of the Ford commercials on season 10 of "American Idol" in 2011 add something


Francis Ford Coppola - "Twixt", starring Val Kilmer, Elle_Fanning, Joanne Whalley and Bruce Dern and narrated by Tom Waits, was released to film festivals in late 2011 and was released theatrically in early 2012


Ibiza International Film Festival - V edition takes place from 4 to 8 May 2011 with Val Kilmer as the president of the Jury


Twixt (film) - "'Twixt"' is a 2011 horror thriller film written, directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola starring Val Kilmer and Elle Fanning, The film premiered on September 4, 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival and was screened at various film festivals in North America, receiving a limited theatrical release in a handful of International markets


In 2012, Kilmer received a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Word add something


On May 5, 2012, Kilmer was awarded an honorary doctorate of Fine Arts from William Woods University add something


Diana DeGarmo - In film, DeGarmo played the character "Dora Hand" in the 2012 Val Kilmer western, "Wyatt Earp's Revenge


In 2013, he will be reunited with his "Top Gun" co-star Anthony Edwards as Bravo and Echo in the upcoming Disney animated movie "Planes" add something


Pete Mitchell (Top Gun) - The 2013 computer-animated film "Planes" pays homage to "Top Gun", with Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards as voice cast


Top Gun - The 2013 computer-animated film "Planes" pays homage to "Top Gun", with Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards as voice cast


Twixt (film) - "Twixt" was released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD by Fox Home Entertainment on July 23, 2013, and the film marks the on-screen reunion of Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley


In January 2015, Kilmer was hospitalized for massive bleeding in his throat add something


In 2016, Kilmer starred in the Rick Alverson directed music video for Oneohtrix Point Never's "Animals", from his 2015 album Garden of Delete, which was released to wide critical acclaim add something


In 2017, Kilmer appeared in "Song to Song" opposite Rooney Mara and Ryan Gosling directed by Terrence Malick add something


After previously denying persistent rumors that he had been diagnosed with cancer, Kilmer said in April 2017 that he had a "healing of cancer" add something