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Vicky Jewson

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Vicky Jewson

English screenwriter and film director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1985.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Netflix




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Vicky Jewson was born in 1985 add something


Her first film "Lady Godiva", released in 2008, was filmed in Oxford add something


On 19 May 2008, Jewson organised a charity fund raising event involving 20 women riding as Lady Godiva through London's Hyde Park add something


The film was pre sold by Westend Films to 11 territories at script stage in 2017 add something


Netflix Originals acquired the rights for the rest of the world including United States,Canada and U.K. in 2018 add something


In January 2018, Jewson's "Close", based on the life of the female bodyguard Jacquie Davis, was released and picked up by Netflix add something