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Vince McMahon

American professional wrestling promoter, announcer, commentator, film producer, actor and former occasional professional wrestler add

Category: Business

Born in 1945.

Countries: United States (68%), Canada (8%), (7%)

Main connections: Montreal Screwjob, Triple H, WWE

Linked to: East Carolina University, Playboy, Forbes, Time Warner




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Vince McMahon was born in 1945 add something


In 1963, the WWF split from the National Wrestling Alliance, which was the governing body for all the regional territories across the country and as far away as Japan add something


According to an interview with "Playboy", he attended and graduated, in 1964, from Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, Virginia add something


McMahon married Linda McMahon on August 26, 1966 in New Bern, North Carolina, North Carolina add something


Throughout the 1970s, McMahon became the prominent force in his father's company, and over the next decade, Vince assisted his father in tripling TV syndication add something


He later became the play-by-play announcer for television matches after he replaced Ray Morgan in 1971, a role he would regularly maintain until November 1997 add something


In 1971, he was assigned to a small territory in Maine, where he promoted his first card add something


McMahon made his announcing debut in 1971 when he replaced Ray Morgan after Morgan had a pay dispute with McMahon's father, Vince McMahon, Sr., shortly before a scheduled TV taping add something


The young McMahon was behind the Muhammad Ali versus Antonio Inoki match of 1976 add something


During the late 1980s, McMahon shaped the WWF into a unique sports entertainment brand that reached out to family audiences while attracting fans who had never before paid attention to pro wrestling add something


He was acquitted of all charges though he admitted to taking steroids himself in the 1980s add something


In the early 1980s, McMahon briefly promoted ice hockey in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts add something


Vince is the husband of Linda McMahon, with whom he ran WWE from its establishment in 1980, until she resigned as the CEO in September 2009 add something


Don Owen (wrestling promoter) - By the 1980s, professional wrestling had seen a revival on behalf of Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation


Gadowar Singh Sahota - Sahota worked Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Australia, and Hawaii for Vince McMahon and the WWF from 1980-86


Gadowar Singh Sahota - Singh worked Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Australia and Hawaii for Vince McMahon and the WWF from 1980-86


WWE - On February 21, 1980, the son of Vincent J. McMahon, Vincent K. McMahon, founded "'Titan Sports, Inc."' and on June 6, 1982, purchased Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. from his father and other stock holders


Hulk Hogan - After purchasing the company from his father in 1982, Vincent K. McMahon had plans to expand the territory into a nationwide promotion, and he handpicked Hulk Hogan to be the company's showpiece attraction due to his charisma and name recognition


Verne Gagne - In late 1983, Hogan accepted an offer from Vincent K. McMahon to return to the WWF. The Iron Sheik, who Gagne trained, has alleged that he was offered a cash bribe by the AWA's owner to inflict career threatening damage on Hogans knee after it became apparent that he was going to go to the WWF. This allegation was supported by Hogan during an interview for A&E's "Biography"


Linda Hogan (TV personality) - They married in 1983 in a wedding attended by André the Giant, Vince McMahon, and other wrestling personalities


Alfred Hayes (wrestler) - He was a sidekick to Vince McMahon on "Tuesday Night Titans", a WWF-style talk show from 1984 to 1986


David Schultz (professional wrestler) - In 1984, while competing in Memphis, promoter Vince McMahon had become impressed with Schultz after watching an interview in which he had made derogatory remarks about Hulk Hogan during his brief stay in the area


Gadowar Singh Sahota - Stampede wrestling would be purchased by Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation in 1984, but return under Bruce Hart running with Gama as one of the top attractions until 1990


Ray Stevens (wrestler) - Stevens briefly did color commentary alongside Vince McMahon in 1984


On March 31, 1985, he promoted the first WrestleMania to be held at Madison Square Garden while airing on closed circuit TV throughout the U.S. WrestleMania was an undisputed success add something


Ted Arcidi - Arcidi lifted for several years and eventually was sought by and debuted in Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation in late 1985


Dewey Robertson - A full-page photo of The Missing Link appeared in the April 29, 1985, issue of "Sports Illustrated", which had Hulk Hogan on the cover and reported on Vince McMahon's aggressive strategy to take his World Wrestling Federation national


Randy Savage - In June 1985, Savage signed with Vince McMahon


Ben Bassarab - The acquisition of Stampede by Vince McMahon in 1985 led to many Stampede wrestlers being signed by the WWF. The British Bulldogs, Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart, and Bret Hart were all hired, but Bassarab was not, though he did face WWF wrestler Brutus Beefcake at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto on July 28, 1985


Max Taogaga - In 1986, Taogaga signed with Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation


In 1987, McMahon reportedly drew 93,173 fans to the Pontiac Silverdome for WrestleMania III, which featured the main event of Hulk Hogan versus André the Giant add something


Tony Schiavone - He was signed by Vince McMahon's WWF for a stint in 1989 and early 1990, and was most notable as being the main play-by-play announcer for their SummerSlam 1989 and Royal Rumble 1990 pay-per-views


Allen Coage - Bad News eventually left the WWF after SummerSlam 1990, claiming Vince McMahon failed to live up to his promise to make him the company's first black champion


Dave Meltzer - He gave extensive space to various wrestling scandals, including Vince McMahon's 1990s steroid trial, the Chris Benoit murder investigation, and the high drug-fuelled death rate within the wrestling ranks


Gerald Brisco - However, Brisco, along with his partner Pat Patterson, achieved more fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s as the onscreen "stooge" of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon


The Fabulous Moolah - In the late 1990s, Pat Patterson and Ellison began jokingly discussing a comeback for her, which resulted in Patterson contacting WWF Chairman Vince McMahon about the possibility


David Schultz (professional wrestler) - Schultz briefly reappeared in the spotlight in the early 1990s when Vince McMahon was accused of illegally distributing anabolic steroids


Paul Burchill - This was done allegedly because Vince McMahon, who reportedly was not aware of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films and Johnny Depp's pirate character, believed the character should have thought he was a real pirate, acting more like the Carl Ouellet pirate character from the 1990s, and felt it could not work as a crowd favorite, despite the positive crowd reactions Burchill received


Paul Bearer - He joined the World Wrestling Federation in December 1990, after being mentioned by Rick Rude to WWF owner Vince McMahon


On April 3, 1992, Chatterton made an appearance on Geraldo Rivera's television show "Now It Can Be Told" alleging that on July 16, 1986 McMahon tried to force her to perform oral sex on him in his limousine and, after her rebuttal, subjected her to rape add something


Mike Bucci - Bucci's first taste of superstar exposure came between 1992 and 1994 when WWF Chairman Vince McMahon used talent from various promotions as jobbers to various up and coming superstars on WWF programming


Kevin Wacholz - However, Wacholz was released from his WWF contract in December 1992, after he allegedly attacked Vince McMahon in his office over a financial dispute


In 1993, he was indicted after a steroid controversy engulfed the promotion add something


The feud between Lawler and McMahon would help build towards Lawler's match against Bret Hart at SummerSlam in 1993 add something


While the Mr. McMahon character marked the first time that McMahon had been portrayed as a villain in WWF, in 1993, McMahon was engaged in a feud with Jerry Lawler as part of a cross-promotion between the WWF and the United States Wrestling Association add something


Mike McGuirk - McGuirk left the WWF in 1993, reported by "Penthouse" magazine to be because she refused sexual advances made upon her by Vince McMahon, around the same time Boni Blackstone was hired as an interviewer


Boni Blackstone - In March 1993, she was flown in for an audition and later met with Vince McMahon


McMahon was put on trial in 1994, accused of distributing steroids to his wrestlers add something


Randy Colley - In 1994, Colley was called as a prosecution witness in the Vince McMahon steroid distribution trial on Long Island, New York


Stone Cold Steve Austin - In late 1995, Austin joined the WWF after Kevin Nash and Jim Ross helped convince WWE's owner Vince McMahon to hire him


Throughout late 1996 and into 1997, McMahon slowly began to be referred to as the owner on WWF television while remaining as the company's lead play-by-play announcer add something


This was followed up on the October 23, 1996 episode of "Raw" with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin referring to then-WWF President Gorilla Monsoon as "just a puppet" and that it was actually McMahon "pulling all the strings add something


At Survivor Series in 1997, Bret Hart defended his !WWF_Championship (WWE_Championship) against long-time rival Shawn Michaels in the main event add something


The character was spawned from the real-life hatred many wrestling fans had for McMahon following the Montreal Screwjob, at the 1997 Survivor Series add something


The March 17, 1997 episode of "WWF Raw is War" is cited by some as the beginning of the Mr. McMahon character, as after Bret Hart lost to Sycho Sid in a steel cage match for the !WWF_Championship (WWE_Championship), Hart engaged in an expletive-laden rant against McMahon and WWF management add something


On September 22, 1997, on the first-ever "Raw" to be broadcast from Madison Square Garden, Bret's brother Owen Hart was giving a speech to the fans in attendance add something


McMahon would eventually become the regular play-by-play announcer and would maintain that role until November 1997, portraying himself as an easily-excited, over-the-top announcer add something


Gerald Brisco - Following the 1997 Montreal Screwjob, Brisco capitalized on his notoriety by becoming an onscreen "stooge" of Vince McMahon along with Pat Patterson


Pat Patterson (wrestler) - In 1997, Patterson became an onscreen stooge of Vince McMahon


The Sandman (wrestler) - This event marked the start of the on-air working relationship between Vince McMahon's WWF and Paul Heyman's ECW and eventually led to ECW appearing on the February 24, 1997 WWF program "Raw"


In April 1998, it appeared Austin and McMahon were going to battle out their differences in an actual match, but the match was declared a no contest when Dude Love made an appearance; off-screen, this marked the first time since June 10, 1996 that "Raw" beat "WCW Monday Nitro" in the ratings add something


McMahon restarted a long-running feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin when, in December 1998, he made Austin face the Undertaker in a Buried Alive match with the Royal Rumble qualification on the line add something


Ed Ferrara - He secured an interview with Vince McMahon and began working with the WWF at the King of the Ring in 1998


David Sahadi - Prior to WrestleMania XIV on March 29, 1998, Sahadi produced a video featuring Pat Patterson, Gorilla Monsoon, Ernie Ladd, Killer Kowalski and Sahadi's close friend "Classy" Freddie Blassie which reduced WWF owner Vince McMahon to tears


He was the winner of the 1999 Royal Rumble add something


However he had decided to vacate the title during the following Monday's "Raw is War" because he was not allowed on WWF TV because of the stipulations of the Fully Loaded 1999 contract he signed add something


McMahon has occasionally dropped his character performance upon real-life events affecting WWE, such as the death of Owen Hart at Over the Edge in 1999, the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the death of Chris Benoit add something


The feud culminated at Armageddon in 1999; McMahon faced Triple H in a No Holds Barred match which McMahon lost add something


McMahon went on to participate in a "Corporate Rumble" on the January 11, 1999 episode of "Raw" as an unscheduled participant, but he was eliminated by Chyna add something


McMahon would become a member of the stable The Union which existed for a brief time, during May 1999 add something


In October 1999, McMahon led the WWF in an initial public offering of company stock add something


Steve Blackman - After a short hiatus, Blackman returned as the hired hitman of Vince McMahon to take out Ken Shamrock and cost Shamrock the King of the Ring in 1999


Mike Jones (wrestler) - During the 'Powers That Be' angle in fall of 1999, Jones was renamed "'Shane"', again a mockery of WWF owner Vince McMahon's son Shane McMahon


Stephanie McMahon - In early 1999, at the suggestion of WWF writer Vince Russo, Stephanie McMahon debuted as the sweet and innocent daughter of Vince McMahon during an on-screen storyline involving Vince and The Undertaker


In 2000, McMahon again ventured outside the world of professional wrestling by launching the XFL add something


Stephanie McMahon - In 2000, with Vince McMahon absent as a result of injuries inflicted upon him by Triple H at the Armageddon event in 1999, Triple H and Stephanie became the on-screen owners of the WWF, a period known as the "McMahon-Helmsley Era" and dominated by the McMahon-Helmsley Faction


Lilian Garcia - WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asked her to sing America the Beautiful at "WrestleMania 2000" and "WrestleMania 21", joining a renowned list of legendary recording artists that includes Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Reba McEntire, Gladys Knight and Willie Nelson


Mike Keller - In January 2000, when WWF owner Vince McMahon ventured into the professional football business to form the XFL, he hired Keller as the league's vice president of football operations


In 2001, McMahon was interviewed by "Playboy" and performed an interview with his son Shane for the second issue of the magazine that year add something


"Forbes" has noted McMahon's wealth at 1,1 billion dollars, backing up the WWE's claim he is a billionaire for the year of 2001, though he is reported to have since dropped off the list add something


The league eventually began in February 2001 with McMahon making an appearance at the first game add something


McMahon purchased long-time rival promotion World Championship Wrestling in March 2001 from AOL Time Warner and signed many wrestlers from the organization add something


On the July 9, 2001 episode of "Raw", some extremists as well as several former ECW wrestlers on the WWF roster, joined with the WCW wrestlers to form The Alliance add something


American football - Several football leagues have been formed as rival leagues to the NFL. The XFL was created in 2001 by Vince McMahon and lasted for only one season


Montreal Screwjob - WWF eventually surpassed its arch-rival WCW. With its business steadily declining and a corporate takeover of its parent company by America Online, WCW was put up for sale and purchased by Vince McMahon in 2001, once again making WWF the single-largest wrestling company in North America


Montreal Screwjob - WWF eventually surpassed its arch-rival WCW. With its business steadily declining and a corporate takeover of its parent company by America Online, WCW was put up for sale and purchased by Vince McMahon in 2001, once again making WWF the single-largest wrestling company in North America


WWE Championship - Following the events of the first & WWE brand extension, an annual WWE draft was established in 2002, with Ric Flair and Vince McMahon heading up the Raw and SmackDown brands respectively


Lennox Lewis - In 2002, Lewis was reportedly offered £5m by World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon to take up professional wrestling in his industry


In the summer of 2003, McMahon acquired Extreme Championship Wrestling in bankruptcy court, leaving McMahon and the WWF as the only major wrestling promotion left in North America add something


Kevin Wacholz - According to the 2003 book "WrestleCrap", his testimony included the comment "I hate Vince McMahon's guts


Sable (wrestler) - In 2003, she returned to the newly renamed World Wrestling Entertainment where she was put into a storyline feud with Torrie Wilson, and another storyline as Vince McMahon's mistress


McMahon began a feud with Eric Bischoff in late 2005, when he decided that Bischoff was not doing a good job as General Manager of "Raw" add something


Shawn Michaels - On the December 26, 2005 episode of "Raw", Vince McMahon lauded Michaels for his part in the "Montreal Screwjob"


Almost a year later on "Raw" in late 2006, Bischoff was brought out by McMahon's executive assistant Jonathan Coachman so that he could announce the completion of his book "Controversy Creates Cash" add something


At first, the charge appeared to be discredited because McMahon was in Miami for the 2006 Royal Rumble at the time add something


At the 2006 Royal Rumble, when Michaels was among the final six remaining participants after eliminating Shelton Benjamin, McMahon's entrance theme music distracted Michaels, allowing Shane McMahon to eliminate him add something


The campy "Stand Back" video has since resurfaced several times over the years as a running gag between McMahon and any face wrestler he is feuding with at that particular time, and was included on the 2006 "McMahon" DVD. add something


On February 1, 2006, McMahon was accused of sexual harassment by a worker at a Boca Raton, Florida tanning bar add something


On the February 27, 2006 episode of "Raw", Michaels was knocked unconscious by Shane add something


In March 2006, McMahon was featured on the cover of "Muscle & Fitness" magazine add something


On the May 15, 2006 episode of "Raw", Triple H hit Shane with a sledgehammer meant for Michaels add something


On August 22, 2006, a two-disc DVD set showcasing McMahon's career was released add something


The cartoon series, produced by Animax Entertainment, debuted on on November 22, 2006 add something


In January 2007, McMahon started a feud with Donald Trump, which was featured on major media outlets add something


On June 11, 2007, WWE aired a segment at the end of "Raw" that featured McMahon entering a limousine moments before it exploded add something


The June 25, 2007 episode of "Raw" was scheduled to be a three-hour memorial to "Mr. McMahon" add something


His last appearance on WWE television until August 6, 2007 was the next night on "ECW on Sci Fi" in which after acknowledging that a tribute to Benoit had aired the previous night, he announced that there would be no further mention of Benoit due to the circumstances becoming apparent, and that the ECW show would be dedicated to those that had been affected by the Benoit murders add something


Lanny Poffo - Poffo remains on good terms with WWE, having written a poem for in 2007 for the "Battle of the Billionaires" at WrestleMania 23 between Vince McMahon and Donald Trump


Armando Estrada - In February 2007, he managed Umaga to his first title, the Intercontinental Championship, and stood beside him during his partnership with Vince McMahon and feud with Bobby Lashley


Zuleyka Rivera - On April 1, 2007, Rivera appeared at WrestleMania 23 along with Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith and Miss Teen USA 2006 Katie Blair, supporting Donald Trump in the Battle of the Billionaires match against Vince McMahon


Robbie Brookside - Brookside appeared on the 23 April 2007 episode of "WWE Raw", losing a no disqualification, 3-on-1 handicap match to Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, and Umaga


Brian Heffron - On May 21, 2007, it was jokingly announced that Heffron would face Vince McMahon for the ECW World Championship at One Night Stand


Mark Cuban - On September 12, 2007, Cuban said that he was in talks with Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Shane McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment in creating a mixed martial arts company that would compete with Ultimate Fighting Championship


Stone Cold Steve Austin - On December 10, 2007 during the "Raw 15th Anniversary Spectacular", Austin returned after Vince McMahon received the mandible claw from Mankind and a chokeslam from The Undertaker for proclaiming himself "the greatest Raw superstar of all time


In February 2008, after months of "tough love" antics towards Hornswoggle, John "Bradshaw" Layfield revealed that Hornswoggle was not McMahon's son and that he was actually Finlay's son add something


On the January 5, 2009, episode of "Raw", Chris Jericho would tell Stephanie McMahon that McMahon would be returning to "Raw" soon add something


On January 19, 2009, episode of "Raw", McMahon returned, as a face, and supported his daughter's decision on Jericho, but Stephanie would rehire him add something


Chris Masters - The Wrestling Observer reported that Vince McMahon only re-hired Masters in 2009 at the recommendation of Randy Orton


Montreal Screwjob - On the December 14, 2009 episode of "Raw", Vince McMahon came out to announce the nominees for Guest Host of the Year during the Slammy Awards


Montreal Screwjob - On the December 14, 2009 episode of "Raw", Vince McMahon came out to announce the nominees for Guest Host of the Year during the Slammy Awards


In 2010, McMahon announced plans to launch a brand new cable network by summer 2011 add something


Shane left the company as of January 1, 2010; while Stephanie continues to be active in a backstage role add something


On the January 4, 2010 episode of "Raw", McMahon confronted special guest host Bret "The Hitman" Hart for the first time since the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997, with the intention of burying the hatchet from the above mentioned Montreal Screwjob add something


Dave Bautista - Batista became involved in WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Bret Hart's rivalry in February 2010 by assisting McMahon in attacking Hart; John Cena attempted to save Hart, but would end up being assaulted by Batista


Byron Saxton - He continued commentating until February 2010, when Vince McMahon announced that "ECW" was to be replaced with "NXT"


Smith Hart - On March 28, 2010, Hart made an appearance at Wrestlemania 26 to help his brother Bret defeat Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match


McMahon would return to the WWE on the February 7, 2011, episode of "Raw", were he announced that the guest host for WrestleMania XXVII would be revealed the following week, with the person being The Rock add something


At the end of the July 18, 2011 broadcast of "Raw", Triple H returned on behalf of WWE's board of directors to relieve Mr. McMahon of his duties of running "Raw" and "Smackdown", though retaining his role as Chairman of the company add something


John Laurinaitis - While generally behind the scenes, on June 27, 2011, Laurinaitis was mentioned on WWE programming as WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent Relations , during a worked shoot on an episode of "WWE Raw" by CM Punk who called him a "glad-handing, nonsensical, douchebag yes-man" who would "tell Vince McMahon anything he wants to hear"


Triple H - At the end of the July 18, 2011 episode of "Raw", Triple H returned on behalf of WWE's board of directors to relieve his father-in-law Vince McMahon of his duties


McMahon returned on the October 8th, 2012 episode of "Raw" to deliver his State of the WWE Address, but was interrupted and slapped by CM Punk add something


On June 11, 2012 McMahon returned as a face to give a job evaluation to John Laurinaitis, in which if he did not do well, he would have been fired by McMahon later that night add something


On June 17, 2012, John Cena defeated Big Show in a steel cage match at No Way Out add something


Eve Torres - In December 2012, Eve would ask for her release from Vince McMahon, and it would be granted in January 2013 so she can focus on her role as an instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program


During the buildup for the 2013 Royal Rumble, McMahon told CM Punk that if The Shield interfered in his match with The Rock, Punk would forfeit his title add something


Brock Lesnar - Lesnar returned to "Raw" on January 28, 2013, confronting Vince McMahon, who was just seconds away from firing Paul Heyman


Triple H - Triple H returned on the February 25, 2013, episode of "Raw", brawling with Brock Lesnar after he attempted to attack Vince McMahon


Vickie Guerrero - On the July 19, 2013 "SmackDown" Vince Mcmahon hired Guerrero as the new General Manager of SmackDown


The concept was eventually modified from a conventional cable channel into an over-the-top streaming service known as WWE Network, which launched in February 2014 add something


On 14th April 2014 edition of Raw, McMahon appeared at the beginning of the show to pay tribute to The Ultimate Warrior's passing add something


On the April 14, 2014 edition of "Raw", McMahon appeared at the beginning of the show to pay tribute to The Ultimate Warrior's passing add something


McMahon returned on the December 14, 2015 episode of Raw as a heel by confronting Roman Reigns over his attack on Triple H at add something


Montreal Screwjob - In a 2015 interview, former Ohio Valley Wrestling manager Kenny Bolin claimed that it was he who first came up with the program for the Screwjob; stating that he had "fed" Jim Cornette information about the plan weeks prior after initially being rebuffed by Vince McMahon, and that it was not until the last minute that McMahon finally accepted the plan


Montreal Screwjob - In a 2015 interview, former Ohio Valley Wrestling manager Kenny Bolin claimed that it was he who first came up with the program for the Screwjob; stating that he had "fed" Jim Cornette information about the plan weeks prior after initially being rebuffed by Vince McMahon, and that it was not until the last minute that McMahon finally accepted the plan


Erie Insurance Arena - It was announced on May 17 2015 in an interview with Vince Mcmahon that the 33rd annual Wrestlemania would take place in the arena and if not Wrestlemania Erie would get a pay-per view in 2017 or late 2016


Chyna - Laurer, in a 2015 interview with Vince Russo, stated that after a meeting with Vince McMahon about the Stephanie McMahon situation, she was sent home and was later sent a fax telling her that she was not needed anymore


Hulk Hogan - During a January 2015 podcast with Chris Jericho, Hogan indicated that in 1990 following WrestleMania VI he asked Vince McMahon if he could turn heel


On the February 22, 2016, episode of "Raw", Vince McMahon presented the first ever "Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence" award to his daughter Stephanie add something


In April 2016, McMahon was criticized by Vince Russo continually pushing Roman Reigns as a "white bread babyface" due to believing that "the 1970s philosophy is going to work today" in 2016 add something


Thaddeus Bullard - On the February 8, 2016 episode of "Raw", O'Neil had what was described as a "playful, physical" altercation with Vince McMahon as the show was going off the air while the two were on stage during Daniel Bryan's retirement celebration


On the April 3rd, 2017 episode of WWE RAW, McMahon announced Kurt Angle as the new General Manager of RAW. add something


On the April 3, 2017 episode of "Raw", McMahon returned, where he would announce Kurt Angle as the new general manager of "Raw" add something


On January 22, 2018, McMahon returned on Raw 25 Years to address the WWE Universe, only to later turn on them by calling them "cheap" add something


McMahon returned once again to WWE televison on the December 17, 2018 episode of "Monday Night Raw", accompanied by his Son Shane, Daughter Stephanie McMahon, and his Son-in-law Triple H, promising to shake things up as they admitted they weren't performing as well as they should have add something


WWE - As of 2018, the company's Board of Directors has nine members: Vince McMahon, the company's Chairman of the Board and CEO; Stuart U. Goldfarb, $ President of Fullbridge, Inc.; Patricia A. Gottesman, former President and CEO of Crimson Hexagon; Frank A. Riddick, III, CEO of Shale-Inland Group, Inc.; Jeffrey R. Speed, former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of &Six_Flags; Laureen Ong, former President of &Travel_Channel; Robyn W. Peterson,


Curt Hawkins - On the January 21, 2019 episode of "Raw", Hawkins attempted to persuade Vince McMahon into booking him in a match, but was instead inserted as the special guest referee for The Revival's Raw Tag Team Championship match against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, in which The Revival lost after Hawkins witnessed them attempting to cheat three times, allowing Roode and Gable to win