Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

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Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

Italian diplomat and political figure add

Category: Politics

Born in 1860.

Countries: Italy (63%), United States (13%), (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Enrico Caviglia, World War I, Paris Peace Conference, 1919

Linked to: Italian Liberal Party, Mafia, Democratic Liberal Party, University of Palermo




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Vittorio Emanuele Orlando was born in 1860 add something


He aligned himself with Giovanni Giolitti, who was Prime Minister of Italy five times between 1892 and 1921 add something


In 1903 he served as Minister of Education under Prime Minister Giolitti add something


In 1907 he was appointed Minister of Justice, a role he retained until 1909 add something


He was re-appointed to the same ministry in November 1914 in the government of Antonio Salandra until his appointment as Minister of the Interior in June 1916 under Paolo Boselli add something


After the Italian military disaster in World War I at Caporetto on October 25, 1917, which led to the fall of the Boselli government, Orlando became Prime Minister, and continued in that role through the rest of the war add something


The fact that Italy recovered and ended up on the winning side in 1918 earned for Orlando the title "Premier of Victory add something


Battle of Vittorio Veneto - The Italians later won the Battle of Vittorio Veneto in November 1918, a feat that coincided with the collapse of Austro-Hungarian Army and the end of the First World War on the Italian Front, as well as the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire add something


Although, as prime minister, he was the head of the Italian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, Orlando's inability to speak English and his weak political position at home allowed the conservative foreign minister, the half-Welsh Sidney Sonnino, to play a dominant role add something


Orlando dramatically left the conference early in April 1919 add something


Orlando resigned on 23 June 1919, following his inability to acquire Fiume for Italy in the peace settlement add something


In December 1919 he was elected president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, but never again served as prime minister add something


Foreign Policy Association - World War I - This was to increase support for United States membership in this world body being discussed and laid out in the Versailles Treaty and the Paris Peace Conference which assembled later in 1919 with the "Big Four" representatives dominating the many representatives of the nations formerly at war: President Woodrow Wilson of the US, Prime Minister David Lloyd-George of the United Kingdom, Premier Georges Clemenceau of the France and Prime Minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy following the Armistice ending combat in World War


Enrico Caviglia - On 22 February 1919 he was appointed Senator for life, and later took part in Vittorio Emanuele Orlando's first government as Minister of War. When Gabriele D'Annunzio occupied Fiume with his "legionnaires", Caviglia was called to replace general Pietro Badoglio, dating from 21 December 1920, as troop commander and extraordinary commissioner in the Venezia Giulia


When Benito Mussolini seized power in 1922, Orlando initially supported him, but broke with Il Duce over the murder of Giacomo Matteotti in 1924 add something


After that he abandoned politics, in 1925 he resigned from the Chamber of Deputies, until in 1935 Mussolini's march into Ethiopia stirred Orlando's nationalism add something


In 1925, Orlando stated in the Italian senate that he was proud of being "mafioso": add something


In 1944, he made something of a political comeback add something


He was elected speaker of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, where he served until 1946 add something


In 1946, he was elected to the Constituent Assembly of Italy add something


In 1948 he was nominated senator for life, and was a candidate for the presidency of the republic but was defeated by Luigi Einaudi add something

Vittorio Emanuele Orlando died in 1952 add something


Enrico Caviglia - His body was interred in the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in Finale Ligure Marina, but on 22 June 1952, under the eyes of Luigi Einaudi, President of the Italian Republic, and former prime minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, the remains were finally translated to the tower of Capo San Donato, just east of Finale