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German automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany add

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Founded in 1937.

Countries: Germany (28%), (17%), United States (13%)

Main connections: Audi, Volkswagen Golf, Porsche

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The first Porsche car, the Porsche 64 of 1938, used many components from the Volkswagen Beetle add something


With the amount of detail given both before April 1938 and after April 1945, this omission should at least be noted, if not fully fleshed out add something


None were actually delivered to any holder of the completed saving stamp books, though one Type 1 Cabriolet was presented to Hitler on 20 April 1938 add something


The building of the new factory started 26 May 1938 in the new town of KdF-Stadt, now called Wolfsburg, which had been purpose-built for the factory workers add something


It was later renamed "Volkswagenwerk GmbH" on 16 September 1938 add something


This factory had only produced a handful of cars by the time war started in 1939 add something


Robert Ley - The Volkswagen was sold to German workers on an installment plan, and the first models appeared in February 1939


As mentioned above, the Volkswagen factory at Wolfsburg came under British control in 1945; it was to be dismantled and shipped to Britain add something


The savings of these 336,000 people were seized by the Russians in 1945 when they captured Berlin add something


Porsche - At the end of World War II in 1945, the Volkswagen factory at KdF-Stadt fell to the British


Rudolf Leiding - Leiding began his career with Volkswagen at Wolfsburg in 1945 where he was responsible for the repair of army vehicles


Ivan Hirst - The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to which Hirst belonged, has a relationship with Volkswagen which began in 1945 with a REME detachment using the factory to repair captured enemy vehicles and later to overhaul Jeep and other British Army engines


In April 1945, KdF-Stadt, and its heavily bombed factory were captured by the Americans, and subsequently handed over to the British, within whose occupation zone the town and factory fell add something


Short of light transport, in September 1945 the British Army was persuaded to place a vital order for 20,000 add something


Renault 4CV - In November 1945 the government invited Ferdinand Porsche to France to explore the possibility of relocating the Volkswagen project to France as part of the reparations package under discussion


Allied dismantling policy changed in late 1946 to mid 1947, although heavy industry continued to be dismantled until 1951 add something


By 1946 the factory was producing 1,000 cars a month, a remarkable feat considering it was still in disrepair add something


Buckminster Fuller - All three prototypes were essentially a mini-bus, and its concept long predated the Volkswagen Type 2 mini-bus conceived in 1947 by Ben Pon


From 1948, Volkswagen became a very important element, symbolically and economically, of West German regeneration add something


The 1948 Porsche 356 continued using many Volkswagen components, including a tuned engine, gearbox and suspension add something


Ford Germany - Henry Ford II visited the factory in 1948 during his visit to Germany when he was considering a purchase of Volkswagen, with which he did not ultimately proceed


Ivan Hirst - The second model was given to Colonel Charles Radclyffe and the third model was presented to Heinrich Nordhoff, whom the British occupying authorities appointed Managing Director of Volkswagen in early 1948


In 1949 Major Hirst left association with the company, as it had now been re-formed as a trust, controlled by the West German government, and the government of the State of Lower Saxony add something


Volkswagens were first exhibited and sold in the United States in 1949, but sold only two units in America that first year add something


Porsche 924 - At the time, Volkswagen lacked an internal research and design division, and & Porsche was doing the bulk of the company's development work, per a deal that went back to the 1950s; in keeping with this history, Porsche was contracted to develop a new sporting vehicle with the caveat that this vehicle must work with an existing VW/Audi I4 engine


Ivan Hirst - Being a keen amateur photographer, his home was littered with photos taken in the early days at Volkswagen, including one really early photo of a prototype coupe which was very similar to the Hebmüller cars of the early 1950s


Buckminster Fuller - The aerodynamic, somewhat tear-shaped body was large enough to seat eleven people and was about long, resembling a blend of a light aircraft and a Volkswagen van of 1950s vintage


DDB Worldwide - Their campaigns for Volkswagen throughout the 1950s and 1960s were said to have revolutionized advertising


Volkswagen Products were seen in Canada for the first time at the Canadian National Exhibition in August 1952 and were accepted enthusiastically add something


The first shipment of cars for Volkswagen Canada reached Toronto in early December 1952 add something


Renault 4CV - Until the arrangement was simplified in 1954, the 4CV featured a 'dummy' grille comprising six thin horizontal chrome strips, intended to distract attention from the similarity of the car's overall architecture to that of the German Volkswagen, while recalling the modern designs of the fashionable front-engined passenger cars produced in Detroit during the earlier 1940s


Production of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle increased dramatically over the years, the total reaching one million in 1955 add something


Volkswagen of America was formed in April 1955 to standardise sales and service in the United States add something


KUKA Systems - In 1956, KUKA manufactured the first automatic welding system for refrigerators & washing machines and supplied the first multi-spot welding line to Volkswagen AG. Ten years later, the first friction welding machine went into production


Although the car was becoming outdated, during the 1960s and early 1970s, American exports, innovative advertising, and a growing reputation for reliability helped production figures surpass the levels of the previous record holder, the Ford Model T add something


Porsche 914 - By the late 1960s, both & Volkswagen and & Porsche were in need of new models; Porsche was looking for a replacement for their entry-level 912, and Volkswagen wanted a new range-topping sports coupe to replace the Karmann Ghia


DDB Worldwide - In 1961, DDB opened its first international office in West Germany to service Volkswagen


Renault - The 4CV proved itself a capable rival for cars such as the Morris Minor and Volkswagen Beetle; its sales of more than half a million ensured its production until 1961


Tatra (company) - The matter was re-opened after World War II and in 1961 Volkswagen paid Ringhoffer-Tatra 3,000,000 "Deutsche Marks" in an out of court settlement


Apal - Pery presented his first model, a GT coupé with gull-wing doors, propelled by Volkswagen or Porsche engines at the Brussels "Autosalon" in 1962


In 1964, Volkswagen succeeded in purchasing Auto Union, and in 1969, NSU Motorenwerke AG add something


Audi 100 - Its name originally denoting a power output of , the Audi 100 was the company's largest car since the revival of the Audi brand by Volkswagen in 1965


Gharlane of Eddore (pen name) - Upon his death he was reportedly still driving the 1966 Volkswagen he got for his high school graduation


Bill Hoest - Hoest was one of the cartoonists featured in "Think Small", a 1967 promotional book distributed as a giveaway by Volkswagen dealers


Atlas (light trucks) - In business between 1967 and 1972, it used Volkswagen engines, as well as German Ford axles


Apart from the introduction of the Volkswagen Type 2 commercial vehicle , and the VW Karmann Ghia sports car, Nordhoff pursued the one-model policy until shortly before his death in 1968 add something


The first reference to the name Beetle occurred in U.S. advertising in 1968, but not until 1998 and the Golf-based New Beetle would the name be adopted by Volkswagen add something


Porsche 914 - However, development became complicated after the death of Volkswagen's chairman, Heinz Nordhoff, on April 12, 1968


Rudolf Leiding - In July 1968, Leiding left Ingolstadt to take on the chairmanship of Volkswagen of Brazil


The two companies continued their collaboration in 1969 to make the VW-Porsche 914 and 914-6, whereby the 914-6 had a 6-cylinder Porsche engine, and the standard 914 had a 4-cylinder Volkswagen engine, and in 1976 with the Porsche 912E , and the Porsche 924, which used many & Audi components and was built at an Audi Neckarsulm factory add something


Porsche 914 - The "' & Porsche 914"' or "'VW-Porsche 914"' is a mid-engined, targa-topped two-seat roadster designed, manufactured and marketed collaboratively by Volkswagen and Porsche from 1969 to 1976


Porsche - The two companies collaborated in 1969 to make the VW-Porsche 914 and 914-6, whereby the 914-6 had a Porsche engine, and the 914 had a Volkswagen engine, in 1976 with the Porsche 912E and the Porsche 924, which used many Audi components, and was built at Audi's Neckarsulm factory


Porsche 914-6 GT - The & Porsche 914 was introduced in September 1969 as a collaborative effort between Porsche and Volkswagen to produce a sporty car


Cold War - The military version was produced for the NATO-era German Army during the Cold War years of 1970 to 1979 add something


However, the purchase of Auto Union and NSU proved to be a pivotal point in Volkswagen's history, as both companies yielded the technological expertise that proved necessary for VW to survive when demand for its air-cooled models went into terminal decline as the 1970s dawned add something


Audi 100 - Despite running the Ingolstadt production line at full capacity, supply fell short of demand to such an extent that during the summer of 1970 an additional production line for Audi 100s was set up in Volkswagen's own Wolfsburg plant, which made it the first water-cooled car to be produced in Germany's largest car plant


Audi 100 - From April 1970 the 100 LS could be ordered with a three-speed automatic transmission sourced from Volkswagen


Volkswagen added a "Super Beetle" to its lineup in 1971 add something


Porsche 944 - In 1972 a replacement for the Volkswagen version of the 914, code named EA-425 began development


Porsche 914 - Slow sales and rising costs prompted Porsche to discontinue the 914/6 variant in 1972 after producing 3,351 of them; its place in the lineup was filled by a variant powered by a new 2,0 L, fuel-injected version of Volkswagen's Type 4 engine in 1973


Rudolf Leiding - The extent of Volkswagen's problems was highlighted during the first four months of 1972 when the company's domestic sales of 151,086 were comfortably beaten by Opel, who sold 161,127 cars in West Germany in the same period


On 17 February 1972 the 15,007,034th Beetle was sold add something


By 1973, total production was over 16 million add something


First in the series was the Volkswagen Passat , introduced in 1973, a fastback version of the Audi 80, using many identical body and mechanical parts add something


In 1973, Volkswagen introduced the military-themed Type 181, or "Trekker" in Europe, "Thing" in America, recalling the wartime Type 82 add something


The US Thing version only sold for two years, 1973 and 1974, thanks at least in part to Ralph Nader's automobile safety campaigns add something


Volkswagen was in serious trouble by 1973 add something


Porsche 924 - The 1973 oil crisis, a series of automobile-related regulatory changes enacted during the 1970s and a change of directors at & Volkswagen made the case for a Volkswagen sports car less striking and the 425 project was put on hold


In spring 1974, the Scirocco followed add something


There have been seven generations of the Volkswagen Golf, the first of which was produced from the summer of 1974 until the end of 1983 add something


Porsche 944 - Although testing had begun in the Spring of 1974 & Volkswagen decided to cancel the program due to the expense of production as well as the feeling that the recently released Volkswagen Scirocco would fill the sports coupe sufficiently


Apal - Edmond Pery designed an all-road prototype for DAF in 1974 and another prototype for Volkswagen in 1992


Rudolf Leiding - Even two years later, with the Beetle continuing to lose favour in the market place, Leiding enjoyed the doubtful privilege of presiding over Volkswagen's record 1974 loss of DM 800 Million


Rudolf Leiding - Under Leiding's leadership, the Volkswagen Golf was completed, and went on sale in Europe in June 1974, introduced in North America as the Rabbit seven months later


Audi 50 - The Volkswagen Polo was launched in the home market in September 1974 and appeared in export markets, including the UK, a few months later


In 1975, the Volkswagen Polo followed add something


Volkswagen had entered the supermini market in 1975 with the Volkswagen Polo, a stylish and spacious three-door hatchback designed by Bertone add something


The Polo became the base of the Volkswagen Derby, which was introduced 1977 add something


Audi 50 - The & Volkswagen Polo range continued to evolve, with the Volkswagen Derby notchback version, despite being developed by Audi at Ingolstadt, branded as a Volkswagen and launched in 1977


It continued in smaller numbers at other German factories until 1978, but mainstream production shifted to Brazil and Mexico add something


It was a re-badged Audi 50, which was soon discontinued in 1978 add something


North American production of the Rabbit commenced at the Volkswagen Westmoreland Assembly Plant near New Stanton, Pennsylvania in 1978 add something


Audi 50 - The & Volkswagen and Audi badged models were sold alongside each other for 3 years until 1978, but the cheaper Volkswagen Polo outsold the Audi 50, and Audi discontinued the Audi 50 in 1978, after a total production of 180,812 units


Hank Aguirre - In 1979, with the encouragement and support of Jack Masterson, an executive with Volkswagen of America, and attorney John Noonan, Aguirre founded Mexican Industries, Inc. The company, based in Detroit , operated as a labor-intensive, minority-oriented enterprise that supplied specialized parts to American automobile manufacturers


In the 1980s, Volkswagen's sales in the United States and Canada fell dramatically, despite the success of models like the Golf elsewhere add something


Sales in the United States were 293,595 in 1980, but by 1984 they were down to 177,709 add something


The second-generation model, launched in 1981 and sold as a hatchback and "coupe" , was an even greater success for Volkswagen add something


Fiat - In 1982 SEAT signed a cooperation agreement with the German manufacturer Volkswagen and by the end of 1986 after a purchase of a majority stake SEAT had become part of the Volkswagen_Group


Renault - In 1982 Renault become the second European automaker to build cars in the United States, after Volkswagen


It would be produced in the United States as the Rabbit until the spring of 1984 add something


Volkswagen Group China - In 1984, Volkswagen signed a 25-year contract to make passenger cars in Shanghai


Volkswagen Group China - In 1984, a joint venture was established between Volkswagen Group and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation , creating "'Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd."'


Shanghai Volkswagen - It was founded in 1984 and produces cars under the Volkswagen and ?koda marques


Volkswagen Group China - Its first joint venture in China, Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., was established in October 1984


Motor Trend named the GTI its Car of the Year for 1985, and Volkswagen rose in the J.D. Power buyer satisfaction ratings to eighth place in 1985, up from 22nd a year earlier add something


Since 1985, Volkswagen AG has run the Volkswagen AutoMuseum in Wolfsburg, a museum dedicated specifically to the history of Volkswagen add something


VW's American sales broke 200,000 in 1985 and 1986 before resuming the downward trend from earlier in the decade add something


Shanghai Volkswagen - Shanghai Volkswagen began automobile production in 1985


Production and sales of neat ethanol vehicles tumbled beginning in 1987 owing to several factors, including a sharp decline in gasoline prices as a result of the 1980s oil glut, and high sugar prices in the world market, shifting sugarcane ethanol production from fuel to sugar add something


Ford Brasil - The Brazilian and Argentine subsidiaries of Ford and Volkswagen decided to merge into a new holding, named Autolatina, in 1987


Chairman Carl Hahn decided to expand the company elsewhere , and the New Stanton, Pennsylvania factory closed on 14 July 1988 add something


By mid 1989 a shortage of ethanol fuel supply in the local market left thousands of vehicles in line at gas stations or out of fuel in their garages, forcing consumers to abandon ethanol vehicles add something


Ford Brasil - In 1989, Ford do Brasil exchanged the 1,6 CHT engine for the 1,8 version of the VW AP engine into the Ford Escort, mated to a gearbox from the German Volkswagen Golf, the performance rose to 90HP in the Ghia version and 99HP in the sporty XR3


In 1990, the Golf was Britain's 12th most popular car with nearly 50,000 units sold add something


In the UK, Volkswagen's market share grew throughout the 1990s add something


The Mk3 Polo achieved similar success in the mid 1990s, but in 1999 the Mk4 Golf was Volkswagen's first ever entrant in Britain's top 10 list of most popular new cars add something


Shanghai Volkswagen - As car imports fell to some 34,000 in 1990, Shanghai Volkswagen's production of its Santana models reached nearly 19,000 vehicles that year


In 1991, Volkswagen launched the third-generation Golf, which was European Car of the Year for 1992 add something


Volkswagen Group China - Established in February 1991, "'FAW- Volkswagen Automotive Company"' is a large-scale carmaker jointly funded by China FAW Group subsidiary First Automobile Works, Volkswagen AG, Audi AG and Volkswagen Investment Co., Ltd. It was the first modern car industrial base constructed with an economy of scale in China


Smart (automobile) - Hayek approached several automotive manufacturers and on July 3, 1991, he reached an agreement with Volkswagen to share development of the new project


Shanghai Volkswagen - Volkswagen encouraged its foreign parts suppliers to create joint ventures in China, and their resulting product helped Shanghai Volkswagen achieve an 85 per cent local content rate by 1993


The Golf Mk3 and Jetta arrived in North America just before the start of 1994 model year, first appearing in southern California in the late spring of 1993 add something


Ford Brasil - Ford and Volkswagen split amicably back to their individual divisions in 1994


Chevrolet Classic Furgao - In 1994, General Motors de México first marketed the Corsa B as the Chevy, which would quickly replace Volkswagen's Sedán as the people's favorite


The Coasters - In Britain, a 1994 Volkswagen TV advertisement used the group's "Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass" track, which led to a minor chart placement in that country


Marketing efforts included Trek bicycles with accompanying bicycle racks on the 1996 Jetta sedan add something


The original 1996 goals have since been revised in 2002 and 2007 add something


Volkswagen first implemented its seven environmental goals in Technical Development in 1996 add something


Mirgor - It signed supply contracts for Daimler-Benz's and Volkswagen's Argentine operations in 1996, and its first export contracts, for Fiat Brazil and Citroën Uruguay, were signed in 1997


Ziad Jarrah - In 1997, Jarrah left Greifswald and instead began studying aerospace engineering at the Fachhochschule in Hamburg, while working at a Volkswagen paint shop in nearby Wolfsburg


Jacques Villeneuve - In 1997, following his win of the Formula One World Championship, Villeneuve appeared in a Volkswagen advert on Quebec television


A lawsuit was filed in 1998 by survivors for restitution for the forced labor add something


Shortly after its takeover in 1998, Volkswagen was forced to relinquish control of the Rolls-Royce brand after a conflict of interest with BMW who supplied the British company with engines add something


The company would admit in 1998 that it used 15,000 slaves during the war effort add something


Sarah Clarke - Clarke began her acting career with an appearance in a 1999 *award-winning commercial for Volkswagen


Volkswagen long resisted adding a utility vehicle to its lineup, but it finally relented with the introduction of the Touareg in the early 2000s, sharing major components with the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 sport utility vehicles add something


ELBO - The prototype of the ELBO "Aletis" , an attractive car designed by Pininfarina with Volkswagen engine, was introduced in the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt in 2001, but was never produced


In 2002, Volkswagen announced the debut of its Phaeton luxury car, which was critically acclaimed but not well received in the marketplace add something


The Porsche Cayenne, introduced in 2002, shares its entire chassis with VW Touareg and Audi Q7, which are built at the Volkswagen factory in Bratislava add something


Bernd Pischetsrieder - He was chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, the parent company of the Volkswagen_Group, from 2002 to 2006, and chairman of Scania AB until 2007


Porsche - The Cayenne, introduced in 2002, shares its entire chassis with Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7, which is built at the Volkswagen_Group factory in Bratislava


Bernd Pischetsrieder - On 16 April 2002, Pischetsrieder succeeded Piëch as chairman of Volkswagen AG. At Volkswagen, he directed Bugatti Automobiles SAS to reengineer the Bugatti Veyron 16,4, delaying an expected launch


Since the discontinuance of the T4 in 2003 and decision not to bring the T5 to the US market, it was ironic that Volkswagen lacked a van in its North American lineup considering that VW was a major player in the development of the class with its original Transporter add something


Volkswagen has been selling low sulphur diesel-powered engines for the European market since 2003 add something


Quattro GmbH - A similar operation called " Volkswagen Individual GmbH", founded February 2003, is provided for Audi's Volkswagen_Group sister company Volkswagen Passenger Cars at Wolfsburg


Bernd Redmann - Redmanns works received awards such as in 2004 a second prize at the international competition of the "The Transparent Factory" of Volkswagen Dresden for "L'usine imaginaire"


Volkswagen Group China - By May 2004, Volkswagen Group had concentrated its strengths in the founding of Volkswagen Group China , which is governed by a six-member management team responsible for the areas of sales and marketing, technology, purchasing, personnel and governmental relations as well as finance


By 2005, its models sat near the bottom of "Consumer Reports" reliability ratings, and J.D. Power and Associates ranked VW 35th out of 37 brands in its initial quality survey add something


The sixth-generation Passat and the fifth-generation Jetta both debuted in 2005, and VW has announced plans to expand its lineup further by bringing back the Scirocco by 2008 add something


Gene Kelly - In 2005, Kelly's widow gave permission for Volkswagen to use his likeness to promote the Golf GTi car


McLaren Automotive - The F1 held the record for the fastest production car until 2005, with an independently measured top speed of at the Volkswagen Ehra-Lessien track in 1998


Kurt Lotz - When Lotz died in 2005, Ferdinand Piech, chairman of VW from 1993 to 2002, eulogized him as "a strong entrepreneurial personality" who "set his mind thoroughly on steering Volkswagen into the future


David Bernal - In one of his most popular ads, a commercial for the Volkswagen Golf GTI created in January 2005, Gene Kelly's head was superimposed onto Bernal's body in a re-enactment of "Singin' in the Rain" remixed by Manchester group Mint Royale


Volkswagen Group China - In April 2005, ?koda officially landed at Shanghai Volkswagen, ushering Shanghai Volkswagen into the dual brand era


T-Systems - Since then, T-Systems made a number of acquisitions, most notably the purchase of gedas, the IT subsidiary of Volkswagen Group in December 2005


Momentum continued for fiscal 2006, as VW's North American sales for the year were 235,140 vehicles, a 4,9 percent increase over 2005, despite a slump in domestic North American manufacturer's sales add something


Owing to technical difficulty adapting the Polo to meet North American vehicle regulations, VW presented in 2006 the "Iroc" as a concept of the proposed 2009 Scirocco as a potential new small model add something


The J. D. Power and Associates 2006 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study scored Volkswagen fourteenth overall with strong performances by its new Jetta and Passat models add something


VW do Brasil stopped manufacturing gasoline-only vehicles models for the local market in 2006, and remaining gasoline-engine sales comes from imports add something


Wayne Federman - Federman co-wrote and starred in "Max and Josh", a short film that premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Volkswagen Relentless Drive *award


Martin Jahn - In 2006 he started working for the Volkswagen concern in ?koda, being the member of the management board responsible for personnel


Peter Stormare - In February 2006, he starred as Wolfgang in Volkswagen's VDub series of television commercials


VW began marketing the Golf under the Rabbit name once again in the U.S. and Canada in June 2006 add something


On 20 July 2006, VW announced that the new vehicle would be called the Tiguan add something


In November 2006 Bernd Pischetsrieder announced his resignation as Volkswagen Group CEO, and was replaced by Audi worldwide CEO Martin Winterkorn at the beginning of 2007 add something


Bernd Pischetsrieder - In a surprise announcement on 7 November 2006, it was revealed that Pischetsrieder would be stepping down from the top job at Volkswagen AG on 31 December that year


For example, Golf is the ideal model to go hybrid as the Golf 1,4 TSI was recently awarded the Auto Environment Certificate by the Oko-Trend Institute for Environmental Research, and was considered as one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles of 2007 add something


For the 2007 model year, however, strict U.S. government emissions regulations have forced VW to drop most diesels from their U.S. engine lineup, but a new lineup of diesel engines compatible to U.S. standards returned to the American market starting with Model Year 2009 add something


The 2007 Eos, a hardtop convertible, is produced in a new facility in Portugal add something


VW announced its discontinuance in the U.S. market for the 2007 model year due to the disappointing sales add something


NYCO - Volkswagen included an NYCO song, "Let Me In," in its music promotion efforts for a 2007 U.S. auto show


On 13 February 2007, Advocate General Dámaso Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer submitted his opinion to the court, in which he supported the action add something


Volkswagen Group China - Octavia, the first Shanghai Volkswagen ?koda model, hit the market on 6 June 2007


Though the VW Group already had their presence in India with ?koda Auto, Volkswagen introduced the Passat and Touareg with TDI engine to India's automobile market in September 2007 add something


Porsche formally announced in a press statement that it did not intend to take over Volkswagen, but intended the move to avoid a competitor taking a large stake and to stop hedge funds from dismantling VW. As expected, on 22 October 2007, the European Court of Justice ruled in agreement with Ruiz-Jarabo and the law was struck down add something


A VW Golf turbo-diesel hybrid concept car was exhibited at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, which has a fuel economy of 70 mpg add something


After overtaking Ford in 2008, Volkswagen became the third largest automaker in the world add something


In late 2008, a 4-door saloon for the Lamborghini brand was shown in the form of the Lamborghini Estoque concept add something


Other models in Wolfgang Bernhard's "product offensive" include the Tiguan mid-sized SUV in 2008 and a Passat Coupé add something


The firm did however launch a rebadged DaimlerChrysler named the Volkswagen Routan for the U.S. and Canadian markets in 2008 add something


Volkswagen Group China - Following Octavia's success, Shanghai Volkswagen launched Fabia in 2008 and Superb in 2009


Martin Jahn - In 2008 he moved to become the CEO of Volkswagen in Moscow as a CEO, whilst retaining a position on the advisory board at Skoda, before becoming head of "World Corporate Sales and Multi-Brand Sales" at Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg with effect from October 2010


David Hasselhoff - In 2008, Hasselhoff was a featured guest in a Volkswagen commercial, where he talked about the company selling more cars in Europe and the rest of the world than any other brand.


Heidi Klum - In 2008, Klum was a featured guest on an American Volkswagen commercial, where she was interviewed by a black Beetle


Bob Knight - In 2008, Knight appeared in a commercial as part of Volkswagen's Das Auto series where Max, a 1964 black Beetle interviews famous people


Bob Knight - When Knight talked about Volkswagen winning the best resale value award in 2008, Max replied, "At least one of us is winning a title this year


Stefan Jacoby, CEO of America's Volkswagen, said that it will be released in a sedan and sport-wagon model in May 2008 in California, becoming the first 50-state clean diesel offering add something


Magna Steyr - & Porsche had announced in June 2008 that the Boxster and Cayman models would be manufactured by Magna Steyr from 2012, but this contract was cancelled in December 2009 and transferred to Karmann, a German car assembly company which had recently been taken over by Porsche's parent company, Volkswagen


One of the vehicles being promoted is the 2009 clean-diesel Jetta TDI, which has a 16-valve, four-cylinder common rail direct injection engine which reduces emissions by 90 percent add something


The same vehicle in 2009 won "Green Car of the Year add something


Chevrolet Corvair - Journalist David E. Davis, in a 2009 article in "Automobile Magazine", noted that despite Nader's claim that swing-axle rear suspension were dangerous, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen all used similar swing-axle concepts during that era


Moskvitch - Since 2009 owner of brand Moskvitch is German automotive company Volkswagen


Porsche Cayenne - Porsche has sold a diesel version of the Cayenne powered by Volkswagen's 3,0 L $V6 (V6_engine) TDI engine since February 2009


By March 2009 Volkswagen do Brasil had attained the milestone mark of two million flexible-fuel vehicles produced since 2003 add something


On 6 May 2009, the two companies decided to join together, in a merger add something


Porsche - On 13 August 2009, Volkswagen AG's Supervisory Board signed the agreement to create an "integrated automotive group" with Porsche, led by & Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen will initially take a 49,9 percent stake in Porsche AG by the end of 2009, and it will see the family shareholders selling the automobile trading business of Porsche Holding Salzburg to Volkswagen AG.


The VW 1L will be available in 2010, in limited numbers add something


Porsche - In July 2010, Porsche appointed Volkswagen executive Matthias Müller to its new CEO position, moving Michael Macht to another executive position within Volkswagen AG.


Jonathan Browning (UK businessman) - He became the President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America on October 1, 2010


In 2011 Greenpeace began criticising Volkswagen's opposition to legislation requiring tighter controls on CO2 emissions and energy efficiency, and an advertising campaign was launched parodying VW's recent series of Star Wars-based commercials add something


In 2011, Volkswagen was named in the top 25 largest companies in the world by the Forbes Global 2000 add something


Production is scheduled to begin in early 2011 and is expected to end more than five years of losses in the world's largest auto market add something


Moskvitch - In 2011 Volkswagen extended its brand ownership rights until 2021


Shanghai Volkswagen - Shanghai Volkswagen sold a total of 1,16 million vehicles in 2011


Volkswagen Group Sales India - The Volkswagen Polo is the highest selling model of this group with a sales of 37,153 in 2011


In May 2011 Volkswagen inaugurated the Volkswagen Chattanooga, Tennessee Assembly Plant in Tennessee add something


As of 2012, Volkswagen is the second largest manufacturer worldwide behind GM add something


By 1955 sales were on a basis that warranted the building of the fine Volkswagen plant on a site on Scarboro's Golden Mile add something


The Volkswagen Passat NMS, the North American and Chinese version of the Passat, won the 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year add something


VW announced plans to introduce diesel-electric hybrid versions of its most popular models in 2012, beginning with the new Jetta, followed by the Golf Hybrid in 2013 together with hybrid versions of the Passat add something


T-Systems - As of 2012, T-Systems is the largest German and one of the largest European IT services companies, serving customers such as WestLB, Old Mutual, Daimler, Volkswagen, &Royal_Dutch_Shell, Sanlam, Murray & Roberts, BP, TUI AG, Centrica, De Agostini, Philips, MAN SE, Airbus and E.ON


The Volkswagen Golf won the 2013 European Car of the Year add something


DDB Worldwide - As of 2013, DDB has had the Volkswagen account since 1959


Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod - Production of Volkswagen Jetta and ?koda Octavia will start in 2013


As of May 2014, Volkswagen is planning to start assembling certain engines in India to increase localisation from 70 per cent to 90 per cent add something


The "'CrossBlue"' begins production in late 2016, and aims to help end several years of losses for Volkswagen in the US, the world's second-largest auto market add something


This was followed by a formal announcement of admission to regulators on September 3 which took place immediately after the EPA threatened to withhold approval for their 2016 cars add something


In January 2016, Volkswagen announced launching a new factory in Algeria during a summit between Angela Merkel and Algerian Prime minister Abdelmalek Sellal add something


In March 2016 the US Federal Trade Commission sued Volkswagen for false advertising add something


In June 2016, VW launched a program to develop 30 all-electric cars in 10 years, and sell 2-3 million electric cars per year by 2025 add something


On September 14, 2016, Volkswagen announced its partnership with three Israeli cybersecurity experts to create a new company, Cymotive, dedicated to automotive security add something


On November 2, 2016 the EPA issued a second notice of violation pertaining to certain diesel 3,0-liter V6 equipped Audi, Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne vehicles add something


In September 2017, CEO Matthias Mueller announced plans to have electric version of all of VW's 300 automotive models by 2030 add something


They did not compete in F1 in 2018 add something


In April 2018, Volkswagen has finally whipped the covers of its first all-electric race car, the I.D. R Pikes Peak, which has been built to conquer the road race of the same name add something


In September 2018, Volkswagen announced to end the production of its iconic compact car, Beetle, by 2019 add something


In February 2019, Volkswagen announced that it would launch an entry-level Jetta sub-brand in China aimed at young buyers add something


On 5 June 2019, Volkswagen changed their logo as 2D black-and-white variant add something