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Walt Disney

American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist, well known for his influence in the field of entertainment during the 20th century add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1901.

Countries: United States (66%), United Kingdom (9%), (7%)

Main connections: The Walt Disney Company, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film), Disneyland

Linked to: The Walt Disney Company, The Walt Disney Family Museum, Pixar, Chicago Art Institute




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Walt Disney was born in 1901 add something


Lillie Hayward - She appeared in 106 films between 1911 and 1918 and wrote for over 70 films and TV shows including the Disney hit movie "The Shaggy Dog" and television series The Mickey Mouse Club and " Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color"


Soon after joining he was sent to France for a year, where he drove an ambulance, but only after the armistice was signed on November 11, 1918 add something


Norman Tokar - "'Norman Tokar"' was a prolific director of serial television and feature films, who directed many of the early episodes of "Leave it to Beaver", and found his greatest success directing over a dozen films for Walt Disney Productions, spanning the 1950s to the 1970s


In January 1920, Disney and Iwerks formed a short-lived company called, "Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists" add something


Gustaf Tenggren - From 1923 to 1939, Tenggren worked for the game company Milton Bradley; in 1936, he was hired by The Walt Disney Company, to work as a chief illustrator with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the popular feature-length movie originated in 1934 when Walt Disney decided to re-create the romantic fairy tale


Friz Freleng - In 1923, Iwerks' friend Walt Disney moved to Hollywood and put out a call for his Kansas City colleagues to join him


Virginia Davis - Davis began working for Walt Disney's Kansas City company, Laugh-O-Gram Studio, in the summer of 1924


In 1925, Disney hired a young woman named Lillian Bounds to ink and paint celluloid add something


Lillian Disney - Lillian and Walt Disney married in 1925 in Idaho at Lewiston's Episcopal Church of the Nativity, however, Walt's parents could not attend


By 1927, Charles Mintz had married Margaret Winkler and assumed control of her business add something


By the time the series ended in 1927, its focus was more on the animated characters and in particular a cat named Julius who resembled Felix the Cat, rather than the live-action Alice add something


Ormsby M. Mitchel - The pursuit of Andrews' Raiders formed the basis of the Buster Keaton silent film "The General" and a dramatic 1956 Walt Disney film, "The Great Locomotive Chase"


The first, "The Skeleton Dance" was entirely drawn and animated by Iwerks, who was responsible for drawing the majority of cartoons released by Disney in 1928 and 1929 add something


Pat Powers (businessman) - In 1928, Powers sold Walt Disney a Cinephone system so that he could make sound cartoons such as Mickey Mouse's "Steamboat Willie"


Following in the footsteps of "Mickey Mouse series", a series of musical shorts titled, "Silly Symphonies" were released in 1929 add something


Buddy Ebsen - His abilities might have been a reason filmmaker Walt Disney chose Ebsen to be filmed dancing in front of a grid as an aid to animating Mickey Mouse's dancing in Disney's 1929 to 1939 Silly Symphonies animated short films


The Walt Disney Family Museum acknowledges that Disney did have "difficult relationships" with some Jewish individuals, and that ethnic stereotypes common to films of the 1930s were included in some early cartoons, such as "Three Little Pigs" and "The Opry House" add something


Animator Fred Moore had redesigned Mickey Mouse in the late 1930s after Donald Duck overtook him in popularity among theater audiences add something


Fleischer, considered Disney's main rival in the 1930s, was the father of Richard Fleischer, whom Disney would later hire to direct his 1954 film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" add something


Indeed, in the 1930s he welcomed German filmmaker and Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl to Hollywood to promote her film "Olympia" add something


Mickey soon eclipsed Felix the Cat as the world's most popular cartoon character and by 1930, despite their having sound, cartoons featuring Felix had faded from the screen after failing to gain attention add something


Mickey's popularity would subsequently skyrocket in the early 1930s add something


Pat Powers (businessman) - After two years of successful "Mickey Mouse" and "Silly Symphonies" cartoons, Walt Disney confronted Powers in 1930 about money due to Disney from the distribution deal


Leigh Harline - He was hired by Walt Disney where he scored more than 50 tunes, including for the"Silly Symphonies" cartoon series in the 1930s


Evelyn Venable - In addition to starring in several films in the 1930s and 1940s, she is notable as the voice and model for the Blue Fairy in Walt Disney's "Pinocchio"


Gustaf Tenggren - Tenggren was a chief illustrator for The Walt Disney Company in the late 1930s, in what has been called the Golden Age of American animation, when animated feature films such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Fantasia", "Bambi" and "Pinocchio" were produced


By 1932, although Mickey Mouse had become a relatively popular cinema character, "Silly Symphonies" was not as successful add something


In 1932, Disney received a special Academy award for the creation of "Mickey Mouse", a series which switched to color in 1935 and soon launched spin-offs for supporting characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto add something


In late 1932, Herbert Kalmus, who had just completed work on the first three-strip technicolor camera, approached Walt and convinced him to reshoot the black and white "Flowers and Trees" in three-strip Technicolor add something


Lillian became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter, Diane Marie Disney, on December 18, 1933 add something


Following the creation of two cartoon series, in 1934 Disney began planning a full-length feature add something


Of all Mickey's partners, Donald Duck, who first teamed up with Mickey in the 1934 cartoon, "Orphan's Benefit", was arguably the most popular, going on to become Disney's second most successful cartoon character of all time add something


In 1935, Walt received a special medal from the League of Nations for creation of Mickey Mouse, held to be Mickey Mouse award add something


Adriana Caselotti - In 1935 , Walt Disney hired Caselotti in 1936 as the voice of his heroine Snow White


Carl Barks - In November 1935, when he learned that Walt Disney was seeking more artists for his Studio, Barks decided to apply


In 1936, Iwerks shut down his studio in order to work on various projects dealing with animation technology add something


RKO had been the distributor for Disney cartoons in 1936, after it closed down the Van Beuren Studios in exchange for distribution add something


Sharon Mae Disney was born December 31, 1936, in Los Angeles, California and was later adopted by the Disneys, due to Lillian's several birth complications add something


Entitled "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the feature went into full production in 1934 and continued until mid-1937, when the studio ran out of money add something


The film premiered at the Carthay Circle Theater on December 21, 1937 and at its conclusion the audience gave "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" a standing ovation add something


Billy Gilbert - He used this bit so frequently that Walt Disney thought of him immediately when casting the voice of Sneezy in 1937's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"


Alan Turing - Hodges and David Leavitt have suggested that Turing was re-enacting a scene from the 1937 Walt Disney film "Snow White", his favourite fairy tale, both noting that he took "an especially keen pleasure in the scene where the Wicked Queen immerses her apple in the poisonous brew"


George Baker (cartoonist) - Instead, he was hired by Walt Disney in 1937, and assisted in the production of the studio's full-length animated features, including "Pinocchio", "Fantasia", "Dumbo" and "Bambi"


Kay Nielsen - Nielsen worked for The Walt Disney Company for 4 years, from 1937 to 1941 before being let go


"Snow White", the first animated feature in America made in Technicolor, was released in February 1938 under a new distribution deal with RKO Radio Pictures add something


Even after news of Kristallnacht broke in November 1938, Disney did not cancel his invitation to Riefenstahl add something


This was the beginning of the Disney Brothers' Studio located on Hyperion Avenue in the Silver Lake district, where it remained until 1939 add something


Following the success of "Snow White", for which Disney received one full-size, and seven miniature Oscar statuettes, he was able to build a new campus for the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, which opened for business on December 24, 1939 add something


But he got the reputation because, in the 1940s, he got himself allied with a group called the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, which was an anti-Communist and antisemitic organization add something


By the late 1940s, the studio had recovered enough to continue production on the full-length features "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Pan", both of which had been shelved during the war years add something


He would return to Disney in 1940 and go on to pioneer a number of film processes and specialized animation technologies in the studio's research and development department add something


However, while Bugs Bunny's popularity rose in the 1940s, so did Donald Duck's, a character who would replace Mickey Mouse as Disney's star character by 1949 add something


"Pinocchio" and "Fantasia" followed "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" into the movie theaters in 1940, but both proved financial disappointments add something


Dick Jones (actor) - He is best known as the voice of "Pinocchio" in the 1940 Walt Disney film


Dick Jones (actor) - In 1940, he had one of his most prominent roles, as the voice of Pinocchio in Walt Disney's animated film of the same name


Florencio Molina Campos - In the late 1940s until mid-1950s he was engaged as a creative artist consulting for the studio of his long-time friend Walt Disney


Disney accused the Screen Cartoonists Guild of being a Communist front, and charged that the 1941 strike was part of an organized Communist effort to gain influence in Hollywood add something


In 1941, the U.S. State Department sent Disney and a group of animators to South America as part of its Good Neighbor policy, at the same time guaranteeing financing for the resultant movie, "Saludos Amigos" add something


Shortly after the release of "Dumbo" in October 1941, the US entered World War II. The U.S. Army and Navy Bureau of Aeronautics contracted most of the Disney studio's facilities where the staff created training and instruction films for the military, home-front morale-boosting shorts such as "Der Fuehrer's Face" and the 1943 feature film "Victory Through Air Power" add something


By 1942, Leon Schlesinger Productions, which produced the Warner Bros. cartoons, had become the country's most popular animation studio add something


However, military films did not generate income, and the feature film "Bambi" underperformed on its release in April 1942 add something


Will Wright (actor) - In 1942, he provided the voice of Friend Owl in Walt Disney's animated film "Bambi"


Mary Norton (author) - Her first book was "The Magic Bed Knob; or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons" published in 1943, which, together with the sequel "Bonfires and Broomsticks", was re-issued as "Bed-Knob and Broomstick" illustrated by Erik Blegvad, in 1957, and later became the basis for the Disney film "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"


Spike Jones - The song was originally written for Walt Disney's 1943 Oscar-winning propaganda cartoon, first titled "Donald Duck in Nutzi Land" according to the Disney Archives


Disney successfully re-issued "Snow White" in 1944, establishing a seven-year re-release tradition for his features add something


Disney was asked by the US Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Office of Inter-American Affairs , to make an educational film about the Amazon Basin, which resulted in the 1944 animated short, "The Amazon Awakens" add something


In 1944, "Encyclopædia Britannica" publisher William Benton, entered into unsuccessful negotiations with Disney to make six to twelve educational films per annum add something


In 1945, "The Three Caballeros" was the last animated feature released by the studio during the war add something


All three men denied the allegations and Sorrell went on to testify before the HUAC in 1946 when insufficient evidence was found to link him to the Communist Party add something


Bobby Driscoll - Driscoll was the first actor Walt Disney put under contract, to play the lead character in 1946's "Song of the South", which introduced live action into the producer's films, in addition to extensive animated footage


Nelson Eddy - It was his fascination with technology that inspired him to record three-part harmonies for his role as a multiple-voiced singing whale in the animated Walt Disney feature, "The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met", the concluding sequence in the 1946 feature film "Make Mine Music"


Jimmy MacDonald (sound effects artist) - By 1947, Walt Disney was getting too busy and too hoarse from smoking to continue voicing Mickey Mouse, so he was replaced by MacDonald, after the film "Fun and Fancy Free"


Leo Harris - Harris was noted for striking a handshake deal with Walt Disney in 1947 that allowed Oregon to use the likeness of Donald Duck as the University's athletic mascot, "The Oregon Duck"


In 1948 the studio initiated a series of live-action nature films, titled "True-Life Adventures", with "On Seal Island" the first add something


Johnny Appleseed - One of the more successful films was "Melody Time", the animated 1948 film from Walt Disney Studios featuring Dennis Day


Disney had already formed his own music publishing division in 1949 and in 1956, partly inspired by the huge success of the television theme song The Ballad of Davy Crockett, he created a company-owned record production and distribution entity called Disneyland Records add something


During 1949, Disney and his family moved to a new home on a large piece of land in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles, California add something


Disney eventually distanced himself from the Motion Picture Alliance in the 1950s add something


In 1950, "Treasure Island" became the studio's first all-live-action feature, soon followed by "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" , "Old Yeller" , "The Shaggy Dog" , "Pollyanna" , "Swiss Family Robinson" , "The Absent-Minded Professor" , and "The Parent Trap" add something


The studio produced its first TV special, "One Hour in Wonderland", in 1950 add something


William Templeton (screenwriter) - At the height of his theatre career in the early 1950s, Templeton started to attract the attention of Hollywood and secured a series of contracts from major film companies including Sir Alexander Korda at London Films, Walt Disney, Desilu and Universal


Noreen Corcoran - During the 1950s, younger brother Kevin Corcoran gained fame in the role of Moochie on Walt Disney's "The Adventures of Spin and Marty" with Tim Considine and David Stollery and in the serial "Moochie of the Little League" on ABC's " Walt Disney Presents"


Mike Douglas - In 1950, he provided the singing voice of Prince Charming in Walt Disney's "Cinderella"


Bobby Driscoll - In addition to his brief guest appearance in Walt Disney's first television Christmas show in 1950, "One Hour in Wonderland", Driscoll lent his voice to Goofy, Jr. in the Disney cartoon shorts, "Fathers are People" and "Father's Lion," which were released in 1951 and 1952, respectively


Heinz Haber - In the 1950s, Haber eventually became the chief scientific consultant to Walt Disney productions


Tom Tryon - Tryon's other television roles included that of "Texas John Slaughter", a part of ABC's " Walt Disney Presents" in the late 1950s


It said that Disney may have been inspired to create Disneyland in the park Republic of the Children located in Manuel B. Gonnet, La Plata, and opened in 1951 add something


David Naughton (actor) - "'David Walsh Naughton"' is an American actor and singer known for his starring roles in the 1981 horror film, "An American Werewolf in London", and the 1980 Walt Disney comedy, "Midnight Madness"


Dennis Day - Between 1952 and 1978, he made numerous TV appearances as a singer and actor and voice for animation, such as the Walt Disney feature "Johnny Appleseed", handling multiple characters


George Bruns - In 1953 he was hired by Walt Disney as an arranger, eventually becoming Disney's musical director, a position he held until his retirement in 1976


Richard Fleischer - In 1954, he was chosen by Walt Disney to direct "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" starring Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Paul Lukas, and Peter Lorre


Ron W. Miller - Miller initially worked at Walt Disney productions for a few months in 1954 as a liaison between WED Enterprises and Disneyland before he was drafted into the army later that year


Paul Lukas - Modern viewers remember Lukas for his role as Professor Aronnax in Walt Disney's classic 1954 film version of Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"


After 1955, the "Disneyland" TV show was renamed "Walt Disney Presents" add something


During Disney's lifetime, the animation department created the successful "Lady and the Tramp" in 1955, "Sleeping Beauty" in 1959, "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" in 1961, and "The Sword in the Stone" in 1963 add something


These productions were all distributed by Disney's new subsidiary, Buena Vista Distribution, which had taken over all distribution duties for Disney films from RKO by 1955 add something


Disneyland, one of the world's first theme parks, finally opened on July 17, 1955, and was immediately successful add something


Harry Carey, Jr. - Between 1955 and 1957, Carey appeared as ranch counselor Bill Burnett in the serial "Spin and Marty", seen on Walt Disney's "Mickey Mouse Club"


Tommy Walker (events director) - In 1955 Walt Disney saw USC's halftime show at the Rose Bowl and invited Walker to create the opening ceremony for Disneyland


Kenneth Tobey - In 1955, he portrayed legendary frontiersman Jim Bowie on ABC's "Davy Crockett", a Walt Disney Production starring Fess Parker in the title role


Johnny Crawford - One of Walt Disney's original Mouseketeers in 1955, Crawford has acted on stage, in films, and on television


Goodwin Knight - Knight was present at the July 17, 1955, opening of Disneyland, and gave a speech following Walt Disney's famous dedication


Production of short cartoons kept pace until 1956, when Disney shut down the responsible division although special shorts projects would continue for the remainder of the studio's duration on an irregular basis add something


James J. Andrews - Walt Disney made a movie of Andrews' exploits in 1956 called "The Great Locomotive Chase" starring Fess "Davy Crockett" Parker as Andrews


A. A. Milne - After Milne's death in 1956, his widow sold her rights to the Pooh characters to the Walt Disney Company, which has made many Pooh cartoon movies, a Disney Channel television show, as well as Pooh-related merchandise


Sylvia Field - In 1958 she played Aunt Lila in the Walt Disney serial, "Annette", starring Annette Funicello


Elfego Baca - In 1958, Walt Disney Studios released a television miniseries entitled "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca" and starring Robert Loggia in the title role


Stan Jolley - In 1958, Jolley's father appeared on ABC's " Walt Disney Presents" in the role of Sheriff Adams in the episode "Law and Order, Incorporated", with Robert Loggia as Elfego Baca


Johnston McCulley - The final Zorro story appeared in "Short Story Magazine" April 1959, after McCulley's death and after Walt Disney's Zorro television program starring Guy Williams had become nationally popular


During the early-to-mid 1960s, Walt Disney developed plans for a ski resort in Mineral King, a glacial valley in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range add something


Plans finally moved into action in the mid 1960s, but Walt died before the actual work started add something


Olin Sewall Pettingill Jr - Appointed a delegate to the 12th and 14th International Ornithological Congresses, Pettingill was appointed Director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in 1960, a position he held until his retirement in 1973, and provided footage for four Walt Disney nature films, including the Academy Award-winning "The Vanishing Prairie", in addition to making several ornithological films of his own, including works on albatrosses, penguins, and the wildlife of island nations, which often aired as part of Audubon Screen Tours


Formed in 1961 through a merger of the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and the Chouinard Art Institute, which had helped in the training of the animation staff during the 1930s, when Disney died, one-fourth of his estate went to CalArts, which helped in building its campus add something


Ray Bolger - He continued to star in several films, including Walt Disney's 1961 remake of "Babes in Toyland"


Betty Lou Gerson - Several years later she provided the voice of the villainous, selfish socialite Cruella De Vil in the 1961 Walt Disney animated feature "One Hundred and One Dalmatians"


Karlheinz Bohm - He played Jakob Grimm in the 1962 MGM-Cinerama spectacular "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" and Ludwig van Beethoven in the Walt Disney film "The Magnificent Rebel"


In early 1964, Disney announced plans to develop another theme park to be called Disney World a few miles southwest of Orlando, Florida, Florida add something


"Mary Poppins", released in 1964, was the most successful Disney film of the 1960s and featured a memorable song score written by Disney favorites, the Sherman Brothers add something


Royal Dano - Dano was the voice of Abraham Lincoln for Walt Disney's "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" program, first presented at the 1964 World's Fair


Morley Nelson - He worked on numerous films with Walt Disney, including "Ida, the Offbeat Eagle" in 1964


Jack Benny - In 1964, Walt Disney was a guest, primarily to promote his production of "Mary Poppins"


Warren Berlinger - In 1965, Berlinger was the star of "Kilroy", a segment of Walt Disney's "Wonderful World of Color"

Walt Disney died in 1966 add something


The year after his December 15, 1966 death from lung cancer in Burbank, California, construction began on Walt Disney World Resort in Florida add something


In fact, Disney's remains were cremated on December 17, 1966, and his ashes interred at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California, California add something


Carl Barks - Carl Barks retired in 1966, ironically the same year Walt Disney died, but was persuaded by editor Chase Craig to script stories for Western


Roger Allers - However, in 1966, when he heard of Walt Disney's death, Allers, by a high school student, grew discouraged about attaining his dream


Victor H. Schiro - In 1966, Walt Disney, shortly before his own death, had New Orleans Mayor Schiro made "honorary mayor" of New Orleans Square, a part of Disneyland, the theme park in California


Michael Eisner - Since Walt Disney's death in 1966, The Walt Disney Company had narrowly survived takeover attempts by corporate raiders


Verna Felton - Felton died of a stroke on the evening of December 14, 1966, one day before Walt Disney himself, who died early the following morning


The final productions in which Disney played an active role were the animated feature "The Jungle Book" and the animated short "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day", as well as the live-action musical feature "The Happiest Millionaire", all released in 1967 add something


The first known human cryonic freezing did not occur until January 1967, more than a month after Disney's death add something


Louis Prima - In 1967 Prima's distinctive voice and jazzy delivery landed him a role in Walt Disney's animated feature The Jungle Book, as the raucous orangutan King Louie.


Anne Shelton (singer) - In 1967 she covered the song, "It Won't Be Long 'Til Christmas" which was originally to be featured in the Walt Disney feature motion picture musical, "The Happiest Millionaire" but was deleted from the final cut of the film


George Sanders - In 1967, Sanders voiced the malevolent Shere Khan in the Walt Disney production of "The Jungle Book"


Darby Hinton - He co-starred as Simon Graham in the two-part 1968 episode, "Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents" of NBC's " Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color", with Darren McGavin, Patricia Crowley, and Russ Conway


Morton Freedgood - He saw his Jack Albany stories turned into the 1968 Walt Disney film "Never a Dull Moment", starring Dick Van Dyke


According to "at least one Disney publicist", as reported in the French magazine "Ici Paris" in 1969, the source of the rumor was a group of Disney Studio animators with "a bizarre sense of humor" who were playing a final prank on their late boss add something


Sharon married William Lund in 1969 and had two children with him, but six years later they divorced add something


Pearl Bailey - During the 1970s she had her own television show, and she provided voices for animations such as "Tubby the Tuba" and Disney's "The Fox and the Hound"


Leo Harris - When Disney lawyers in the 1970s discovered that no written contract existed, the university produced a photograph of Harris alongside Walt Disney wearing a Donald-emblazoned Oregon jacket as proof that an agreement did exist


In October 1971, the families of Walt and Roy met in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom to officially open the Walt Disney World Resort add something


His brother Roy Disney inaugurated the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971 add something


Roy died from a cerebral hemorrhage on December 20, 1971, the day he was due to open the Disneyland Christmas parade add something


Royal Dano - In 1971, Dano's voice was used for a revised Lincoln speech in the new "Hall Of Presidents" program at Walt Disney World in Florida, which ran to 1993


Julie Andrews - In 1971, she appeared as a guest for the Grand Opening Special of Walt Disney World, and that same year she and Carol Burnett headlined a CBS special, "Julie and Carol At Lincoln Center"


Heather North - In 1971, she starred with Kurt Russell and Raffles the Chimpanzee in Walt Disney's The Barefoot Executive


Mary Norton (author) - Norton's novels "The Magic Bed Knob; or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons" and "Bonfires and Broomsticks" were adapted into the 1971 Disney film "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", starring Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson


CalArts moved onto the Valencia campus in 1972 add something


Adriana Caselotti - On November 22, 1972 -Thanksgiving Day-, she guest-starred on an episode of "The Julie Andrews Hour" saluting the music of Walt Disney, singing "I'm Wishing" and "Someday My Prince Will Come" with Julie Andrews


Jerome Courtland - In 1975, he produced the Walt Disney film, "Ride a Wild Pony"


Ron W. Miller - In 1976, Lillian Disney, widow of Walt Disney, with Diane and Ron, purchased two vineyards in the Napa Valley


Lillian Disney - Walt Disney Imagineering created "The Empress Lilly", a paddle steamer replica, at Walt Disney World in Downtown Disney and Lillian christened it on May 1, 1977


John Le Mesurier - In 1979 he portrayed Sir Gawain in Walt Disney's film adaptation of Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", "Unidentified Flying Oddball", directed by Russ Mayberry, and co-starring Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale, Ron Moody and Kenneth More


He was considered by many of his colleagues to be a master storyteller and the animation department did not fully recover from his death until the late 1980s in a period known as the Disney Renaissance add something


Ron W. Miller - He became president of Walt Disney Productions in 1980 and CEO in 1983


Tim Burton - Burton is remaking his 1984 short film Frankenweenie as a feature length stop motion film, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.


Michael Eisner - He was the chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company from 1984 until 2005


Michael Sundin - In 1984, he began rehearsing the character Tik-Tok for the Walt Disney film "Return to Oz", and this was covered by the long-running BBC children's magazine programme "Blue Peter"


Ray Santilli - In 1985 he founded Music Broadcasting Services Ltd, an independent record label which handled the exclusive rights to the Walt Disney Audio Catalogue in the United Kingdom


The Mickey Mouse Club would continue in various incarnations in syndication and on the Disney Channel into the 1990s add something


In 1992, Walt Disney Imagineering took the step closer to Disney's original ideas and dedicated Celebration, Florida, a town built by the Walt Disney Company adjacent to Walt Disney World, that hearkens back to the spirit of EPCOT. EPCOT was originally intended to be devoid of Disney characters which initially limited the appeal of the park to young children add something


Tris Coffin - He is perhaps best known for his role as Jeff King in Republic Pictures' "King of the Rocket Men", the first of three serials starring the "Rocketman" character, who would later be paid homage to through the character of The Rocketeer, which was adapted into a Walt Disney film in 1992


In 1993 at the age of 57, Sharon died from cancer at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California add something


In 1993, HBO began development of a Walt Disney biographical film, directed by Frank Pierson and produced by Lawrence Turman, but the project never materialized and was soon abandoned add something


In 1995, Walt Disney Pictures distributed Pixar's Toy Story, the first computer animated feature film add something


Michael Bolton - Bolton's last Top 40 single in the US in his own right was the 1997 hit "Go the Distance", which peaked at No. 1 on the US adult contemporary chart.


Sidney Poitier - From 1998 to 2003 he served as a Member of the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company.


Hayley Mills - In recognition for her work with The Walt Disney Company, Mills was *awarded the prestigious Disney Legends *award in 1998


With the rise of computer animated films a stream of financially unsuccessful Traditional hand-drawn animated features in the early years of the 2000s emerged add something


W. Daniel Hillis - Hillis left Disney in 2000, taking with him Bran Ferren, President of the Walt Disney Imagineering, R&D Creative Technologies division


Michael Eisner - His reasons for resigning were micromanagement flops with the ABC television network, timidity in the theme park business, the Walt Disney Company turning into a "rapacious, soul-less" company, refusal to establish a clear succession plan, as well as a string of box-office movie flops starting in the year 2000


Herb Trimpe - Of his childhood art and comics influences, he said in 2002, "I really loved the Disney stuff, Donald Duck and characters like that


The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California, opened in 2003, was named in his honor add something


Lillian Disney - After many delays, the Walt Disney Concert Hall opened in 2003, six years after her death


Michael Eisner - In 2003, Roy E. Disney, the son of Disney co-founder Roy O. Disney and nephew of Walt Disney, resigned from his positions as Disney vice chairman and chairman of Walt Disney Features


Johnny Depp - The 2003 Walt Disney Pictures film $Pirates_of_the_Caribbean:_The_Curse_of_the_Black_Pearl was a major success, in which Depp's performance as the suave but shambling pirate Captain Jack Sparrow was highly praised.


In 2004, Disney released what was announced as their final "traditionally animated" feature film, "Home on the Range" add something


Julie Andrews - For a Walt Disney video release she again portrayed Mary Poppins and narrated the story of "The Cat That Looked at a King" in 2004


However, since the 2006 acquisition of Pixar, and the resulting rise of John Lasseter to Chief Creative Officer, that position has changed with the largely successful 2009 film "The Princess and the Frog" add something


It subsequently took his company 78 years to get back the rights to the Oswald character when in 2006 the Walt Disney Company reacquired the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from NBC Universal, through a trade for longtime ABC sports commentator Al Michaels add something


On December 6, 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver inducted Walt Disney into the California Hall of Fame located at The California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts add something


Robert Zemeckis - In February 2007, Zemeckis and Walt Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook announced plans for a new performance capture film company devoted to CG-created, 3-D movies.


In 2009, The Walt Disney Family Museum opened in the Presidio of San Francisco add something


Robin Williams - Robin Williams has recently made peace with the Walt Disney Company and in 2009 agreed to be inducted into the Disney Hall of Fame, designated as a Disney Legend.


The film is scheduled to be released in 2013 add something


Diane died November 19, 2013, of complications from a fall at home add something


In 2014, Disney was the inaugural recipient of a star on the Anaheim walk of stars awarded in recognition of his significant contribution to the city of Anaheim and specifically Disneyland, which is now the Disneyland Resort add something