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Walter Wolf Racing

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Walter Wolf Racing

Formula One constructor from 1977 to 1980, notable for winning the very first race the team entered add

Category: Auto racing

Founded in 1977.

Countries: (40%), Italy (20%), United States (13%)

Main connections: James Hunt, Walter Wolf, Formula One

Linked to: Ford Motor Company, Cosworth, Dallara, Lamborghini




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"'Walter Wolf Racing"' was a Formula One constructor from 1977 to 1980, notable for winning the very first race the team entered add something


The team remained the same for the 1978 season add something


Teddy Yip - At the end of 1978 and through 1979 Teddy funded a British F1 programme with Walter Wolf Racing WR3, WR4 and WR6 for Dave Kennedy who finished runner up in the series


Dallara - Dallara designed his first Formula 3 car for Walter Wolf Racing in 1978


In 1979, Scheckter was signed up by Ferrari and Wolf signed James Hunt to replace him add something


Keke Rosberg - He next emerged with the Wolf team, midway through the 1979 season


James Hunt - He was offered a deal to drive for Ferrari in 1979, but wary of the potentially complicated political environment at the Italian team, he opted to move instead to the initially very successful Walter Wolf Racing team


Walter Wolf - Wolf's team continued as "'Walter Wolf Racing"' and before being wound up in 1979 managed to win three F1 Grands Prix


The team re-emerged during the 1980s as a Touring Car team as Ford Germany's representative in Group A competition add something


Formula One - In 1980, the series saw South African Desiré Wilson become the only woman to win a Formula One race when she triumphed at Brands Hatch in a Wolf WR3


As of 2015, a Wolf Racing WR4 is being shown and raced at vintage F1 car events in the United States, campaigned by MotoGP world champion Eddie Lawson add something