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Wanda Hendrix

American film and television actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1928.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Audie Murphy, Robert Stack, Bewitched




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Wanda Hendrix was born in 1928 add something


By the late 1940s, she was being included in more prestigious films, such as "Ride the Pink Horse" and "Miss Tatlock's Millions" add something


She made her first film, "Confidential Agent", in 1945 and for the first few years of her career was consistently cast in "B" pictures add something


In 1946, Audie Murphy saw Hendrix on the cover of Coronet magazine and arranged to meet her add something


The two were married on February 8, 1949, making the film "Sierra" together, but the marriage was short-lived; they divorced on April 14, 1950 add something


Audie Murphy - Murphy married actress Wanda Hendrix in 1949; they were divorced in 1951


On June 26, 1954, she married wealthy sportsman James Langford Stack, Jr., the brother of actor Robert Stack, and retired from acting, but made occasional appearances in television series such as "My Three Sons" and "Wagon Train" and "Bewitched" add something


The couple divorced on November 3, 1958 add something


She married Italian financier and oil company executive Steven LaMonte on June 7, 1969 add something

Wanda Hendrix died in 1981 add something