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White House

Principal workplace of the President of the United States and metonym for the president's administration and advisers.add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1800.

Countries: United States (71%), (5%), Vietnam (5%)

Main connections: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton

Linked to: American Institute of Architects, Committee for the Preservation of the White House, University of Pennsylvania, Winterthur Museum




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It has been the residence of every U.S. president since John Adams in 1800 add something


In November 1800, he became the first president to occupy the White House add something


Although not yet completed, the White House was ready for occupancy on or circa November 1, 1800 add something


On Saturday, November 1, 1800, John Adams became the first president to take residence in the building add something


Adams lived in the house only briefly before Thomas Jefferson moved into the "pleasant country residence" in 1801 add something


When Thomas Jefferson moved into the house in 1801, he expanded the building outward, creating two colonnades that were meant to conceal stables and storage add something


President Thomas Jefferson held an open house for his second inaugural in 1805, and many of the people at his swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol followed him home, where he greeted them in the Blue Room add something


Some observers allege that most of these spoils were lost when a convoy of British ships led by HMS "Fantome" sank en route to Halifax off Prospect during a storm on the night of November 24, 1814, even though "Fantome" had no inolvement in that action add something


The earliest evidence of the public calling it the "White House" was recorded in 1811 add something


War of 1812 - In 1814, during the War of 1812, the mansion was set ablaze by the British Army in the Burning of Washington, destroying the interior and charring much of the exterior add something


After the fire, President James Madison resided in The Octagon House from 1814 to 1815, and the Seven Buildings from 1815 to the end of his term add something


Though Latrobe proposed similar porticos before the fire in 1814, both porticos were built as designed by Hoban add something


Richard Mentor Johnson - In August 1814, British forces attacked Washington, D.C. and burned the White House


Meanwhile, both architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Hoban contributed to the design and oversight of the reconstruction, which lasted from 1815 until 1817 add something


Reconstruction began almost immediately, and President James Monroe moved into the partially reconstructed Executive Residence in October 1817 add something


Construction continued with the addition of the South Portico in 1824 and the North in 1829 add something


The south portico was constructed in 1824 during the James Monroe administration; the north portico was built six years later add something


The President's House in Philadelphia became a hotel and was demolished in 1832 while the unused presidential palace became home to the University of Pennsylvania add something


Charles Sumner - American Civil War - During the American Civil War, after the fall of Fort Sumter, in April 1861, Sumner, Chandler and Wade repeatedly visited President Abraham Lincoln at the White House, speaking on slavery and the rebellion


Adelina Patti - Then, in 1862, during an American tour, she sang John Howard Payne's "Home, Sweet Home" at the White House for the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and his wife, Mary Lincoln


The Panic of 1873 had led to an economic depression that persisted through much of the decade add something


Henry Adams - In 1877, he and his wife moved to Washington, D.C., where their home on Lafayette Square, across from the White House, again became a dazzling and witty center of social life


When Chester Arthur took office in 1881, he ordered renovations to the White House to take place as soon as the recently widowed Lucretia Garfield moved out add something


In the fall of 1882 work was done on the main corridor, including tinting the walls pale olive and adding squares of gold leaf, and decorating the ceiling in gold and silver, and colorful traceries woven to spell "USA" add something


Even so, the practice continued until 1885, when newly elected Grover Cleveland arranged for a presidential review of the troops from a grandstand in front of the White House instead of the traditional open house add something


James Reavis - The U.S. Presidential election of 1888 resulted in the return of a Republican to the White House


In 1891, First Lady Caroline Harrison proposed major extensions to the White House, including a National Wing on the east for an historical art gallery, and a wing on the west for official functions add something


Winfield Scott Hancock - In 1893, Republican General Francis A. Walker wrote, "Although I did not vote for General Hancock, I am strongly disposed to believe that one of the best things the nation has lost in recent years has been the example and the influence of that chivalric, stately, and splendid gentleman in the White House


However, during the early 1900s, a French ambassador to the U.S., Jean Jules Jusserand, popularized the use of L'Enfant's birth name, "Pierre Charles L'Enfant" add something


Because of crowding within the executive mansion itself, President Theodore Roosevelt had all work offices relocated to the newly constructed West Wing in 1901 add something


However, in 1901 Theodore Roosevelt and his family moved in to the White House and hired McKim, Mead & White to carry out renovations and expansion, including the addition of a West Wing add something


Booker T. Washington - One of the results was a dinner invitation to the White House in 1901 by President Theodore Roosevelt


Booker T. Washington - Washington, as the guest of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901, was the first African American ever invited to the White House


Simon Bolivar Buckner - On a visit to the White House in 1904, Buckner asked President Theodore Roosevelt to appoint his only son as a cadet at West Point, and Roosevelt quickly agreed


Joshua Slocum - Slocum again met with President Roosevelt in May 1907, this time at the White House in Washington


The third-floor attic was converted to living quarters in 1927 by augmenting the existing hip roof with long shed dormers add something


The West Wing was damaged by fire in 1929, but rebuilt during the remaining years of the Herbert Hoover presidency add something


Those receptions ended in the early 1930s, although President Bill Clinton would briefly revive the New Year's Day open house in his first term add something


Etta Moten Barnett - On January 31, 1933, Moten became the first black star to perform at the White House


Although the White House grounds have had many gardeners through their history, the general design, still largely used as master plan today, was designed in 1935 by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. of the Olmsted Brothers firm, under commission from President Franklin D. Roosevelt add something


First lady Dolley Madison rescued a painting of George Washington, and in 1939, a Canadian man returned a jewelry box to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, claiming that his grandfather had taken it from Washington add something


Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - In June 1939, Elizabeth and her husband toured Canada from coast to coast and back, and visited the United States, spending time with President Roosevelt at the White House and his Hudson Valley estate


The East Wing, which contains additional office space, was added to the White House in 1942 add something


Faisal of Saudi Arabia - In September 1943, Prince Faisal and Prince Khalid were invited to the US, and Vice President Harry Truman organized a dinner for them at the White House


Khalid of Saudi Arabia - In September 1943, Prince Faisal and Prince Khalid were invited to the US, and Vice President Harry Truman organized a dinner for them at the White House


Albert David - He died of a heart attack at Norfolk, Virginia, Virginia, however, before the medal could be presented to him; it was presented by President Harry S. Truman to David's widow, Lynda Mae David, on October 5, 1945, in a ceremony at the White House


East Wing alterations were completed in 1946, creating additional office space add something


By 1948, the house was declared to be in imminent danger of collapse, forcing President Truman to commission a reconstruction and move across the street to Blair House from 1949 to 1951 add something


By 1948, the house's load-bearing exterior walls and internal wood beams were found to be close to failure add something


In the 1950s, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first president to travel by helicopter to and from the White House grounds add something


Pedro Albizu Campos - On November 1, 1950, Nationalists Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola attacked the Blair House in Washington, D.C. where president Harry S. Truman was staying while the White House was being renovated


The Trumans moved back into the White House on March 27, 1952 add something


Marilyn Monroe - In the Hoover book, Summers concludes that Monroe was in love with President Kennedy and wanted to marry him in the early 1960s; that she called the White House frequently; and that, when the married President had to break off their affair, Monroe became even more depressed, and turned to Robert Kennedy, who visited Monroe in Los Angeles the day that she died


The wallpaper had hung previously on the walls of another mansion until 1961 when that house was demolished for a grocery store add something


Marian Anderson - On January 20, 1961 she sang for President John F. Kennedy's inauguration, and in 1962 she performed for President Kennedy and other dignitaries in the East Room of the White House, and toured Australia


Arleigh Burke - Admiral Burke was presented a Gold Star in lieu of a third Distinguished Service Medal by President of the United States John F. Kennedy at the White House on July 26, 1961


The first official White House guide, published in 1962, suggested a link between Hoban's design for the South Portico and Ch√Ęteau de Rastignac, a neoclassical country house located in La Bachellerie in the Dordogne region of France and designed by Mathurin Salat add something


C. Rajagopalachari - While on a tour to the United States of America as a member of the Gandhi Peace Foundation delegation, in September 1962 Rajaji visited American President John F. Kennedy at the White House


George Murphy - In 1964, he was elected to the Senate, having defeated Pierre Salinger, the former presidential press secretary in the Kennedy White House, who had been appointed several months earlier to serve the remainder of the late Clair Engle's unexpired term


Dan Rather - Rather's reporting during the national mourning period following the Kennedy assassination and subsequent events brought him to the attention of CBS News management, which rewarded him in 1964 with the network's White House correspondent position


Dan Rather - After serving as a foreign correspondent for CBS in London in 1965 and Vietnam in 1966, he served his second tenure as White House correspondent during the Richard Nixon presidency


Jack Valenti - In 1966, Valenti, at the insistence of Universal Studios chief Lew Wasserman, and with Johnson's consent, resigned his White House commission and became the president of the Motion Picture Association of America


Pat Nixon - After her husband was elected president in 1968, Pat Nixon met with the outgoing First Lady Lady Bird Johnson and toured the private quarters of the White House on December 12


Grace Slick - Grace was invited to a tea party for the alumnae at the White House in 1969


Pat Buchanan - When Nixon took the Oval Office in 1969, Buchanan worked as a White House adviser and speechwriter for Nixon and vice president Spiro Agnew


Pat Nixon - When they entered the White House in 1969, the Nixons began inviting families to non-denominational Sunday church services in the East Room of the White House


David Packard - In the 1970s and 1980s Packard was a prominent advisor to the White House on defense procurement and management


Pat Nixon - When a news photographer wanted her to strike yet another pose while wearing an apron, she firmly responded, "I think we've had enough of this kitchen thing, don't you-" Some journalists, such as columnist and White House Correspondent Robert Thompson felt that Pat was an ideal balance for the 1970s; Thompson wrote that she proved that "women can play a vital role in world affairs" while still retaining a "feminine manner


James P. Fleming - In a ceremony at the White House on May 14, 1970, President Richard Nixon presented the Medal of Honor to Fleming for his actions during the rescue


Pat Buchanan - Buchanan married White House staffer Shelley Ann Scarney in 1971


Pat Nixon - She oversaw the White House wedding of her daughter, Tricia, to Edward Ridley Finch Cox in 1971


Pat Buchanan - Buchanan coined the phrase "Silent Majority" and helped shape the strategy that drew millions of Democrats to Nixon; in a 1972 memo he suggested the White House "should move to re-capture the anti-Establishment tradition or theme in American politics


Pat Nixon - In addition, she instituted a series of performances by artists at the White House in varied American traditions, from opera to bluegrass; among the guests were The Carpenters in 1972


Colin Powell - Powell served a White House fellowship, a highly selective and prestigious position, under President Richard Nixon from 1972 to 1973


Charles Colson - Although not discovered until several years after Nixon had resigned and Colson had finished serving his prison term, transcripts of a tape-recorded June 20, 1972 White House conversation between Nixon and Colson clearly show both men's early involvement in obstructing justice in the Watergate investigation


Alexander Haig - Haig continued in this position until 1973, when he was appointed to be Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, a post he held until the last few months of President Nixon's tenure, during which he served as White House Chief of Staff


Alexander Haig - Haig served as White House Chief of Staff, while still retaining his Army commission, during the height of the Watergate affair from May 1973 until September 1974, taking over the position from H.R. Haldeman, who resigned on April 30, 1973, while under pressure from Watergate prosecutors


In 1974, a stolen Army helicopter landed without authorization on the White House grounds add something


Dan Rather - At a Houston news conference in March 1974, Nixon fielded a question from Rather, still CBS's White House correspondent, who said, "Thank you, Mr. President


Alexander Haig - Haig remained White House Chief of Staff during the early days of the Ford Administration until Donald Rumsfeld replaced him in September 1974


Wesley Clark - In 1975, Clark was appointed a White House Fellow in the Office of Management and Budget as a special assistant to its director, James Thomas Lynn


Helen Thomas - She traveled around the world several times with all U.S. Presidents since Richard Nixon, and covered every Economic Summit since 1975, working up to the position of UPI's White House Bureau Chief, a post she would hold for over 25 years


Alger Hiss - In his 1976 memoir, former White House counsel John Dean states that President Nixon's chief counsel Charles Colson told him that Nixon had admitted in a conversation that HUAC had fabricated a typewriter, saying, "We built one on the Hiss case


Richard Holbrooke - In the summer of 1976, Holbrooke left "Foreign Policy" to serve as campaign coordinator for national security affairs to Governor Jimmy Carter in his bid for the White House


Chuck Yeager - President Ford presented the medal to Yeager in a ceremony at the White House on December 8, 1976


Rosalynn Carter, in 1977, was the first to place her personal office in the East Wing and to formally call it the "Office of the First Lady" add something


Betty Ford - After leaving the White House in 1977, she continued to lead an active public life


Leontyne Price - President Jimmy Carter invited her to sing a nationally televised recital at the White House in 1978, and she returned to sing for a State Dinner after the signing of the Camp David Accords and on the visit of Pope John Paul II.


Pope John Paul II - While some of his trips were to places previously visited by Pope Paul VI, John Paul II became the first pope to visit the White House in October 1979, where he was greeted warmly by then-President Jimmy Carter


Nancy Reagan - In 1981, Nancy directed a major renovation of several White House rooms, including all of the second and third floors and rooms adjacent to the Oval Office, including the press briefing room


Paul Krugman - From 1982 to 1983, Krugman spent a year working at the Reagan White House as a staff member of the Council of Economic Advisers


Perry Como - In 1982, Como and Frank Sinatra were invited to entertain Italian President Sandro Pertini at a White House State dinner when he made an official visit


Bill Cowan - In April 1983, after having been offered a job at the White House Science Advisor's office, he was approached by the Intelligence Support Activity to replace the previous U.S. Marine representative and ISA deputy operations officer


Martin Luther King, Jr. - At the White House Rose Garden on November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating a federal holiday to honor King


Pat Buchanan - Buchanan served as White House Communications Director from 1985 to 1987


Nancy Reagan - In 1985, Nancy expanded the campaign to an international level by inviting the First Ladies of various nations to the White House for a conference on drug abuse


In the 1990s, Bill and Hillary Clinton refurbished some rooms with the assistance of Arkansas decorator Kaki Hockersmith, including the Oval Office, the East Room, Blue Room, State Dining Room, Lincoln Bedroom, and Lincoln Sitting Room add something


Neal Walk - In 1990 Walk was honored at the White House by U.S. President George H. W. Bush, as the "Wheelchair Athlete of The Year


James Carville - But it was in 1991 when Carville and Begala rose to national attention, leading appointed incumbent Senator Harris Wofford of Pennsylvania back from a 40-point poll deficit over White House hand-picked candidate Dick Thornburgh


James Carville - Carville had believed that Al Gore, whom he helped put in the White House as vice president in 1992, would run for president in 2008


Madeleine Albright - In 1992, Bill Clinton returned the White House to the Democratic Party, and Albright was employed to handle the transition to a new administration at the National Security Council


Rahm Emanuel - Following the campaign, Emanuel became a senior advisor to Clinton at the White House from 1993 to 1998


Bill Clinton - On May 19, 1993, Clinton fired seven employees of the White House Travel Office, causing a controversy even though the Travel Office staff served at the pleasure of the President, who could dismiss them without cause


Twenty years later, in 1994, a light plane crashed on the White House grounds, and the pilot died instantly add something


Barbara Boxer - In 1994, her daughter Nicole married Tony Rodham, brother of then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a ceremony at the White House


Mary McAleese - She was a delegate to the 1995 White House Conference on Trade and Investment in Ireland and to the subsequent Pittsburgh Conference in 1996


John Major - In March 1995, Major refused to answer the phone calls of United States President Bill Clinton for several days because of his anger at Clinton's decision to invite Gerry Adams to the White House for St Patrick's Day


On May 20, 1995, primarily as a response to the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995, the United States Secret Service closed off Pennsylvania Avenue to vehicular traffic in front of the White House from the eastern edge of Lafayette Park to 17th Street add something


Monica Lewinsky - She moved to a paid position in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs in December 1995


Monica Lewinsky - In April 1996, Lewinsky's superiors transferred her from the White House to The Pentagon because they felt she was spending too much time around Clinton


Bill Clinton - The White House FBI files controversy of June 1996 arose concerning improper access by the White House to FBI security-clearance documents


Bob Dole - On June 11, 1996, Dole resigned his seat to focus on the campaign, saying he was either heading for "The White House or home"


Monica Lewinsky - On January 26, 1998, Clinton claimed "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky" in a nationally televised White House news conference


Wesley Clark - Clark began a public speaking tour in the summer of 2000 and approached several former government officials for advice on work after life in government, including House Speaker Newt Gingrich, White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, and Richard Holbrooke


Helen Thomas - She was a columnist for Hearst Newspapers from 2000 to 2010, writing on national affairs and the White House


Lamar Alexander - Despite vowing not to return to elective office, he was nevertheless persuaded by the White House to run for the open seat of retiring Senator Fred Thompson in 2002


Uta Hagen - In 2002, she was *awarded the National Medal of the Arts by President George W. Bush at a ceremony held at the White House


Charles Colson - On June 18, 2003, Colson was invited by President George W. Bush to the White House to present results of a scientific study on the faith-based initiative, InnerChange, at the Carol Vance Unit prison facility of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Fort Bend County, Texas


In September 2003, they resumed on a limited basis for groups making prior arrangements through their Congressional representatives or embassies in Washington for foreign nationals and submitting to background checks, but the White House remains closed to the public add something


Murder of Laci Peterson - On April 1, 2004, Sharon Rocha and her common-law husband Ron Grantski were in attendance at the White House when President George W. Bush, signed the bill into law


As a result of increased security regarding air traffic in the capital, the White House was evacuated in 2005 before an unauthorized aircraft could approach the grounds add something


NASAMS were used to guard air space over Washington, D.C. during the 2005 presidential inauguration add something


Peter Pace - On April 22, 2005, at a White House press conference, President George W. Bush nominated Pace to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Alexander Haig - On January 5, 2006, Haig participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials


Colin Powell - On January 5, 2006, he participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials


Lawrence Eagleburger - On January 5, 2006, he participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials


Madeleine Albright - On January 5, 2006, she participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss U.S. foreign policy with George W. Bush administration officials


Larry Craig - On February 9, 2006, Craig announced an agreement among himself, the White House, and fellow Senators John E. Sununu, Arlen Specter, Lisa Murkowski, Chuck Hagel and Richard Durbin to reauthorize the Act.


Madeleine Albright - On May 5, 2006, she was again invited to the White House to meet with former Secretaries and Bush administration officials to discuss Iraq


Alexander Haig - On May 12, 2006, Haig participated in a second White House meeting with 10 former Secretaries of State and Defense


On the weekend of June 23, 2006, a century-old American Elm tree on the north side of the building, came down during one of the many storms amid intense flooding add something


Helen Thomas - At the July 18, 2006, White House press briefing, Thomas remarked, "The United States


In 2007, it was ranked second on the American Institute of Architects list of "America's Favorite Architecture" add something


In 2007, work was completed on renovations of the press briefing room, adding fiber optic cables and LCD screens for the display of charts and graphs add something


Helen Thomas - In a press conference on November 30, 2007, Thomas questioned White House Press Secretary Dana Perino as to why Americans should depend on General David Petraeus in determining when to re-deploy U.S troops from Iraq


Rahm Emanuel - On November 6, 2008, Emanuel accepted the Cabinet-level position of White House Chief of Staff for Barack Obama


Rahm Emanuel - He previously served as the White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2010, a Member of the United States House of Representatives representing from 2003 to 2009, and as senior advisor to President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1998


Stevie Wonder - On February 23, 2009, Wonder became the second recipient of the Library of Congress's Gershwin Prize for pop music, honored by President Barack Obama at the White House


Tiger Woods - In April 2009, Woods visited the White House while in the Washington, D.C. area promoting the golf tournament he hosts, the AT&T National


Glenn Beck - In July 2009, Beck began to focus what would become many episodes on his TV and radio shows on Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs at Obama's White House Council on Environmental Quality


Glenn Beck - In a move attributed by "The New York Times" as a response to the controversies by the White House, which had not seen Jones's position as senior enough to warrant a full vetting, and Jones decision that "the agenda of this president was bigger than any one individual," Jones resigned his position in September 2009


Common (entertainer) - Stewart further pointed out that Fox News itself offered positive coverage of Common's career in 2010, and that Sean Hannity, who criticized Common's White House invitation, is a friend of musician Ted Nugent, who in clips played on "The Daily Show", used violent rhetoric in comments he made about President Obama and Hillary Clinton


Elie Wiesel - Three weeks later, on May 4, 2010, Wiesel met with President Obama at the White House to discuss Middle East peace relations


In September 2010, a two year project began on the West Wing, creating a multistory underground structure; this will be followed with additional renovation of the wing add something


Rahm Emanuel - On September 30, 2010, it was announced that Emanuel would leave his post as White House Chief of Staff to run for Mayor of Chicago


Helen Thomas - Later in the interview, when asked by Hochman if she stood by her December 2010 accusations that Zionists own the White House, Hollywood and Wall Street, Thomas answered that she did stand by those remarks


Laurence Fishburne - On February 16, 2011, the White House hosted a screening of the film as part of its celebrations of Black History Month


Common (entertainer) - Common was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to appear at a poetry reading on May 11, 2011 at the White House


Mike Ditka - In October 2011, Ditka and the 1985 team went to the White House after they didn't attend in 1986 due to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster


Mick Jagger - On 21 February 2012, Mick Jagger, B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck along with a blues ensemble performed at the White House concert series before President Barack Obama


White House tours have ended on March 9, 2013 until further notice, due to sequestration add something


The White House reopened to the public in November 2013 add something


The tree stood for over 200 years; but in 2017, having become too weak to stand on its own, it was decided to remove it and replace it with one of its offspring add something