Wil Wheaton

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Wil Wheaton

American actor and writer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1972.

Countries: United States (75%), Kansas (8%), Massachusetts (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Syfy, Stand by Me (film), Sean Hannity

Linked to: Dungeon, Republican party, United States Congress, Democratic Party




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Wil Wheaton was born in 1972 add something


He had a minor role in the 1984 movie "The Last Starfighter" as Louis' friend but it was cut out add something


He first gained widespread attention in 1986 as Gordie Lachance in "Stand by Me", the film adaptation of Stephen King's "The Body" add something


Stand by Me (film) - "'Stand by Me"' is a 1986 American coming of age drama adventure film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Wil Wheaton, River_Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O'Connell


Nicole Eggert - Also in 1989, Eggert hosted the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice *awards with Wil Wheaton


Deauville Film Festival - In the late 1990s, Wheaton appeared in several independent films, including the award-winning "The Good Things", in which he portrays a frustrated Kansas tollbooth worker; it was selected Best Short Film at the 2002 Deauville Film Festival add something


In 1991, he played Joey Trotta in the film "Toy Soldiers" add something


Robert Todd Lincoln - In the 1998 television film "The Day Lincoln Was Shot", the adult Robert Lincoln was portrayed by actor Wil Wheaton


Between 2001 and fall 2004, he operated a message board, known as "The Soapbox" or "Paracosm", as part of the blog site add something


He was a contestant on a 2001 episode of "The Weakest Link" featuring "Star Trek" actors attempting to win money for charity add something


Melbourne Underground Film Festival - He received the Best Actor award at the 2002 Melbourne Underground Film Festival for his performance in "Jane White Is Sick & Twisted" add something


In 2003, Wheaton mentioned his love for the game of poker on his blog add something


In spring 2003, he founded the independent publishing company Monolith Press and released a memoir entitled "Dancing Barefoot" add something


In winter 2003 Wheaton signed to publisher Tim O'Reilly with a three-book contract add something


O'Reilly acquired "Dancing Barefoot", and published his extended memoirs, "Just a Geek", in summer of 2004 add something


Eventually, he worked up to regular play, including a run at the 2005 World Poker Tour Championships add something


He went on to play in that year's World Series of Poker and was the guest speaker for the 2005 B.A.R.G.E Banquet add something


In a column that he wrote for Salon.com in 2005, "The Real War on Christmas", Wheaton attacked conservative commentators like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for influencing the political views of his parents, with whom Wheaton found himself unable to have political discussions during family get-togethers on holidays like Christmas add something


Wheaton described himself as a liberal in 2005 add something


From January 2005 to October 2006, he wrote a column for "The Onion AV Club" about early video games, called "Games of Our Lives add something


"ArcaneTimes" of March 25, 2005 offers a sympathetic position add something


He had a monthly column, entitled "Wil Save," in the Dungeons & Dragons-based magazine "Dungeon"; in May 2005, he ceased writing it add something


In June 2005, he became that month's featured Tech writer for the SuicideGirls Newswire add something


On June 23, 2005, Wheaton accepted an invitation to join Team PokerStars add something


WilWheatonDotNet in Exile, December 29, 2005 add something


From September 2006 to September 2007, he hosted a Revision3 syndicated video podcast called "InDigital" along with Jessica Corbin and veteran host Hahn Choi add something


During his keynote speech at the 2007 PAX , Wheaton made a note about sportsmanship when playing games online add something


On August 24, 2007, he gave the keynote for the yearly Penny Arcade Expo, which was subsequently made available online add something


Wheaton's had guest appearances on the November 23, 2007 episode of the TV series "Numb3rs", and the October 22, 2008 episode of the series "Criminal Minds" add something


He appeared as himself in a skit on nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot's 2008 album "Final Boss" attempting to be a rapper, whose rhymes only involved shellfish add something


He has appeared in Internet presentations, including a cameo in a comedy sketch for LoadingReadyRun , and the May 30, 2008 episode of the Internet series "Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show" add something


On December 12, 2008, he returned to his role as Geek in Review editor, with his editorials being published every second Wednesday of the month add something


Closing up 2009, Wheaton published "Happiest Days of Our Lives", to which his son, Ryan, contributed by writing the afterword add something


He gave the keynote at PAX East 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts add something


He later collaborated with Frontalot on "Your Friend Wil", a track from the 2010 album "Zero Day" on the subject of Wheaton's Law. Wheaton and Frontalot have both appeared at the Penny Arcade Expo add something


Starting in the July 23, 2010 episode, he has appeared in a recurring, guest-starring role on "Eureka", playing Dr. Isaac Parrish, the head of the Non-Lethal Weapons Lab at Global Dynamics and a thorn in Fargo's side add something


Wheaton played "D&D" 4th edition at the PAX 2011 event using the 4th edition rules, and used the "D&D Next" play test rules at PAX Prime 2012 add something


Wheaton hosted a NASA video on the Mars "Curiosity" rover which landed on Monday August 6, 2012 add something


On April 3, 2014, Wheaton announced on his blog that his new show called "The Wil Wheaton Project" would premier on the SyFy network at 10pm on May 27 for an initial projected run of twelve episodes add something


Wheaton announced in February, 2015, that he was chosen to provide voiceover talent for the upcoming strategy role-playing video game "Firefly Online", a game based on Joss Whedon's "Firefly" sci-fi franchise add something


On May 6, 2015, Wheaton announced on his blog that he will play the role of Alexander Rook in the upcoming Syfy TV series "Dark Matter" based off the comic book of the same name add something


"Dark Matter" premiered on June 12, 2015 add something


In September 2015, Wheaton announced that he was supporting Bernie Sanders' bid to be the 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate nominee add something


He subsequently campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election add something


Sutherland Springs church shooting - Immediately following the Sutherland Springs church shooting on November 5, 2017, Wheaton on Twitter stated in response to Congressman Paul Ryan's call for prayers for the victims that "The murdered victims were in a church add something