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William A. Wellman

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William A. Wellman

American film director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1896.

Countries: United States (90%), Chad (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Snitz Edwards, California, Joan Blondell

Linked to: The Ox-Bow Incident, French Foreign Legion, International New York Times, Paramount Pictures




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William A. Wellman was born in 1896 add something


Wellman's combat experience culminated in three recorded "kills", along with five probables, although he was ultimately shot down by German anti-aircraft fire on March 21, 1918 add something


Helene Chadwick - In January 1919, Chadwick became engaged to Lieutenant William A. Wellman, an American pilot with the Lafayette Flying Corps


Wellman made his uncredited directorial debut in 1920 at Fox with "The Twins of Suffering Creek" add something


The first films he was credited with directing were "The Man Who Won" and "Second Hand Love", released on the same day in 1923 add something


After directing a dozen low-budget 'horse opera' films , Wellman was hired by Paramount in 1927 to direct "Wings", a major war drama dealing with fighter pilots during World War I that was highlighted by air combat and flight sequences add something


Wellman directed the 1927 film "Wings", which became the first film to win an Academy award for Best Picture at the 1st Academy awards ceremony add something


Snitz Edwards - By the early 1930s and the advent of talkies, Edwards was already in his 60s, suffering from crippling arthritis, but remaining active until his last role, a part in the 1931 William A. Wellman directed crime drama "The Public Enemy" opposite actors Jean Harlow, James Cagney, and Joan Blondell


Wellman's other notable films include "The Public Enemy" , the first version of "A Star Is Born" , "Nothing Sacred" , the 1939 version of "Beau Geste" starring Gary Cooper, "Thunder Birds" , "The Ox-Bow Incident" , "Lady of Burlesque" , "The Story of G.I. Joe" , "Battleground" and two films starring and co-produced by John Wayne, "Island in the Sky" and "The High and the Mighty" add something


Dorothy starred in Wellman's 1933 film "Wild Boys of The Road" and had seven children with Wellman, including actors Michael Wellman, William Wellman Jr., Maggie Wellman, and Cissy Wellman add something


He wrote the screenplay for two other films that he directed, and one film that he did not direct, 1936's "The Last Gangster" add something


Carole Lombard - Her next film was "Nothing Sacred" in 1937, casting her opposite Fredric March and under the direction of William A. Wellman


Wellman was known for his disdain for actors in general, and actresses in particular, "Movie stardom isn't about acting ability - it's personality and temperament", he stated in 1952, and added, "I once directed Clara Bow add something


"The Lowell Sunday," April 27, 1952 add something


He wrote the story for "A Star Is Born" and received a story credit for both remakes in 1954 and 1976 add something


In 1973, the DGA honored him with a Lifetime Achievement award add something


William Wellman died in 1975 of leukemia add something

William A. Wellman died in 1975 add something


His widow, Dorothy Wellman, died on September 16, 2009, in Brentwood, California, at the age of 95 add something