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William Katt

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William Katt

American film and television actor, best known as the star of The Greatest American Hero add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1951.

Countries: United States (90%), Sweden (10%)

Main connections: Brian De Palma, Joan Darling, TV Guide

Linked to: Association of Surfing Professionals, Facebook, TV Guide




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William Katt was born in 1951 add something


His earliest film credits include the role of a jock, Tommy Ross, in Brian De Palma's 1976 horror film adaptation "Carrie," which allowed Katt to make a name for himself add something


Susan Dey - Also in 1977, Dey starred opposite William Katt in a romance film, "First Love", directed by Joan Darling


In 1978 he appeared as Barlow, a young surfer, in the John Milius drama film "Big Wednesday" opposite Jan-Michael Vincent and Gary Busey add something


Katt explained in a 1979 interview with critic Roger Ebert that he was holding out only for parts which were personally interesting to him add something


Katt married Deborah Kahane in 1979 and they had two sons, Clayton and Emerson add something


In 1981 Katt was cast as the title role in a filmed version of the Broadway musical comedy "Pippin", which received mixed reviews add something


He won his best remembered role that year, however, as Ralph Hinkley, a mild-mannered schoolteacher given a superpowered suit by aliens on the television series "The Greatest American Hero," a role he played until the show was canceled in 1983 add something


Mary Stavin - She had a minor role as the character Tanya in the 1986 horror movie "House" which starred William Katt


Katt starred in the 1989 TV series "Top of the Hill" and made a guest appearance on the first episode of the short-lived 1991 series "Good Sports add something


" The role in "Big Wednesday" made him so well known in the surfing community that in 2004 he presented one of the Association of Surfing Professionals awards at their annual World championship tour ceremony to wild applause from the crowd of professional surfers add something


In 2010 during season 6, Katt guest starred as C.J. Payne's musician birth-father in the episode "Who's Your Daddy Now-" on the Tyler Perry comedy "House of Payne add something


"Hero Worship" "TV Guide"; June 21, 2010; Page 77 add something


In 2013, Katt played himself in the spoof film "Paranormal Movie" directed by Kevin Farley add something


In 2014, he appeared in The Unwanted add something