William Morris (Canadian businessman)

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William Morris (Canadian businessman)

Businessman and political figure in Upper Canada add

Category: Business

Born in 1786.

Country: Canada (100%)

Education: undef.

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William Morris was born in 1786 add something


His family came to Upper Canada in 1801, where his father set up an import-export business add something


War of 1812 - He joined the militia during the War of 1812 add something


In 1816, he opened a second store in the new settlement at Perth add something


In 1818, he was appointed justice of the peace in the area and, in 1820, he was elected to the 8th Parliament of Upper Canada representing Carleton add something


He was involved in setting up the first canal connecting the Tay River to Lower Rideau Lake in 1834 add something


He represented Carleton and Lanark until 1836, when he was appointed to the Legislative Council add something


He was appointed to the Legislative Council when Upper and Lower Canada were united in 1841 add something


In 1842, he was appointed warden for the Johnstown District add something


In 1844, he became receiver general for the United Canadas add something


In 1846, he became president of the Executive Council add something


He suffered a stroke in 1853, at which point, he retired from active public life; he died at Montreal in 1858 add something

William Morris died in 1858 add something