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Woody Allen

American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, jazz musician, author, and playwrightadd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1935.

Countries: United States (58%), United Kingdom (10%), (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Mia Farrow, Annie Hall, Diane Keaton

Linked to: The New York Times, New York University, American Film Institute, City College of New York




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Woody Allen was born in 1935 add something


Works studio and represented a change in direction: Allen began giving more interviews and made an attempt to return to his slapstick roots. add something


Allen has a sister, Letty, who was born in 1943, and was raised in Midwood, Brooklyn. add something


Nat Hiken - A television pioneer, Hiken worked with Mel Brooks and Woody Allen throughout the 1950s and early 1960s


Neil Simon - Among them were "The Phil Silvers Show" and Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows" in 1950, where he worked alongside other young writers including Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks and Woody Allen


At the age of 17, he legally changed his name to Heywood Allen. add something


Asked whether their age difference was conducive to "a healthy, equal relationship," Allen said equality is not necessarily a requirement in a relationship and said, "The heart wants what it wants. add something


At age 19, Allen married 16-year-old Harlene Rosen. add something


Although best known for his films, Allen has enjoyed a very successful career in theater, starting as early as 1960, when Allen wrote sketches for the revue From A to Z. His first great success was Don't Drink the Water, which opened in 1968, and ran for 598 performances for almost two years on Broadway. add something


Jerry Herman - In 1960, Herman made his Broadway debut with the revue "From A to Z", which featured contributions from newcomers Woody Allen and Fred Ebb as well


In 1961, he started a new career as a stand-up comedian, debuting in a Greenwich Village club called the Duplex. add something


Tommy Vig - In 1961 he settled in Las Vegas, where he performed with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Curtis, Woody Allen, Judy_Garland, and Tony Bennett.


Mae Questel - In 1961 she was seen as a middle-aged bride in Jerry Lewis' "It's Only Money", one of Fanny Brice's mother's card-playing friends at the start of the film "Funny Girl" in 1968, and as the "Jewish Mama from Hell" in Woody Allen's "New York Stories" in 1989 in Woody's segment titled "Oedipus Wrecks"; she had earlier sung the song "Chameleon Days" on the soundtrack for Allen's film "Zelig" in 1983


Jose Ferrer - Ferrer's other notable film roles include the Turkish Bey in "Lawrence of Arabia" , Herod Antipas in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" , a budding Nazi in "Ship of Fools", a pompous professor in Woody Allen's "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" , the treacherous Professor Siletski in the 1983 remake of "To Be or Not to Be", and Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV in "Dune" in 1984


Jose Ferrer - Ferrer's other notable film roles include the Turkish Bey in "Lawrence of Arabia" , Herod Antipas in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" , a budding Nazi in "Ship of Fools", a pompous professor in Woody Allen's "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" , the treacherous Professor Siletski in the 1983 remake of "To Be or Not to Be", and Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV in "Dune" in 1984


Richard Pryor - In 1963, Pryor moved to New York City and began performing regularly in clubs alongside performers such as Bob Dylan and Woody Allen


William Zinsser - Zinsser interviewed Woody Allen in 1963 for the "Saturday Evening Post"


His first movie was the Charles K. Feldman production What's New Pussycat? in 1965, for which he wrote the initial screenplay. add something


Allen married Louise Lasser in 1966. add something


Allen's first directorial effort was What's Up, Tiger Lily?, in which an existing Japanese spy movie – Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Kagi no kagi, "International Secret Police: Key of Keys" – was redubbed in English by Allen and his friends with entirely new, comic dialogue. add something


He became a successful Broadway playwright and wrote Don't Drink the Water in 1966. add something


Ralph Rosenblum - In 1968, Rosenblum was hired as an "editorial consultant" to help a young Woody Allen hone a large amount of footage into what became Allen's first film, the mockumentary "Take the Money and Run"


A film adaptation of the play, directed by Howard Morris, was released in 1969, starring Jackie Gleason. add something


Allen directed, starred in, and wrote Take the Money and Run in 1969. add something


Because he was not particularly happy with the 1969 film version of his play, in 1994, Allen directed and starred in a third version for television, with Michael J. Fox and Mayim Bialik. add something


Billy Graham - He appeared as a guest on a 1969 Woody Allen television special, where he joined the comedian in a witty exchange on theological matters


In 1970, Allen cast Diane Keaton in his Broadway show, Play It Again, Sam. During the run she and Allen became romantically involved and although they broke up after a year, she continued to star in a number of his films, including Sleeper as a futuristic poet and Love and Death as a composite character based on the novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. add something


In the 1970s, Allen wrote a number of one-act plays, most notably God and Death, which were published in his 1975 collection Without Feathers. add something


Julie Kavner - Woody Allen first saw Kavner one night while he was watching "Rhoda" in the 1970s


Conrad Bain - In the early 1970s, Bain appeared in New York-based films like "Lovers and Other Strangers" and Woody Allen's "Bananas" before achieving national recognition for his work in television


Diane Keaton - Keaton's other notable films of the 1970s included many collaborations with Woody Allen


From 1971 to 1975, Allen co-wrote, directed, and starred in Bananas, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* , Sleeper, and Love and Death. add something


One of his earliest televised performances was on The Dick Cavett Show on October 20, 1971. add something


Ralph Burns - In 1971, Burns first film assignment was for Woody Allen's "Bananas"


In 1972, he wrote and starred in the film version of Play It Again, Sam, which was directed by Herbert Ross and co-starred Diane Keaton. add something


Diane Keaton - Her first major film role was as Kay Adams-Corleone in "The Godfather" , but the films that shaped her early career were those with director and co-star Woody Allen beginning with "Play It Again, Sam" in 1972


Brian Avery (actor) - He appeared in the 1973 Woody Allen film "Sleeper"


The one-act plays God and Death are both included in Allen's 1975 collection Without Feathers. add something


From 1976 to 1984, Stuart Hample wrote and drew Inside Woody Allen, a comic strip based on Allen's film persona. add something


In 1976, he starred in $The_Front a humorous and poignant account of Hollywood blacklisting during the 1950s. add something


Martin Ritt - In 1976, Ritt made one of the first dramatic feature films about the blacklist, "The Front", starring Woody Allen


Allen's film Annie Hall won four Academy Awards in 1977, including Best Picture. add something


Annie Hall won four Academy Awards in 1977, including Best Picture and Best Actress in a Leading Role for Diane Keaton. add something


Henry Award for his short story The Kugelmass Episode, published in The New Yorker on May 2, 1977. add something


Colleen Dewhurst - In 1977, Woody Allen cast her in his film "Annie Hall" as Annie's mother


Allen won the 1978 O. Henry Award for his short story The Kugelmass Episode, published in The New Yorker on May 2, 1977. add something


Manhattan, released in 1979, is a black-and-white film that can be viewed as an homage to New York City. add something


Diane Keaton - After "Manhattan" in 1979, Keaton and Woody Allen ended their long working relationship, and the film would be their last major collaboration until 1993


Wallace Shawn - He made his film debut in 1979, playing Diane Keaton's ex-husband in Woody Allen's "Manhattan" and an insurance agent in Bob Fosse's "All That Jazz"


Frances Conroy - One of her first film appearances was as a Shakespearean actress in Woody Allen's 1979 classic, "Manhattan"


Allen twice won the Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film, the first in 1980, for Manhattan and the second in 1986, for The Purple Rose of Cairo. add something


Allen's 1980s films, even the comedies, have somber and philosophical undertones. add something


Around 1980, Allen began a relationship with actress Mia Farrow, who had leading roles in several of his movies from 1982 to 1992. add something


Cynthia Gibb - Woody Allen saw her in one of those magazines and cast her in her first film role in his 1980 movie "Stardust Memories"


Mel Brooks - By 1980, Siskel and Ebert called Brooks and Woody Allen "the two most successful comedy directors in the world today .


Julie Hagerty - Hagerty spent the 1980s starring in a number of theatrical films, ranging from the well-reviewed "Lost In America" and Woody Allen's "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" to the badly received "Beyond Therapy"


Mia Farrow - In 1980, Farrow began seeing film director Woody Allen


Mia Farrow - In the 1980s and early '90s, Farrow's relationship with director Woody Allen resulted in numerous film collaborations


Elaine Stritch - When she returned to the United States in the mid 1980's from London, Woody Allen cast her as the former movie star mother in his drama "September"


In 1981, Allen's play The Floating Light Bulb opened on Broadway. add something


In 1981, his play The Floating Light Bulb premiered on Broadway and ran for 65 performances. add something


Brian Backer - Backer won the 1981 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play, the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play, and the Theatre World Award for Woody Allen's "The Floating Light Bulb", in which he portrayed an Allen-like protagonist


Jack Weston - In 1981, Weston appeared on Broadway in Woody Allen's comedy "The Floating Light Bulb", for which he was nominated for a Tony *award as Best Actor


Carol Kane - Kane is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Simka Dahblitz-Gravas, wife of Latka Gravas , on the American television series "Taxi", from 1981 to 1983, and for her role as Allison Portchnik in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall"


Cole Palen - Palen was associated with several movies, most notably in 1983, when he worked as a stunt double for Woody Allen in the film "Zelig"


Todd Field - Field began making motion pictures in 1985 when he was cast by Woody Allen in "Radio Days"


Mimi Weddell - In 1985, she appeared in Woody Allen's "The Purple Rose of Cairo", where she stood in line with Mia Farrow to purchase a ticket to the film within the film


In 1986, Allen won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay for The Purple Rose of Cairo, and in 2009, he won the same award for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. add something


Carrie Fisher - She appeared in the Woody Allen film "Hannah and her Sisters" in 1986


In 1987, she had a cameo as a night-club singer in Radio Days and was chosen to replace Mia Farrow in the co-starring role for Manhattan Murder Mystery after Allen and Farrow began having troubles with their personal and working relationship while making this film. add something


Seth Green - He starred in Woody Allen's "Radio Days" as Joe, a 1940s boy, and appeared in "Big Business" and, in the same year, in "My Stepmother Is an Alien", which starred "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" co-star Alyson Hannigan


Dianne Wiest - Under Woody Allen's direction, Wiest won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Hannah and Her Sisters in 1987 and Bullets Over Broadway in 1995.


Don Dunphy - Dunphy was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1988 and had a memorable cameo appearance in the 1971 Woody Allen movie "Bananas"


In 1989, Allen teamed up with directors Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese to make New York Stories, an anthology film about New Yorkers. add something


Martin Scorsese - Along with directors Woody Allen and Francis Ford Coppola, in 1989 Scorsese provided one of three segments in the portmanteau film New York Stories, called "Life Lessons".


David Icke - He was invited in 1989 to debate animal rights during a televised debate at the Royal Institute of Great Britain, alongside Tom Regan, Mary Warnock and Germaine Greer, and in September 1990 his name appeared on advertisements for a children's charity along with Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen and other celebrities


Francis Ford Coppola - In 1989 Coppola teamed up with fellow Oscar-winning directors Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen for an anthology film called New York Stories.


Keye Luke - Luke played the mysterious old Chinatown shopowner Mr. Wing in the two "Gremlins" movies, he had a significant role in Woody Allen's 1990 movie "Alice", and was the voice of Zoltar and Colonel Cronus in "Battle of the Planets"


For example, in 1991, The New York Times described Allen's family life by reporting, "Few married couples seem more married. add something


In 1991, when the relationship started, Allen was 56 and Previn was 21. add something


Bill Irwin - Irwin tap-danced in a leading role in 1991's "Stepping Out" with Liza Minnelli and appeared as a mime in the Paul Mazursky film "Scenes from a Mall" alongside Woody Allen and Bette Midler


After Allen and Farrow separated, a long public legal battle for the custody of their three children began. add something


After ending his relationship with Mia Farrow in 1992, Allen continued his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn. add something


Diane Keaton - In 1993, Keaton starred in "Manhattan Murder Mystery", her first film with Woody Allen since 1979


Winona Ryder - In 1993, she starred in the melodrama The House of the Spirits, based on Isabel Allende's novel.


Edie Falco - Her first big break in films was a small speaking role in the 1994 Woody Allen film "Bullets Over Broadway"


Dianne Wiest - She worked with Woody Allen once again, in 1994, for Bullets Over Broadway, a comedy set in 1920s New York City, winning her second Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Helen Sinclair, a boozy, glamorous, and loud star of the stage.


At the 1995 Venice Film Festival, Allen received a Career Golden Lion for lifetime achievement. add something


For the next couple of years, Allen had no direct involvement with the stage, yet notable productions of his work were being staged. add something


Lennie Weinrib - Woody Allen's character in 1995's "Mighty Aphrodite" was named "Lenny Weinrib


Mira Sorvino - After small roles in Robert Redford's Quiz Show and Whit Stillman's Barcelona, she was cast in the 1995 Woody Allen film Mighty Aphrodite.


In 1996, Allen received a lifetime achievement award from the Directors Guild of America. add something


Anthony Mason (basketball) - He plays a pickup player in the 1996 film "Eddie", and himself in Woody Allen's "Celebrity"


Tim Roth - In 1996, he went a different way, starring with Drew Barrymore in Woody Allen's musical comedy "Everyone Says I Love You"


In 1997, he received the honorary BAFTA Fellowship for his work. add something


In 1997, rumors of Allen returning to the theater to write a starring role for his wife Soon-Yi Previn turned out to be false. add something


Billy Wilder - Wilder's 12 Academy Award nominations for screenwriting were a record until 1997 when Woody Allen received a 13th nomination for Deconstructing Harry.


Allen provided the lead voice in the 1998 animated film Antz, which featured many actors he had worked with and had Allen play a character that was similar to his earlier neurotic roles. add something


Match Point earned Allen his first Academy Award nomination since 1998, for Best Writing – Original Screenplay and earned directing and writing nominations at the Golden Globes, his first Globe nominations since 1987. add something


Serge Sorokko - According to the New York "Daily News", the gallery soon became "the place where celebrities hang out," and in 1998, Woody Allen used the Sorokko gallery to shoot an art opening scene for his film "Celebrity"


Melanie Griffith - In 1998 she appeared in Woody Allen's "Celebrity" with Kenneth Branagh and Leonardo DiCaprio


Allen's 1999 jazz-based comedy-drama Sweet and Lowdown was nominated for two Academy Awards for Sean_Penn and Samantha_Morton. add something


Skipp Sudduth - He has appeared in stage adaptations of "The Grapes of Wrath", "On the Waterfront" and "A Clockwork Orange", and acted in the 1999 Broadway production of "The Iceman Cometh" and the 2003 debut performance of Woody Allen's play "Riverside Drive"


Phil Schaap - He is the inspiration for Woody Allen's on-screen character in Allen's 1999 film "Sweet and Lowdown"


Howard Alden - His performances were dubbed over Sean Penn as 'Emmet Ray' in the 1999 Woody Allen film "Sweet and Lowdown"


Sean Penn - Penn was nominated again for his comedic performance as an egotistical jazz guitarist in Woody Allen's 1999 release Sweet and Lowdown.


Django Reinhardt - Reinhardt's legacy dominates in Woody Allen's 1999 "Sweet and Lowdown"


Vinessa Shaw - Following her role in "Eyes Wide Shut", Vinessa played parts in a handful of films including the independent 2000 mystery-drama "The Weight of Water" with Sarah Polley and Sean_Penn; the slapstick comedy "Corky Romano" alongside Chris Kattan; the romantic comedy "40 Days and 40 Nights", playing the fiesty ex-girlfriend of Josh Hartnett; and a very small role in Woody Allen's "Melinda and Melinda"


Steve Kroft - He played himself again in Woody Allen's 2000 movie, "Small Time Crooks", in which he interviewed Allen's character for a segment on "60 Minutes"


Ruth Laredo - In 2000 Laredo appeared in a scene of Woody Allen's movie "Small Time Crooks", where Hugh Grant tries to impress Tracey Ullman by taking her to a piano recital, where Ruth Laredo is playing Rachmaninoff


Django Reinhardt - Reinhardt's music has been used in the soundtrack of many films, including in "The Matrix"; "Rhythm Futur", "Daltry Calhoun", "Metroland", "Chocolat", "The Aviator", "Alex and the Gypsy", "Kate and Leopold" and "Gattaca"; the score for Louis Malle's 1974 movie, "Lacombe Lucien"; the background for the Steve Martin movie "L.A. Story"; and the background for a number of Woody Allen movies, including "Stardust Memories"


Allen was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2001. add something


Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2001. add something


Apart from Wild Man Blues, directed by Barbara Kopple, there are a number of other documentaries featuring Woody Allen, including the 2002 cable-television documentary Woody Allen: a Life in Film, directed by Time film critic Richard Schickel, which interlaces interviews of Allen with clips of his films, and Meetin' WA, a short interview of Allen by French director Jean-Luc Godard. add something


At the Academy Awards ceremony in 2002, Allen made an unannounced appearance, making a plea for producers to continue filming their movies in New York City after the 9–11 attacks, where he stated, "I didn't have to present anything. add something


Critic's Notebook; Embracing The Auteurs At Cannes", The New York Times, May 18, 2002. add something


In 2002, Allen received the Palme des Palmes, a special lifetime achievement award granted by the Cannes Festival and whose sole other recipient is Ingmar Bergman. add something


In 2002, Allen won the Prince of Asturias Award. add something


Debra Messing - Messing was cast by director Woody Allen in a small role in his 2002 film "Hollywood Ending"


Gareth Wiley - Prior to working with Woody Allen, he maintained a career in investment banking in parallel with an increasing involvement in film finance and in 2002 committed himself to working exclusively in film and other creative businesses


In 2003, Allen finally returned to the stage with Writer's Block, an evening of two one-acts – Old Saybrook and Riverside Drive – that played Off-Broadway. add something


Winona Ryder - The book Conversations with Woody Allen reports that in 2003 film director Woody Allen wanted to cast Robert Downey, Jr. and Ryder in his film Melinda and Melinda, but was unable to do so because "I couldn't get insurance on them .


In 2004, Allen's first full-length play since 1981, A Second Hand Memory, was directed by Allen and enjoyed an extended run Off-Broadway. add something


Lenny Bruce - In 2004, Comedy Central listed Bruce at number three on its list of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All-Time, placing above Woody Allen and below George Carlin


Gareth Wiley - Since 2004, he has produced or acted as executive producer on seven feature films, four of which have been with Woody Allen, having persuaded Allen to move his 2004 movie to London


In a 2005 Vanity Fair interview, Allen estimated that, despite the scandal's damage to his reputation, Farrow's discovery of Allen's attraction to Soon-Yi Previn by finding nude photographs of her was "just one of the fortuitous events, one of the great pieces of luck in my life. add something


In a 2005 UK poll The Comedian's Comedian, Allen was voted the third greatest comedy act ever by fellow comedians and comedy insiders. add something


Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Cannes Film Festival - In 2005, Rhys Meyers starred in Woody Allen's film "Match Point", for which he received a Chopard Trophy at the Cannes Film Festival


Scott Penrose - In 2005, he taught Woody Allen magic for his movie "Scoop"


Emily Mortimer - In 2005, she played a major role as the oblivious spouse of an adulterous Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Woody Allen's "Match Point", as well as voicing young Sophie in the English-dubbed version of "Howl's Moving Castle"


Miranda Raison - Raison appeared alongside Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen's film "Match Point" in 2005 and appeared in "Land of the Blind" with Ralph Fiennes playing her father in 2006


Margaret Tyzack - Tyzack appeared in Woody Allen's 2005 film, "Match Point"


Bette Midler - In 2006, Midler released a new Christmas album, Cool Yule, featuring the title song (written by Steve Allen and a duet of "Winter Wonderland/Let It Snow" with Johnny Mathis.


Hugh Jackman - Jackman starred in Woody Allen's 2006 film "Scoop" opposite Scarlett Johansson


D degree Honoris Causa from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. add something


Gregor and Tom Wilkinson. add something


He reached an agreement to film Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Avilés, Barcelona and Oviedo, where shooting started on July 9, 2007. add something


In June 2007, it was announced that Allen would make two more creative debuts in the theater, directing a work that he did not write and directing an opera – a re-interpretation of Puccini's Gianni Schicchi for the Los Angeles Opera – which debuted at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on September 6, 2008. add something


Colin Farrell - Farrell was next seen in Woody Allen's "Cassandra's Dream", which premiered in 2007 and was distributed in the U.S. in early 2008


Jessica Hecht - Hecht starred in a supporting role as Amy Burns in the 2007 comedy-drama "Dan in Real Life", co-starring with Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche, and in 2009's "Whatever Works" directed by Woody Allen


Hayley Atwell - Her first feature film role was in Woody Allen's 2007 film "Cassandra's Dream", in which she took the part of a stage actress opposite Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell


Ewan McGregor - In 2007, McGregor starred opposite Colin Farrell in the Woody Allen film "Cassandra's Dream"


Dov Charney - In May 2007, American Apparel posted two billboards in New York and Los Angeles featuring a still image of actor Woody Allen from his 1977 movie "Annie Hall"


In April 2008, he began filming for a movie focused more towards older audiences starring Larry David, Patricia Clarkson and Evan Rachel Wood. add something


Allen and his band played the Montreal Jazz Festival on two consecutive nights in June 2008. add something


Chris Messina - In 2008 Messina starred in Woody Allen's film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"


Patricia Clarkson - In 2008, she had supporting roles in "Elegy", as a womanizer's put-upon girlfriend, and Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" as an unhappily-married housewife


Thomas Allen (baritone) - In September 2008, he performed under the direction of Woody Allen in Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi" for the Los Angeles Opera as well as at the Spoleto Festival in June 2009


Allen made his only sitcom "appearance" to date via telephone on the show Just Shoot Me/ in a 1997 episode, "My Dinner with Woody" which paid tribute to several of his films. add something


Released in 2009, Whatever Works, described as a dark comedy, follows the story of a botched suicide attempt turned messy love triangle. add something


Filming started in July 2009. add something


Carla Bruni - Following months of speculation, in a television interview broadcast on 23 November 2009, Bruni revealed that she had accepted a role in a forthcoming Woody Allen film


It was released theatrically in the US on September 23, 2010, following a Cannes debut in May 2010, and a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2010. add something


It was released theatrically in the US on September 23, 2010, following a Cannes debut in May 2010, and a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2010 add something


Philip Glenister - Glenister had a small role in Woody Allen's "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger" in 2010 and plays Charles Forestier in a 2011 feature film of Guy de Maupassant's "Bel Ami"


Nicole Kidman - In 2010, she starred with Aaron Eckhart in the film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Rabbit Hole, for which she vacated her role in the Woody Allen picture You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger.


Naomi Watts - Her next movie, the Woody Allen comedy "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger", opened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival on 15 May 2010


In 2011 the PBS series American Masters co-produced a comprehensive documentary about him, "Woody Allen: a Documentary" directed by Robert B. Weide add something


It debuted at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival on May 12, 2011 add something


In a report June 22, 2011, Reuters quoted Allen as saying, "What was the scandal- I fell in love with this girl, married her add something


In October 2011, Woody Allen's one-act play called "Honeymoon Motel" premiered as one in a series of one act plays on Broadway titled "Relatively Speaking" add something


On October 20, 2011, Allen's one-act play "Honeymoon Motel" opened as part of a larger piece entitled "Relatively Speaking" on Broadway, along with two other one-acts by Ethan Coen and Elaine May add something


Djuna Barnes - Emmanuelle Uzan played Barnes, in a brief cameo role with no dialogue, in Woody Allen's 2011 film Midnight in Paris


Steve Guttenberg - He appeared on Broadway in late 2011 to early 2012 in Woody Allen's one-act play "Honeymoon Hotel" which was part of the show Relatively Speaking


Gad Elmaleh - In 2011, he had a small role in Woody Allen's Paris-set feature, "Midnight in Paris"


Rachel McAdams - McAdams' first film of 2011, Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris", opened the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and saw her reunite with "Wedding Crashers"'s Owen Wilson


Gertrude Stein - Stein was portrayed in the 2011 Woody Allen film "Midnight in Paris " by Kathy Bates


F. Scott Fitzgerald - Tom Hiddleston and Alison Pill appear briefly as Fitzgerald and Zelda in Woody Allen's 2011 feature film "Midnight In Paris"


Zelda Fitzgerald - Tom Hiddleston and Alison Pill portray Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in Woody Allen's 2011 feature film "Midnight In Paris"


Ellen Page - In April 2011 it was announced that Page would co-star in the Woody Allen film "To Rome with Love" alongside Jesse Eisenberg, Penélope Cruz, and Alec Baldwin


Marlo Thomas - From October 2011 to January 29, 2012, Thomas starred in a Broadway play called "George Is Dead" written by Elaine May, which was part of an anthology play, "Relatively Speaking", which featured plays written by Ethan Cohen and Woody Allen


His next film, "To Rome with Love", was a Rome-set comedy released in 2012 add something


It was announced in February 2012 that Allen would adapt "Bullets Over Broadway" into a Broadway musical scheduled to open in 2013 add something


Penelope Cruz - She spoke Italian again as a flashy prostitute in Woody Allen's 2012 film "To Rome with Love" and she is set to reunite with Italian director Sergio Castellitto in his war tale "Venuto al Mondo" as Gemma


Woody Allen was banned from Suite 200 at Madison Square Garden by New York Knicks owner James Dolan in 2013 add something


Allen's most recent release, "Blue Jasmine", debuted in July 2013 add something


Cate Blanchett - Blanchett will star in 2013's "Blue Jasmine" directed by Woody Allen


Emma Stone - In May 2013 it was announced that Stone had joined the cast of Woody Allen's new comedy film opposite Colin Firth


Colin Firth - In May 2013, it was announced that Firth had joined the cast of Woody Allen's new comedy film, opposite Emma Stone


In February 2014, a controversy erupted after Dylan Farrow reasserted the molestation allegations in an open letter published by Nicholas Kristof, a friend of Mia Farrow, in "The New York Times" add something


As of July 2014, Allen was shooting an "untitled film" in Rhode Island with Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone add something


The musical closed on August 24, 2014, after 156 performences and 33 previews add something


On January 13, 2015, it was announced Allen will write and direct a half-hour television series for Amazon Studios, marking the first time he has developed a television show add something


On January 13, 2015, it was announced Allen will write and direct his first television series for Amazon Studios add something


On January 14, 2015, it was announced Allen will write and direct a half-hour television series for Amazon Studios, marking the first time he has developed a television show add something


On January 25, 2016, Allen was confirmed to be starring in the series alongisde Elaine May and Miley Cyrus add something


It will be distributed by Amazon Studios and will open the 2016 Cannes Film Festival on May 11, 2016, marking the third time Allen has opened the festival add something


In September 2016, Allen started filming his next project, set in 1950's Coney Island and stars Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake add something


Amazon Video will debut Allen's first television series production on September 30, 2016 add something


His latest project, starring Timothée Chalamet and Selena Gomez, began production in New York in September 2017 add something


On May 23, 2018, a blog post by Moses Farrow, the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, defended Allen against the allegations leveled against him by Mia and Dylan Farrow add something


However, "The Hollywood Reporter" in December 2018 interviewed Babi Christina Engelhardt, who states that she had an eight-year affair with Allen that began in 1976 when she was 16 years old and thus underage, and she believes the character of Tracy in "Manhattan" is a composite of any number of Allen's presumed other real-life young paramours from that period, not necessarily Nelkin or Englehardt add something


In February 2019, it was announced Amazon Studios had dropped A Rainy Day in New York and would no longer finance, produce, or distribute films as part of their deal with Allen add something