Yale University

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Yale University

Private Ivy League research university located in New Haven, Connecticut add

Category: Sciences (600)

Founded in 1701.

Countries: United States (76%), (7%), United Kingdom (3%)

Main connections: Harvard University, Connecticut, Princeton University

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Founded in 1701 in the Colony of Connecticut, the university is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States add something


Yale traces its beginnings to "An Act for Liberty to Erect a Collegiate School", passed by the General Court of the Colony of Connecticut on October 9, 1701, in an effort to create an institution to train ministers and lay leadership for Connecticut add something


In 1718 the college moved to New Haven, Connecticut add something


In 1718, at the behest of either Rector Samuel Andrew or the colony's Governor Gurdon Saltonstall, Cotton Mather contacted a successful businessman in Wales named Elihu Yale to ask him for financial help in constructing a new building for the college add something


In 1718, the College was renamed "Yale College" to honor a gift from Elihu Yale, a governor of the British East India Company add something


The first such organizations were debating societies: Crotonia in 1738, Linonia in 1753, and Brothers in Unity in 1768 add something


Benjamin Franklin - In 1753, both Harvard University and Yale University *awarded him honorary degrees


Stiles' greatest challenge occurred in July 1779 when hostile British forces occupied New Haven and threatened to raze the College add something


Stanley Griswold - After graduating from Yale College in 1786, he taught for a time in Norwich, and began studying Theology in 1787


John C. Calhoun - With his brothers' financial support, he later returned to his studies, earning a degree from Yale College, Phi Beta Kappa, in 1804


The Yale Report of 1828 was a dogmatic defense of the Latin and Greek curriculum against critics who wanted more courses in modern languages, mathematics, and science add something


James Hopkins Adams - He graduated from Yale University in 1831


William M. Evarts - William attended Boston Latin School, graduated from Yale College in 1837 and attended Harvard Law School


Yale owns and has restored many noteworthy 19th-century mansions along Hillhouse Avenue, which was considered the most beautiful street in America by Charles Dickens when he visited the United States in the 1840s add something


James Camp Tappan - Tappan attended Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, and graduated from Yale University in 1845


Alexander Travis Hawthorn - He studied law at Yale University in 1846 and 1847


George Shiras, Jr. - He attended Ohio University and graduated from Yale College, Phi Beta Kappa, in 1853


Randall L. Gibson - In 1853 he graduated from Yale University, where he was a member of the Scroll and Key society, after which he received a bachelor of laws from the University of Louisiana, later Tulane University


Daniel Garrison Brinton - After graduating from Yale University in 1858, Brinton studied at Jefferson Medical College for two years and spent the next travelling in Europe


Alpheus Hyatt - He briefly attended the Maryland Military Academy and Yale University, and after graduating from Harvard University in 1862, he enlisted as a private in the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry for the Civil War, emerging with the rank of captain


Wilbur Olin Atwater - In 1868, Atwater's interest in civil engineering and agricultural chemistry led him to enroll in Yale University's &Sheffield_Scientific_School, where he analyzed agricultural fertilizers for specific mineral content


Benjamin S. Roberts - Roberts continued to serve in the Regular Army, as lieutenant colonel of the 3rd Cavalry, until 1868, taught military science at Yale University until his retirement on December 15, 1870


Mark Twain - Upon returning to the United States, Twain was offered honorary membership in the secret society Scroll and Key of Yale University in 1868.


Noah Porter, moral philosopher, was president from 1871 to 1886 add something


Perhaps the most well-remembered teacher was William Graham Sumner, professor from 1872 to 1909 add something


The latter categories include the "Yale Daily News", which was first published in 1878, the weekly "Yale Herald", published since 1986, and "The Yale Record", which was established in 1872 and is America's oldest college humor magazine add something


Katharine Jeanette Bush - Bush studied zoology under A. E. Verrill and in 1879 assumed the position of assistant in the zoological museum at Yale University


Clinton Hart Merriam - He studied biology and anatomy at Yale University and went on to obtain an M.D. from the School of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in 1879 and taught at Harvard University for a period of time


The Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, founded in 1881, is the oldest collegiate sailing club in the world add something


Albert Stanburrough Cook - Cook became a professor of English in the University of California in 1882 and professor of English language and literature at Yale University in 1889


In 1887, as the college continued to grow under the presidency of Timothy Dwight V, Yale College was renamed Yale University add something


Yale's Handsome Dan is believed to be the first college mascot in America, having been established in 1889 add something


Harvey Williams Cushing - He graduated with an A.B. degree in 1891 from Yale University, where he was a member of Scroll and Key and Delta Kappa Epsilon


Between 1892, when Harvard and Yale met in the first intercollegiate debate, and 1909, the year of the first Triangular Debate of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, the rhetoric, symbolism, and metaphors used in athletics were used to frame these early debates add something


Women studied at Yale University as early as 1892, in graduate-level programs at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences add something


Alva B. Adams - Adams was born in Del Norte, Colorado and graduated from Phillips Academy in 1893, Yale University in 1896, and Columbia Law School in 1899


The school color, since 1894, is Yale Blue add something


Charles Ives - In September 1894, Ives entered Yale University, studying under Horatio Parker.


John Campbell Greenway - Greenway was born in Huntsville, Alabama, and attended Phillips Academy, Andover and the University of Virginia and graduated in 1895 from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University


David Stanley Smith - Smith started his studies with Horatio Parker in 1895 at Yale University, where his friends included Charles Ives, and was appointed organist at the Center Church in New Haven, Connecticut


Frederick R. Lehlbach - He graduated from Yale University in Connecticut in 1897, and went on to attend New York Law School


William Boeing - Anglicizing his name to "William Boeing" after returning from being educated in Switzerland in 1900 to attend Yale University, William Boeing left Yale in 1903 to go into the lumber side of the business


Charles Scott Sherrington - Published in 1906, this was a compendium of Sherrington's Silliman lectures, delivered at Yale University in 1904.


Harry Frank Guggenheim - He graduated in 1907 from the Columbia Grammar School in Manhattan, and he attended the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University


B. Frank Heintzleman - He was educated in public schools before being graduated from the Pennsylvania State College with a Bachelor of Forestry in 1907 and from Yale University with a Master of Forestry in 1910


James C. Auchincloss - He attended the Cutler School in New York City , and the Groton School, Groton, Massachusetts; graduated from Yale University in 1908; engaged in financial and stock brokerage business in New York City 1908-1940


Richard K. Sutherland - He was educated at Davis and Elkins College, Phillips Academy, from which he graduated in 1911, and Yale University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1916


John Vernou Bouvier III - Bouvier served in World War I and attended Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, graduating in 1914, becoming a stockbroker


Charles H. Bradley, Jr. - After graduating from Andover, Massachusetts in 1917 he entered Yale College, New Haven, Connecticut in the fall of that year


Charles Phelps Taft II - He dropped out of Yale University in order to serve in the United States Army during World War I and later returned to graduate in 1918, and earned his law degree from Yale Law School in 1921


Howard Hawks - After having served in the Air Force, his brother Kenneth Hawks graduated from Yale University in 1919 and the brothers moved to Hollywood together to pursue their careers.


John C. Farrar - After serving in World War I, as an aviation inspector, he graduated in 1919 from Yale University and was a member of the Skull and Bones


Milton Winternitz led the Yale Medical School as its dean from 1920 to 1935 add something


Charles Hyde Warren - He was Sterling Professor and chair of Geology at Yale University and Dean of the Sheffield Scientific School starting in 1922


Jerry Voorhis - He attended The Hotchkiss School, an elite boys' boarding school in Connecticut with close ties to Yale University, and subsequently attended Yale, graduating in 1923


Royal Meeker - Meeker served as Pennsylvania Secretary of Labor and Industry from 1923-24, and later joined the faculty of Carleton College and Yale University


Yale crew is the oldest collegiate athletic team in America, and won Olympic Games Gold Medal for men's eights in 1924 and 1956 add something


Philip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker - He was the first Sir Ernest Cassel Professor of International Relations at the University of London from 1924 to 1929 and a lecturer at Yale University from 1933 to 1934


Solly Zuckerman, Baron Zuckerman - After studying medicine at the University of Cape Town , and later attending Yale University, he came to London in 1926 to complete his studies at University College Hospital Medical School


Georgian-style buildings erected from 1929 to 1933 include Timothy Dwight College, Pierson College, and Davenport College, except the latter's east, York Street façade, which was constructed in the Gothic style add something


In fact, the buildings merely simulate Middle Ages architecture, for though they appear to be constructed of solid stone blocks in the authentic manner, most actually have steel framing as was commonly used in 1930 add something


Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. - Zimbalist attended Yale University in the late 1930s, worked as a page for NBC radio in New York, and served in the army for five years during World War II, where he became friends with Garson Kanin


Benny Friedman - He moved to the Brooklyn football Dodgers in 1932 as a player-coach while simultaneously serving as an assistant coach at Yale University


Yale has a system of 12 residential colleges, instituted in 1933 through a grant by Yale graduate Edward S. Harkness, who admired the college systems at Oxford and Cambridge add something


Sargent Shriver - After he graduated in 1934, Shriver spent the summer in Germany as part of the Experiment in International Living, returning in the fall of 1934 to enter Yale University


John Jarman - Jarman was born in Sallisaw, Oklahoma and graduated from Yale University in 1937 and from Harvard Law School in 1941


Eugene Wigner - In 1941, Wigner married his second wife, Mary Annette Wheeler, a professor of physics at Vassar College, who had completed her Ph.D. at Yale University in 1932


Clark Shaughnessy - In February 1942, Shaughnessy traveled to Yale University, which was considering three candidates for its vacant head coaching position


Tharon Musser - She graduated from Berea College in 1946 and later attended Yale University, obtaining her MFA in 1950


John Chafee - Following the war, he received degrees from Yale University in 1947 and Harvard Law School in 1950


Vladimir Nikolayevich Petrov - In 1947 he managed to secure transportation to America through the good offices of the Tolstoy Foundation, an organization that helped numerous Russians reach the US. Here he became an academic and taught at such schools as Yale University and The George Washington University while raising a family


Rick Levin - "'Richard Charles Levin"' is a professor and American economist who has served as president of Yale University since 1993


Robert W. Sweet - Sweet attended Yale University and obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from Yale Law School in 1948


Josef Albers - In 1950, Albers left Black Mountain to head the Department of Design at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.


Ronald Paulson - Paulson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in 1952 and his doctorate degree in 1958


The latter, Louis Kahn's first large-scale American work , was renovated and reopened in December 2006 add something


Larry Kramer - He enrolled at Yale University in 1953, but didn't adjust well


For kicks, between 1954 and 1982, residential college teams and student organizations played bladderball add something


Mary Bunting - Bunting, a microbiologist, taught and conducted research at Bennington College, Goucher College, Yale University, and Wellesley College before becoming dean, in 1955, of Douglass College, the women's school at Rutgers University in New Jersey


The "Journal of Music Theory" was founded there in 1957; Allen Forte and David Lewin were influential teachers and scholars add something


James Franciscus - In 1957, Franciscus received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and theatre arts from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, graduating magna cum laude


Gilbert S. Merritt, Jr. - Merritt attended Yale University, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1957 and an LL.B from Vanderbilt University Law School in 1960


Philip Hanawalt - Hanawalt received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from Yale University in 1959, and undertook three years of postdoctoral study at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and at the California Institute of Technology before joining the faculty at Stanford in 1961


Historians C. Vann Woodward and David Brion Davis are credited with beginning in the 1960s and 1970s an important stream of southern historians; likewise, David Montgomery, a labor historian, advised many of the current generation of labor historians in the country add something


Nuel Belnap - He has taught at the University of Pittsburgh since 1961 until his retirement in 2011; before that he was at Yale University


Richard Serra - Serra studied painting with Josef Albers at the Yale University School of Art and Architecture between 1961 and 1964.


Hannah Arendt - She served as a professor on the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago, as well as at The New School in New York City, and served as a fellow on the faculty at Yale University and Wesleyan University in the Center for Advanced Studies (1961–1962,1962–1963).


It was reinforced in 1964 to allow the installation of the Yale Memorial Carillon add something


George W. Bush - Bush attended Yale University from 1964 to 1968, graduating with an A.B. in history.


Chuck Close - He attended graduate school at Yale University, where he received his MFA in 1964.


Ralph Ellison - In 1964, Ellison published Shadow and Act, a collection of essays, and began to teach at Rutgers University and Yale University, while continuing to work on his novel.


Frank Shorter - After earning his high school diploma from the Northfield Mount Hermon School in Gill, Massachusetts in 1965, Shorter graduated from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut with a bachelor of arts degree in 1969, and the University of Florida College of Law in Gainesville, Florida, Florida with a juris doctor degree in 1974


Joseph P. Allen - He was a staff physicist at the Nuclear Structure Laboratory at Yale University in 1965 and 1966, and during the period 1963 to 1967, served as a guest researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory


In 1966, Yale began discussions with its sister school Vassar College about merging to foster coeducation at the undergraduate level add something


There have been at least eight strikes since 1968, and "The New York Times" wrote that Yale has a reputation as having the worst record of labor tension of any university in the U.S. Yale's unusually large endowment exacerbates the tension over wages add something


Martin Puryear - He entered the Yale University graduate sculpture program in 1968.


Daniel Yergin - He received his B.A. from Yale University in 1968, where he served on the board of the "Yale Daily News", and was a founder of "The New Journal"


Both schools introduced coeducation independently in 1969 add something


Stewart Udall - After leaving government service in 1969, Udall taught for a year at the School of Forestry at Yale University as a Visiting Professor of Environmental Humanism


In the 1970s and 1980s, poverty and violent crime rose in New Haven, dampening Yale's student and faculty recruiting efforts add something


Yale, like other Ivy League schools, instituted policies in the early 20th century designed to increase the proportion of white Protestants of notable families in the student body , and was one of the last of the Ivies to eliminate such preferences, beginning with the class of 1970 add something


James H. Burnley IV - He graduated "magna cum laude" from Yale University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts and got his Juris Doctor from Harvard University in 1973


Richard McGee Morse - Morse was chairman of Latin American Studies at Yale University before moving to Stanford University in the late 1970s


John B. Larson - In 1971, he was selected as a Senior Fellow to the Yale University Bush Center in Child Development and Social Policy by the Head Start Program founder, Edward Zigler.


Rick Merkt - Merkt graduated with a B.A. in 1971 from Yale University in History, was awarded a J.D. in 1975 from the Fordham University School of Law and received an M.G.A. in 1987 from the University of Pennsylvania in Governmental Administration


Robert Kyr - Kyr received his Bachelor's Degree from Yale University in 1974, followed by a Master's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980, and a Ph.D from Harvard University in 1989, where previously, he was a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows


In 1977 Hanna Holborn Gray was appointed acting President of Yale from this position, and went on to become President of the University of Chicago, the first woman to be full president of a major university add something


By 1980, this condition had been altered dramatically, as numerous members of those groups held faculty positions add something


Its active LGBT community first received wide publicity in the late 1980s, when Yale obtained a reputation as the "gay Ivy", due largely to a 1987 "Wall Street Journal" article written by Julie V. Iovine, an alumna and the spouse of a Yale faculty member add something


While the community in the 1980s and early 1990s was very activist, today most LGBT events have become part of the general campus social scene add something


Angela Bassett - Bassett attended Yale University and received her B.A. degree in African-American studies in 1980


George Soros - He received honorary doctoral degrees from the New School for Social Research , the University of Oxford in 1980, the Corvinus University of Budapest, and Yale University in 1991


Thomas Berger (novelist) - He lectured at Yale University in 1981 and 1982, and was a Regents' Lecturer at the University of California, Davis, in 1982


George W. Bush - In 1981, Laura Bush gave birth to fraternal twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara; they graduated from high school in 2000 and from the University of Texas at Austin and Yale University, respectively, in 2004.


Raphael Sonenshein - An instructor at the university from 1982 to 2012, Sonenshein holds a bachelor's degree in public policy from Princeton University and a doctorate in political science from Yale University


Eric H. Cline - Cline received his B.A. in Classical Archaeology at Dartmouth College in 1982 and his M.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures at Yale University in 1984


Frances McDormand - Dormand earned an M.F.A. from the Yale University School of Drama.


Meryl Streep - In 1983, Yale University, from which Streep graduated in 1975, *awarded her an honorary degree, a Doctorate of Fine Arts


David Pogue - He graduated from Yale University in 1985, summa cum laude with Distinction in Music


Brett Guthrie - Military Academy at West Point in 1987 and his Master's of Public and Private Management from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1997.


Carl Zimmer - Zimmer received his B.A. in English from Yale University in 1987, and began freelance writing for "Natural History" magazine


During the 1988 presidential election, George H. W. Bush derided Michael Dukakis for having "foreign-policy views born in Harvard Yard's boutique" add something


Daniel Keyes - A 1988 edition of his novel "Flowers for Algernon" states he was a member of the English department at Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut, circa that year


Anderson Cooper - Cooper went on to attend Yale University, where he resided in Trumbull College, and was inducted into the Manuscript Society, majoring in political science and graduated in 1989


Christophe Beck - He studied music at Yale University, where he was the music director of the Spizzwinks of 1989 and 1990 and the Whiffenpoofs of 1991


Matthew Barney - In 1989, he graduated from Yale University.


Joe Lieberman - Matt Lieberman graduated from Yale University in 1989, and from Yale Law School in 1994


Between 1990 and 2006, New Haven's crime rate fell by half, helped by a community policing strategy by the New Haven police and Yale's campus became the safest among the Ivy League and other peer schools add something


Jonathan Zittrain - He holds a bachelor's "summa cum laude" in cognitive science and artificial intelligence from Yale University, 1991, where he was a member of the Yale Political Union, Manuscript Society and Davenport College, a J.D. "magna cum laude" from Harvard Law School, 1995, where he was the winner of the Williston Negotiation Competition, and a master of public administration from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, 1995


In 1994 Yale Provost Judith Rodin became the first female president of an Ivy League institution at the University of Pennsylvania add something


Wangechi Mutu - She earned a BFA from Cooper Union for the Advancement of the Arts and Science in 1996, and received an MFA from Yale University.


According to College Fight Songs: An Annotated Anthology published in 1998, Down the Field ranks as the fourth-greatest fight song of all time add something


In 1998, Yale launched a series of extensive renovations to the older residential buildings, which in many decades of existence had seen only routine maintenance and incremental improvements to plumbing, heating, and electrical and network wiring add something


October 21, 2000, marked the dedication of Yale's fourth new boathouse in 157 years of collegiate rowing add something


Laura Bush - The twins graduated from high school in 2000 and attended Yale University and the University of Texas at Austin, respectively, in 2004


Between 2002 and 2004, Yale reported 14 violent crimes ; in comparison, Harvard reported 83 such incidents, Princeton 24, and Stanford 54 add something


In 2002 Provost Alison Richard became the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge add something


In 2003, the Dean of the Divinity School, Rebecca Chopp, was appointed president of Colgate University and now heads Swarthmore College add something


In a 2003 strike, however, the university claimed that more union employees were working than striking add something


Slack compares three groups that conducted biological research at Yale during overlapping periods between 1910 and 1970 add something


Elizabeth Kostova - She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, where she won the 2003 Hopwood Award for her Novel-in-Progress


In 2004 Howard Dean stated, "In some ways, I consider myself separate from the other three candidates of 2004 add something


In 2004 a national non-profit watchdog group called Security on Campus filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, accusing Yale of under-reporting rape and sexual assaults add something


In 2004, Provost Susan Hockfield became the President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology add something


In addition to these unions, officers of the Yale University Police Department are members of the Yale Police Benevolent Association, which affiliated in 2005 with the Connecticut Organization for Public Safety Employees add something


In 2006, Yale and Peking University established a Joint Undergraduate Program in Beijing, an exchange program allowing Yale students to spend a semester living and studying with PKU honor students add something


Since 2006, the school's ice hockey clubs have played a commemorative game add something


In 2007 Deputy Provost Kim Bottomly was named President of Wellesley College add something


In 2007 outgoing Yale President Rick Levin characterized Yale's institutional priorities: "First, among the nation's finest research universities, Yale is distinctively committed to excellence in undergraduate education add something


In 2008 Provost Andrew Hamilton was confirmed to be the Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford add something


Angus MacLise - In 2008, Hetty MacLise bequeathed a collection of her husband's tapes to the Yale Collection of American Literature


Helmuth Rilling - In 2008, Rilling was awarded the Sanford Award by the Yale School of Music at Yale University


Jonathan Safran Foer - In spring 2008, Foer taught writing for the first time as a visiting professor of fiction at Yale University


Richard Serra - Serra was awarded honorary degrees of Doctor of Fine Arts by Williams College in 2008; the California College of Arts and Crafts, the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design, Yale University, and Universidad Pública de Navarra; and by Harvard University in 2010.


In June 2008, President Levin announced that the Yale Corporation had authorized the construction of two new residential colleges, scheduled to open in 2013 add something


As of 2009, former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo is the director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization and teaches an undergraduate seminar, "Debating Globalization" add something


As of 2009, former presidential candidate and DNC chair Howard Dean teaches a residential college seminar, "Understanding Politics and Politicians add something


In spite of administration opposition, students revived the game in 2009 and 2011, but its future remains uncertain add something


Tzipi Livni - On 8 October 2009, Livni was honored by Yale University as a Chubb Fellow for her work and the inspiration spurred by her activities


Since summer 2010, Yale has been host to Yale Publishing Course add something


Steven Chu - He was *awarded an honorary degree from Yale University during its 2010 commencement


Zhang Yimou - On May 24, 2010, Zhang was *awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree by Yale University, and was described as "a genius with camera and choreography


In November 2010, a Yale University representative agreed to return the artifacts to a Peruvian university add something


It was ranked fourth in the 2011 QS World University Rankings and tenth in the 2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings add something


In March 2011 a Title IX complaint was filed against Yale add something


Karin Fischer, "With Opening Near, Yale Defends Singapore Venture" "The New York Times" Aug 27, 2012 ://www add something


The "U.S. News & World Report" ranked Yale third among national universities in 2012, as it has for each of the past fifteen years, in every case behind Princeton and Harvard add something


In July 2012, the Peking University-Yale University Program ended due to weak participation add something


The most ambitious international partnership to date is Yale-NUS College in Singapore, a joint effort with the National University of Singapore to create a new liberal arts college in Asia featuring an innovative curriculum that weaves Western and Asian traditions, set to open in August 2013 add something


The "U.S. News & World Report" ranked Yale third among U.S. national universities for 2014, as it has for each of the past ten years, in every case behind Princeton and Harvard add something


The "U.S. News & World Report" ranked Yale third among U.S. national universities for 2015, as it has for each of the past thirteen years, in every case behind Princeton and Harvard add something


In July 2015 students signed a petition calling for the name change add something


In 2016, the men's basketball team won the Ivy League Championship title for the first time in 54 years, earning a spot in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament add something


In 2017, the university expects to open two new colleges near Science Hill add something


However, in February 2017, Salovey announced that Calhoun College would be renamed for Grace Murray Hopper add something


In May 2018, the men's lacrosse team defeated the Duke Blue Devils to claim their first ever NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship, and are the first Ivy League school to win the title since the Princeton Tigers in 2001 add something


As of October 2018, 61 Nobel laureates, 5 Fields Medalists and 3 Turing award winners have been affiliated with Yale University add something


In 2019, it ranked 25th among the universities around the world by "SCImago Institutions Rankings" add something