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Fourth mobile phone operator with a network of its own in Spain add

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Founded in 2000.

Countries: Spain (25%), France (25%), Europe (25%)

Main connections: Carrefour, Mobile World Congress

Linked to: Carrefour, TeliaSonera, Vodafone, S.A.




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Originally the carrier was to be called "'Xfera"', a name reflected in its nowadays registered name of Xfera Móviles, SA. It was formed in 2001 as a consortium to compete for a new UMTS license in Spain, which finally won out add something


Yet after several technology and market problems in 2001, in line with the general launch delay suffered by UMTS technology all throughout Europe, the company was at a standstill for several years add something


Further increasing operating costs, for legal reasons the company was obliged to keep some base stations operating from 2003 on, despite the fact that the company had no actual users add something


In October 2006, Xfera announced that it would launch the commercial service in December under its new brand "Yoigo" add something


In April 2007 talks were started with other distributors like Carrefour and El Corte Inglés, as Yoigo is not expected to create any sales network of its own add something


In January 2009 Yoigo reached their first million customers add something


On the first week of March 2014, Yoigo announced a financing system to purchase mobiles phones through a leasing contract add something


Spanish mobile operator Yoigo announced that it will introduce what it described as 'car-style' leasing deals on a range of smartphones from 5 March 2014 add something


In January 2015 we can find the following contracting opportunities: Yoigo La del Cero 1,2 Gb, Yoigo La del Uno, Yoigo La del Cinco, Yoigo La del Cero 5 Gb, Yoigo Bono Internet 1 Gb, Yoigo Fusión Fibra Infinita, Yoigo La Infinita 2 Gb, Yoigo La Infinita 600 Mb, Yoigo Fusión Plana y Yoigo La Infinita 4 Gb. add something


Following the conclusion of the 2016 Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona from 22 to 25 February 2016, Yoigo, the fourth mobile operator with its own network, announced plans to extend its 4G $LTE (LTE_(telecommunication)) network almost throughout Catalonia in the following months add something


As of April 2016, the following contractual plans are available: add something


Grupo MásMóvil bought the company in June 2016 add something