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Zarah Leander

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Zarah Leander

Swedish actress and singer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1907.

Countries: Germany (44%), Sweden (33%), Europe (11%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Douglas Sirk, Ernst Rolf, Hans Albers

Linked to: Wehrmacht, Left Party




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Zarah Leander was born in 1907 add something


Leander began her career in the late 1920s, and by the mid 1930s her success in Europe, particularly in Germany and the Scandinavian countries, led to invitations to work in the United States add something


However, in 1929 she was engaged, as an amateur, in a touring cabaret by the entertainer and producer Ernst Rolf and for the first time sang "Vill ni se en stjärna," which soon would become her signature tune add something


In 1930, she participated in four cabarets in the capital, Stockholm , made her first records, including a cover of Marlene Dietrich's "Falling in Love Again", and played a part in a film add something


In the beginning of the 1930s she performed with the Swedish revue artist, producer and songwriter Karl Gerhard who was a prominent anti-Nazi add something


Paul Dahlke - Throughout the 1930s he worked with popular actors like Emil Jannings, Zarah Leander, Lil_Dagover or Lída Baarová


Carl Froelich - By 1933 Froelich was one of Germany's most noted film artists, producing successful films with the stars of the period, among others Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann, Ingrid Bergman and Zarah Leander


Ferdinand Marian - Marian had appeared in movies like Curtis Bernhardt's "Der Tunnel" since 1933, and had his breakthrough starring together with Zarah Leander in 1937's "La Habanera" directed by Detlef Sierck


He wrote a song for Zarah Leander, "I skuggan av en stövel" , in 1934 which strongly condemned the persecution of Jews in Nazi-Germany add something


In 1936, she landed a contract with UFA in Berlin add something


Leander was reluctant to relocate her children, and opted to remain in Europe, and from 1936 was contracted to work for the German Universum Film AG while continuing to record songs add something


Max Hansen (tenor) - In 1936 he met Zarah Leander on a Scandinavian tour and engaged her as his stage partner at Vienna


Wolfgang Preiss - In 1942 he made his film début - he was exempted from military service specifically - in the UFA production "Die grosse Liebe" with Zarah Leander


After the Wehrmacht's defeat in the 1943 Battle of Stalingrad, public opinion in Sweden , was more free to display outward hostility toward the Nazis, especially as news of the Holocaust became widespread add something


Her last film in Nazi Germany premiered on 3 March 1943 add something


Although no exact record sales numbers exist, it is likely that she was among Europe's best-selling recording artists in the years prior to 1945 add something


Alice Timander - At that time, she had become a national celebrity and appeared in a 1960 revue starring Zarah Leander


In 1981, after having retired from show business, she died in Stockholm of a stroke add something

Zarah Leander died in 1981 add something


In 1987 two Swedish musicals were written about Zarah Leander add something


In 2003 a bronze statue was placed in Zarah Leander's home town Karlstad, by the Opera house of Värmland where she first began her career add something


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