Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim

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Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim

Chief Rabbi of Kelm, Lithuania, and one of the founders of the Telz Yeshiva add

Category: Politics

Born in 1854.

Country: Lithuania (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Meir Atlas, Shlomo Zalman Abel




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Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim was born in 1854 add something


Shlomo Zalman Abel - In 1875, together with Meir Atlas and Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim he assisted in establishing the Telz Yeshiva and subsequently taught there


Meir Atlas - In 1875, together with Rabbi Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Abel and the help of a German Jewish layman, Ovadyah Lachman, Atlas founded the Telz Yeshiva in Telz, Poland


In 1883, Rabbi Eliezer Gordon relinquished the Kelm rabbinate and after a short period in Slabodka, became the rabbi in Telz add something


Rabbi Oppenheim served as the rabbi in Kelm for forty-three years and died on Thursday, February 11 , 1926, at 72 add something

Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim died in 1926 add something