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european may refer to:

Chrysler Europe
Type: Organisation (United States, Automobiles)

European Athletics Championships
Type: Event (Europe, Athletics)

European Figure Skating Championships
Type: Event (Europe, Skating)

European integration
Type: Event (Europe, Skating)

European Parliament
Type: Organisation (Europe, Politics)

European Parliament election, 2014 (Ireland)
Type: Event (Ireland, Politics)

European political party
Type: Organisation (Europe, Politics)

European Rally Championship
Type: Event (Europe, Auto racing)

European Union
Type: Organisation (Europe, Politics)

European Union law
Type: Item (Europe, Justice-Crime)

FIBA EuroBasket
Type: Event (Europe, Basketball)

Type: Organisation (Europe, Football)

UEFA Champions League
Type: Event (Europe, Football)

UEFA European Championship
Type: Event (Europe, Football)

White people
Type: Item (, Civil society)

european may refer to:

European American

European New Zealanders

European Portuguese

Ethnic groups in Europe

Citizenship of the European Union

European exploration of North America

White Haitian


European ethnic groups

List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Europe

East Thrace

European literature

European cuisine

Politics of Europe




CNBC Europe

European Endurance Championship

European emigration

European Aviation Air Charter

The Wall Street Journal Europe

European colonization of the Americas

Western painting

White Dominican (Dominica)

European Jamaicans

Culture of Europe

CEV Women's Champions League

European Canadian

European Parliament election, 2004 (Ireland)

New Zealand European

European country

European South African

Category:Human rights courts

East Lancs European

Religion in Europe

European French

European theatre of World War I

European Tour

European Australian

European people

European architecture

Geography of Europe

Euro 2008

European Boxing Union

FIBA Europe


European Rugby Champions Cup

History of architecture

European Touring Car Championship

Colonial empire

European Brazilian

White Canadian

European Team Chess Championship

European eel

WWE European Championship

Race (United States Census)

PGA European Tour

White Brazilian

European Parliament election, 2009 (United Kingdom)

European Americans

Caucasian race

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

Liverpool F.C. in European football

Medieval medicine of Western Europe

European Theatre of World War II

UEFA Euro 2000

UEFA Euro 2008

European Track Championships

French people in Madagascar

List of European films

European mythology


European history

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