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france may refer to:

Coupe de la Ligue
Type: Event (France, Football)

France Davis Cup team
Type: Organisation (France, Tennis)

France national basketball team
Type: Organisation (France, Basketball)

France national football team
Type: Organisation (France, Football)

France national rugby union team
Type: Organisation (France, Rugby)

French First Republic
Type: Item (, Politics)

French Football Federation
Type: Organisation (France, Football)

French Supertouring Championship
Type: Event (, Auto racing)

Type: Event (France, Basketball)

Miss France
Type: Event (France, Civil society)

Second French Empire
Type: Item (France, History)

The Walt Disney Company France
Type: Organisation (France, Media and Entertainment)

france may refer to:

Third French Republic


France in the American Civil War

Early modern France

France in the American Revolutionary War

Early Modern France

Kingdom of France

Second French Republic

French jazz

U.S. Ambassador to France

France in the Eurovision Song Contest

French Fourth Republic

English Kings of France

Catalans Dragons

French rock

Category:National association football premier leagues

French occupation of Algeria

English claim to the French throne

Third Republic

French British

French European Constitution referendum, 2005


May 1968 protests in France

France at the Olympics

History of the Jews in France

France Chrétien Desmarais

List of political parties in France

France in the Middle Ages

Bourbon Restoration

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