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germany may refer to:

Disney Channel (Germany)
Type: Item (Germany, Media and Entertainment)

Economy of Germany
Type: Item (Germany, Economy)

Germany national football team
Type: Organisation (Germany, Football)

German Football Association
Type: Organisation (Germany, Football)

Nickelodeon (Germany)
Type: Item (Germany, Media and Entertainment)

Vodafone Germany
Type: Organisation (Germany, Telecommunications)

germany may refer to:

Nazi Germany

Allied Occupation Zones in Germany

German Empire


German American

West Germany

Weimar Republic

Drive to the Siegfried Line

Jazz in Germany

British Forces Germany

Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest

Super Tourenwagen Cup

Germany national basketball team

Germany women's national under-20 soccer team

Roman Catholicism in Germany

German rock

Comedy Central Germany

Basketball Bundesliga

The German Empire

German migration to the United Kingdom

Miss Germany

History of Germany

Category:National association football premier leagues

History of the Jews in Germany

Kingdom of Germany

Germany at the Hopman Cup

German unification

German Reich

German Confederation

Allied-occupied Germany

Cinema of Germany

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