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israel may refer to:

Bank of Israel
Type: Organisation (Israel, Finance and Banking)

Ira Gershwin
Type: Person (United States, Music)

Type: Organisation (, Religion)

Israeli Basketball Super League
Type: Organisation (Israel, Basketball)

Israel Football Association
Type: Organisation (Israel, Football)

Israel national football team
Type: Organisation (Israel, Football)

israel may refer to:

Foreign relations of Israel

IBM Haifa Research Laboratory

Israel national American football team

Israeli rock

Comedy Central Israel

Israel Davis Cup team

Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)


History of the Jews in the Land of Israel

Israel at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Israeli Basketball Premier League

Olympic Committee of Israel

Israel at the Asian Games

Israel Football Federation

Israel (Bee Gees song)

Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy)

Israel Fed Cup team

Israeli Jews

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