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italy may refer to:

Italian Football Federation
Type: Organisation (Italy, Football)

Italian Rugby Federation
Type: Organisation (Italy, Rugby)

Italy national basketball team
Type: Organisation (Italy, Basketball)

Italy national football team
Type: Organisation (Italy, Football)

Kingdom of Sicily
Type: Item (, Animal)

Type: Town (Italy)

Serie A
Type: Event (Italy, Football)

Vodafone Italy
Type: Organisation (Italy, Telecommunications)

italy may refer to:


Catholic Church in Italy

Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic)

Italian jazz

Allied invasion of Italy

Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest

Category:National association football premier leagues

Italy national rugby union team

History of Italy

Italian Campaign (World War II)

Italian Campaign (World War I)

Italian rock

Comedy Central Italy

Lega Basket Serie A

Allied invasion of Sicily

Italy national alpine ski team

Italy Davis Cup team

Italian fascism

Italy (Roman Empire)

Kingdom of Italy (medieval)

Villa Le Balze

History of the Jews in Italy

Serie A2 Basket

Italian unification

Italian Social Republic

Cinema of Italy

Italian Australian

Italy at the World Championships in Athletics

Italian people

Banca d'Italia

Italy at the Olympics

Italian Fascism

Italians in Germany

Italian Basketball Federation

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