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usa may refer to:

Banana Republic
Type: Organisation (United States, Clothing and Textiles)

Billboard 200
Type: Item (United States, Music)

Billboard Hot 100
Type: Item (United States, Music)

Type: Town (California)

Los Angeles
Type: Town (California)

San Francisco
Type: Town (California)

United States Army
Type: Organisation (United States, Military)

United States men's national soccer team
Type: Organisation (United States, Football)

USA Network
Type: Organisation (, Movies & TV)

usa may refer to:

United States

United States of America

United States Ski Team

USA Davis Cup team

Miss USA

Unites States

United States Soccer Federation

United States men's national ice hockey team

USA national rugby union team

USA Davis Cup Team

United States national rugby union team

USA Basketball

Regular Army

United States national rugby league team

USA Rugby

USA Fed Cup team

USA (album)

USA Films

Circuit of the Americas

Cement industry in the United States

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