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victoria may refer to:

Lisa Marie Varon
Type: Person (United States, Wrestling)

Queen Victoria
Type: Person (United Kingdom, Politics)

Tomas Luis de Victoria
Type: Person (Spain, Music)

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden
Type: Person (Sweden, Politics)

Victoria, Seychelles
Type: Town (Seychelles)

Victoria, Texas
Type: Town (Texas)

Victoria (Australia)
Type: Item (Australia, Geographical area)

Victoria Beckham
Type: Person (United Kingdom, Music)

Victoria Chaplin
Type: Person (United States, Movies & TV)

victoria may refer to:

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, Kansas

Victoria (TV series)

Victoria, Princess Royal

Victoria, Gozo

Victorian Rugby Union

Victoria, Australia

Victoria (ship)

Victoria, Prince Edward Island

Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom

Victoria Sellers

Victoria Bushrangers

Victoria Bucuresti

Victoria Dam (Sri Lanka)

Victoria, London

Victoria (British Columbia)

Victoria cricket team

Victorian Bushrangers

London Victoria Station

Victoria (UK TV series)

Victoria (wrestler)


Victoria University (United Kingdom)

Victoria (football)

Victoria (neighborhood)

Victoria (song)

Victoria (mythology)

Manchester Victoria railway station

Ford Victoria

Victoria, Entre Ríos

Victoria, Newport

Victoria (state)

C.D. Victoria

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Station (London)

Victoria, Malta

Victoria Cross

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria of the United Kingdom

Victoria line

Victoria Bitter

Victoria, Guanajuato

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